4 books to give to your teen or pre-teen daughter

Menstrual cycle , periodic protections, sexuality, hormones are still taboo subjects in some families. However, for fewer disappointments, it is better to enter adulthood armed with certain knowledge! But when our daughter begins to become a woman, we do not always know how to go about giving her the right information at the right time. Even if the ideal is to speak freely about these subjects, the step can be difficult to take for the parents as for the teenagers. To solve the problem, here is a selection of 4 books addressing all these themes. Seriously consider for Christmas!

The rules… What an adventure!

Written by Elise Thiébaut and Mirion Malle, this children's book that everyone is talking about at the moment brilliantly informs young girls (and boys) on important subjects such as menstruation of course, but not only.

Sexuality, religion, patriarchy, appointment with the gynecologist: all these themes intrigue teenage girls in search of understanding the world. They are treated with accuracy and humor in this copiously illustrated book.

Soon puberty, secrets & confidences on the great adventure

Véronique Corgibet and Sophie Bouxom offer us a book without taboos intended to inform children and pre-teens about their bodies which will experience a great transformation. Full of humor, this book helps young girls already victims of complexes to relax and accept their body as it is. Everything goes straight there: breasts, hair, acne, menstruation...

Recommended from the age of 6, however, it seems a bit young to talk in detail about menstruation or masturbation. Not out of puritanism, but rather for reasons of deep understanding ability. To be adapted according to the maturity of each one.

The League of Super Feminists

This book written and illustrated by Mirion Malle is intended for pre-teens from 10 years old. In the form of richly illustrated texts sometimes going as far as comic strips, this work addresses, with supporting figures, delicate subjects such as the relationship to the beauty of women, their place in fiction (films, novels, etc.), consent, gender. A very good support therefore to start discussions on what it is to be a woman today.

Vagina Tonic

This totally uninhibited book by Lili Sohn is not to be put in all hands! Organized in the form of mini comics, this work is reserved for young girls aged 15 or over (or less depending on the case) who already have some knowledge or even experience of sexuality.

Bad words, dissected urban legends, biting humour: that's what to expect when reading Vagin Tonic. But we also learn a lot about the female anatomy … and in an always relaxed tone. Perfect for de-dramatizing and bringing the word "vagina" into everyday vocabulary.

Many books now exist to explain to teenagers how their bodies work and break certain taboos. Beware, however, of some who give bad information or who try to transmit certain values ​​from another time. For example, some explain to girls how to shave their legs, because hair isn't pretty… You have to read the reviews carefully to avoid falling into the trap!

By Emily