At Smoon, we have the Moon in our sights but our feet on Earth.
Our goal was not only to create comfortable, high-performance protection, but also to have minimal impact on the environment. No compromise!

Reduce my ecological impact

Did you know ? 3 years of periods means more than 780 tampons thrown in the trash and 13.86 kg of Co2 released into the atmosphere. Thanks to our pants, divide by 3 the impact of your cycles on climate change.


A tampon is worn for 6 hours, then thrown in the trash, like 45 billion menstrual pads each year. It's terrible when you know that it takes more than 500 years for each stamp to deteriorate!


équivalence 3 culottes de regles vs des tampons ou serviettes sur 3 ans

Because we have respect for the planet – and your wallet – at heart , we have surrounded ourselves with the best suppliers to create quality products that will last you for a long time . Longevity tests conducted in an independent laboratory have shown that our panties can be worn for at least 40 menstrual cycles, or about 3 years.


We suspected it: the environmental impact of our panties is 3 times lower than that of tampons . To find out for sure, we carried out a Life Cycle Assessment - a study of the impact of our panties from raw materials to their end of life including transport, packaging and washing - following the methodology ADEME (the Ecological Transition agency). The figures speak for themselves!

To learn more about how we calculate our environmental impact, download our impact report.

How do we minimize our environmental impact?

photographie en noir et blanc de la machine à coudre

Traceability of our production chain

To limit our impact, we have chosen partners close to us - both geographically and for the values ​​we share! They are themselves committed to the preservation of the environment, they all comply with European REACH regulations and are ISO 14001 certified.

All our products are also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® certified . This means that they are controlled and contain no toxic substances for your health.

carte du monde représentant le trajet d'une culotte menstruelle Smoon


Our seamless technology has led us to Tunisia, a neighboring country known for its know-how in the manual manufacture of underwear. To limit our footprint, our products are shipped by boat and not by plane: the transport of panties between Tunisia and France generates less greenhouse gas than sending an email with an attachment !