Postpartum Menstrual Panties

Tired of sanitary napkins and disposable postpartum panties? Discover our range of postpartum menstrual panties, menstrual panties for after childbirth, designed for a very abundant flow and which will accompany you discreetly and effectively after your childbirth.

With its attractive price and its soft and OEKO-TEX materials, it will become an essential to take full advantage of your baby and live this postpartum period to the best of its ability.



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    From when and how long to use postpartum disposable underwear?

    Postpartum refers to the period following childbirth. It begins right after the baby is born and lasts a few weeks or even a few months. Some sources even say that it can last 3 years, so much it causes upheavals in the life and the body of the young mother! It corresponds to a period of transition, during which the woman who has just given birth discovers motherhood… and the interest of having planned postpartum panties. During the “direct” postpartum, women experience very heavy bleeding, called lochia , which can last up to 6 or 8 weeks. They last as long as the uterus and genitals return to their place, and gradually decrease in intensity. Nevertheless, they can be quite unpleasant to live with, especially if the young mother also has to manage the start of breastfeeding. Don't worry, it's completely normal! It just requires having adapted and comfortable hygienic protections, such as postpartum underwear because you will have to use them for a long time.

    What protection to wear after childbirth?

    Several protective systems can be put in place postpartum to absorb lochia. Much more abundant than simple menstruation, you need hygienic protection specially designed for postpartum, such as postpartum menstrual panties.

    We avoid internal protections

    Tampons or cups should be avoided so as not to promote the proliferation of bad bacteria in the uterus and thus cause a dangerous postpartum infection.

    Disposable sanitary napkins… limited interest

    You will easily find classic pads designed especially for postpartum, with very high absorption. These sanitary panties must be changed regularly - because of the same risk of infection. It is sometimes necessary to use them two by two, which requires frequent purchases and a substantial budget. They are usually worn with disposable panties or special nets, which can be donated to the maternity ward. Suffice to say that a specialized postpartum brief will be much more practical.

    Special postpartum menstrual underwear

    In order to overcome the inconveniences of disposable periodic protection, washable postpartum panties prove to be your best ally, allowing you in particular:
    • to be more comfortable
    • to save money
    • to have an ecological approach
    • to soften your postpartum.
    Also bet on softness by buying cotton panties. The special Smoon postpartum menstrual underwear, made of soft and stretchy materials , guaranteed zero leakage and seamless, will allow you to spend a serene and discreet postpartum, while remaining well protected. Regardless of the sanitary protection solution you choose postpartum, remember to change them very regularly in order to maintain impeccable hygiene and avoid any risk of infection.
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    Which panties to choose after childbirth?

    While some women use disposable postpartum panties in which hygienic protection must be added, they readily admit that disposable postpartum panties are more fragile and hold less well than washable cotton menstrual panties . If you prefer this second option, choose heavy flow cotton period panties as postpartum lingerie. A few criteria will help you in your choice:

    Check the hold

    It is common in some traditions to bandage the pelvis and belly of women after the birth of their baby in order to facilitate recovery in the early stages of maternity. If it's something that appeals to you and depending on the level of support you want, you can choose between:
    • a classic postpartum menstrual panty + a sheathing belt
    • classic postpartum menstrual panties
    • sheathing postpartum menstrual panties
    In the busy daily life of a young mother, we often tend not to listen to each other. But always be very attentive to your feelings; if the sheathing system of your postpartum panties is too compressive or you don't feel comfortable at all, remove it or adjust it!

    Choose the postpartum panty size that's right for you

    Your postpartum panties need to fit snugly – and possibly be able to hold lochia pads – to give you good support, but not stop you from breathing! So take a size of postpartum panties large enough to keep you comfortable despite your swollen belly. Don't be surprised by the height of your postpartum panties; it is completely normal that it covers the belly well.

    Choose soft and breathable materials

    In order to avoid allergies or inconveniences on your skin, choose comfortable materials for your postpartum briefs such as:
    • the cotton
    • the modal
    • viscose
    • lyocell.

    Why choose a sheathing postpartum menstrual panty?

    Shaping panties, girdles, shaping belts... So many systems to strongly support and compress the pelvis and belly after childbirth. Choosing a sheathing postpartum menstrual panty brings many benefits.

    Improved posture

    It is not uncommon for the young mother to be very often hunched over, due to the breastfeeding position and the many upheavals experienced with pregnancy and childbirth. Wearing a sheathing system postpartum will allow you to stand up straight and thus improve your posture. This type of postpartum brief will also allow the abdominal muscles to get back into place more easily and return to their original place. Wearing sheathing panties after childbirth gives an impression of a flat stomach often very appreciated by young mothers , from maternity. Indeed, it also allows you to regain self-confidence, which is always good in the first times after the birth of your baby!

    Reduced pain

    It is common for new mothers to feel a lot of pain after giving birth . Among them :
    • breastfeeding pain
    • lower back or abdominal pain
    • pain due to the replacement of the uterus, comparable to contractions
    • the pain of a possible scar in case of caesarean section or episiotomy
    The support caused by a sheathing post-pregnancy panty reduces this pain while protecting the affected areas. However, remain vigilant; if you opt for postpartum panties of this type, consult your doctor to ensure that your situation allows it.

    Which panties to choose after a cesarean delivery?

    After a caesarean section, specific post-operative care is to be expected, such as:
    • monitoring healing in the stomach
    • observation of lochia flow
    • the removal of staples from the scar.
    Beyond this particular care, it can be useful to wear suitable underwear, even if you do not wear conventional sanitary protection. So, you can opt for specially designed postpartum period panties, which will support the abdominal area, protect the scar, and speed up the healing process . They reduce pain and allow the young mother to experience this period in a more gentle and comfortable way. You can then opt for a sheathing piece of lingerie or not. It is possible that postpartum panties offering too much support will not suit you right after your cesarean section, or that you may even feel apprehensive about getting dressed after your delivery. We can't say it enough, listen to yourself and adjust according to your needs. You can come back to it later, when you're ready. For your panties after cesarean delivery, choose soft, comfortable and natural materials , such as cotton panties, to prevent them from scratching you… in addition to your scar!

    What clothes to wear over your postpartum panties?

    We put everything on COMFORT!

    Nothing is more unpleasant for a young postpartum mother than to wear clothes that scratch, that tighten, that compress... Over her postpartum panties, we opt for comfortable clothes , in which we feel good and in which we feel free to move. Prefer cotton and soft and breathable materials , loose, flowing clothes. Your baby's first moments will be tiring and will require you to acquire gestures and reflexes that you do not master; the better you feel in your clothes, the less difficult it will be!

    Practicability is preferred

    Be careful, this does not mean that you have to dress anyhow for weeks at all costs! Just as your postpartum panties are your best ally, above all wear clothes and the size of clothes that makes you happy. But also think about what awaits you and how much time you will save by wearing clothes that are easy to put on and take off. For the first few days, don't wear too precious clothes; blood and milk stains are common and could damage your pretty silk pajamas, that would be a shame!

    We choose suitable underwear

    Have you opted for postpartum menstrual panties? Don't stop there for your menstrual lingerie. If you are breastfeeding, get specialized nursing bras or bras , like our Smoon nursing bra. You will be able to breastfeed in all serenity and practicality, thanks to the particular technicality of these underwear.