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Une gamme unique de maillots de bain menstruels étanches pour vous baigner en toute tranquillité tout au long de votre cycle. Smoon a mis au point une technologie anti-fuite exclusive vous permettant de porter le maillot pendant vos règles sans autre protection complémentaire.

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Menstrual swimwear

Where to find menstrual swimsuits?

Do you want to go swimming in the pool or the sea while having your period, and are you wondering where to buy a menstrual swimsuit? You will find the best menstrual swimsuits for teenagers and women on the Smoon Lingerie menstrual panties online store.

It's not easy to find a special rules swimsuit in stores, although of course some well-known brands offer them. However, our size guide should allow you to find the swimsuit that suits you on our online store and have it delivered to you within 3 to 6 days , with free delivery from 100€ of purchase.

How to bathe when you have your period without a tampon?

Bathing when you have your period is a real source of stress for women and girls. Whether at the beach or the pool, it's a real headache. Bathing without a tampon is entirely possible thanks to a high-quality menstrual swimsuit, with real support.

Are you afraid of leaving your tampons behind for a swimsuit that has a lot of thickness in the crotch?

Don't panic: your period-specific swimsuit doesn't have a big diaper or anything unsightly : this technical garment has been designed to remain pleasant to wear and leave a pretty silhouette, while absorbing blood leaks. , urinary leakage...

Do period swimsuits really work?

Need advice on period swimwear? All our users will tell you: it's a real revolution to have a menstrual swimsuit in the pool ! Swimming with a period-specific swimsuit will significantly change your life.

It will absorb without any problem the equivalent of a tampon or even a tampon and a half. If we advise you to use it in case of medium to moderate flow , many users even use it in case of more abundant flow. The period swimsuit is truly a product that keeps its promises.

Which swimsuit when you have your period?

What is really important when you have your period and want to go swimming is to feel safe, while feeling beautiful and finding the swimsuit comfortable to wear.

Also the menstrual swimsuit is the best answer to your problem: which swimsuit to wear when you have your period, whether at the sea or in the pool? Simple swimsuit bottoms, 1-piece model, it's up to you to choose according to your aesthetic tastes and the outfit you need.

How do menstrual swim pants work?

The principle of the menstrual swimsuit is similar to that of menstrual panties . Menstrual swim pants - just like the one-piece menstrual swimsuit - are garments designed with ultra-absorbent materials that absorb the menstrual flow while swimming.

These menstrual swim briefs are therefore a kind of menstrual hand shorty for women or teenagers, ideal for sunbathing a little at the beach or on a deckchair next to the swimming pool.

Are menstrual swimsuit bottoms as effective as the one-piece model?

The menstrual swimsuit bottom is just as effective as the one-piece swimsuit, meaning they are both recommended for medium flow. Where the one-piece menstrual swimsuit also serves as a high-waisted swimsuit , the menstrual swim briefs inevitably show a little more of your stomach and stop below the navel.

What are the benefits of menstrual swimwear?

The main advantage of menstrual swimwear is that it allows you to bathe freely during your period without fear of leaks. In addition, it is reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly than disposable sanitary protection.

There are menstrual swimsuit designs for women and menstrual swimsuits for girls. Our medium flow menstrual swimsuits allow you to choose between swim briefs or a one-piece swimsuit.

Are there any precautions to take with menstrual swimwear?

Once again, our French period swimsuits are designed for medium flow : so in case of really heavy flow, perhaps it is better to use additional protection.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to wash your French menstrual swimsuit after each use, whether in the pool or at sea, to maintain its effectiveness.

Check out our FAQs

The menstrual swimsuit for menstruation, what are we talking about?

In the same way as menstrual panties, SMOON menstrual swimsuits help absorb blood flow during periods . As washable and reusable hygienic protection, they can also: absorb abundant white discharge during the cycle or occasional urinary leaks.

Offering reliable and effective periodic protection in any circumstance , SMOON menstrual swimsuits are therefore intended to:

  • all the swimmers
  • pregnant women
  • and young mothers.

Ideal for sunbathing or swimming at the beach or in the pool during your period, these menstrual swimsuits are suitable for medium and light flows. In case of very heavy flow, a menstrual cup can be worn in addition . Thanks to their super innovative materials, SMOON absorbent swimsuits guarantee maximum comfort.

In fact, only the part at the crotch level is made up of several layers of fabric which do not swell when in contact with water . The rest of the period swimsuit is unlined. For you, this is the assurance of optimal waterproof protection offering an ultra-reliable anti-leak barrier!

How to wear your SMOON menstrual swimsuit?

The SMOON period-specific swimsuit has an absorbent part made up of 3 ultra-technical materials and a waterproof membrane to absorb and retain blood flow during periods.

Thus, the material in contact with the skin drains the blood towards the absorbent part. The absorbent and antibacterial core helps capture the flow of periods and retain them while avoiding odors. Finally, the thin waterproof and breathable membrane of the menstrual swimsuit prevents leaks and maceration.

The absorption capacity of the SMOON swimsuit is perfectly suited to light flows and medium flows . Depending on the period of the cycle, it can be worn without any risk of leaking or staining:

  • throughout the day for a light flow;
  • 6 hours for medium flow;
  • 2 to 3 hours maximum for a heavy flow (or hypermenorrhea).

It is possible to wear a menstrual cup in addition.

How to wash and maintain your period swimsuit?

Like all the brand's period panties and lingerie, SMOON's special period swimsuit can be washed:

  • by machine or by hand
  • in cold water or lukewarm water up to 30°C.

After use in the pool or at sea, be sure to rinse the period swimsuit in cold water . If you wish, you can let it soak for a few minutes to a few hours in clean water. For washing, choose a soap or a mild, non-greasy laundry product.

To preserve the qualities of the draining fabric of the swimsuit, avoid using fabric softener. For the same reasons, tumble drying is completely not recommended. The good news ? Your menstrual swimsuit dries in the open air, quickly and odor-free.

Can you combine other period protection with your SMOON menstrual swimsuit?

SMOON menstrual swimsuit can absorb between 15-20ml. This absorption capacity corresponds to 2 classic tampons. In case of heavy flow, you can wear a menstrual cup or a tampon in addition to your women's period swimsuit.

On the other hand, you cannot wear a sanitary towel or panty liner with your menstrual swimsuit : this would render the absorbent area of ​​the bottom of the panties completely useless. Take this into account before going to swim in your menstrual swimsuit in the pool.

What materials are used to make the SMOON period swimsuit?

The SMOON period jersey is designed with technical materials for maximum comfort and optimal performance. Its draining, absorbent and waterproof fibers are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and free of silver nanoparticles. For you, it's the promise of a swimsuit that absorbs the rules while respecting your health and nature.

For the bottom of the swim briefs, we use an innovative material which drains liquids towards the absorbent layer and dries ultra-quickly. It is made of hydrophilamide, polyamide and elastane.

For the absorbent core, we have favored a material capable of absorbing blood flow, urinary leakage or white discharge throughout the day.

This absorbent part of your period swimsuit is made of 100% polyester . For the waterproof membrane, we chose a breathable, but waterproof material to ensure the absorbent swimsuit breathes while preventing leaks underwater. The waterproof membrane is made of polyester and polyurethane.

Finally, the main material of the period swimsuit has been selected for its softness and comfort, allowing it to move with you whatever the situation. It is made of polyamide and elastane.

All these materials used for the SMOON menstrual swimsuit for women are French and Italian . They are all REACH labeled . None of them contain silver nanoparticles. The French brand SMOON menstrual swimsuit is made in Tunisia, recognized worldwide for its expertise in lingerie. This factory is regularly monitored to ensure that working conditions are respected.

Does the SMOON menstrual swimsuit fit all body types?

The SMOON rules swimsuit is available in six different sizes. To adapt to almost all body shapes, you will find it from size XS to size XXL. To help you find the period swimsuit size that suits you , here is a summary of the matches:

  • XS corresponds to 34/36.
  • S corresponds to 36/38.
  • M corresponds to 38/40.
  • L corresponds to 40/42.
  • XL corresponds to 42/44.
  • XXL corresponds to 44/46.

Do SMOON period swimsuits last long?

On average, the lifespan of a SMOON menstrual swimsuit is five years. Follow our maintenance advice to be sure that your menstrual swimsuit will accompany you throughout your next 65 menstrual cycles.

Here are the essential points to remember to take care of your swimsuit for SMOON periods.

  • Rinse the swimsuit in cold water.
  • Wash with a mild, but not greasy, soap or neutral detergent.
  • Air dry.
  • Avoid softening products.
  • Banish the spin program.
  • Prohibit the tumble dryer.
  • Ditch the iron.

The French menstrual swimsuit brand SMOON having chosen very high quality materials, your French menstrual swimsuit is made to last!

A menstrual swimsuit in fast delivery?

Do you want to have a period swimsuit delivered to you as quickly as possible? Please note that it takes between 3 to 6 days to have your menstrual swimsuit or menstrual swim briefs delivered to you in mainland France . Delivery is still rather fast, especially since you will ultimately have a quality French brand product.

Where to buy a menstrual swimsuit?

There are many sites online that offer period swimwear with fast delivery. But not all of them offer free delivery from 100€ of purchase like Smoon!

Also, if you prefer to try before you buy, some physical stores offer our products. Do not hesitate to inquire at your local store.

Via your size guide you should find what you are looking for via our online menstrual swimwear store ; However, delivery times are essential for planning your purchases, especially if you need your menstrual swimsuit by a specific date.