• Nager pendant ses règles c’est possible

    Après avoir étudié différentes solutions techniques, Decathlon décide de collaborer avec Smoon, la marque française de sous-vêtements menstruels techniques reconnus pour sa technologie anti-fuite unique. ​

    ​L’objectif commun ?

    Permettre aux femmes de faire du sport et de se baigner en toutes circonstances.

    Nous avons donc travaillé pendant plus d’un an main dans la main pour mettre au point le maillot de bain Thétys :
    Un maillot de bain menstruel une pièce capable non seulement d’absorber les règles mais aussi de les contenir dans un maillot étanche.

    Il peut ainsi être porté sans protection complémentaire pendant toute la durée du cycle. 

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Our technology
Why choose our menstrual panties?


They adopted our menstrual panties

  • Tamara G.


    5 / 5

    Very pleasantly surprised by the comfort and effectiveness of these menstrual panties, I gave up the menstrual cups. We can have apprehensions at the start (normal, we have never dared to wear JUST panties during menstruation), fear of spending the night with them... But in the end the result is great.


  • Audrey M.


    5 / 5

    I was not convinced but I wanted to try following an excellent contact at the muddy angel! And there, total surprise! My opinion ? It's great ! Top protection with great absorption! For sport, it's absolute comfort! I am delighted with my purchase of period panties! And I recommend the brand to all my girlfriends! Congratulations also for the wise advice and your sympathy!


  • Lucy.


    5 / 5

    My opinion on their period panties? Honestly, buy Smoon products with your eyes closed! Everything is perfect, the thong is seamless, super discreet, the size is perfect and fits well, the beige is perfect under white, the fabric is nice, no leaks, no stains, and it does not move around. machine wash at 30°!
    What more could you ask for, it's perfect!


  • Alice F.


    5 / 5

    I have a very positive opinion on my purchase of menstrual panties for medium flow! It is pretty, discreet, comfortable and protects me well during my periods. For my first day of period I use the abundant flow panties. I had taken a size M, which I usually take for my underwear. The best alternative to the usual protections.


We answer your questions
on menstrual panties

What are menstrual panties? How it works ?

For all those who are still wondering what menstrual panties are, SMOON is here to tell you everything about this miracle product that will soon no longer leave your drawers!

It's the end of menstrual cups, tampons and their lot of troubles during menstruation. Our French menstrual panties are both panties and sanitary protection . This ally absorbs menstrual blood for up to 12 hours, day and night, and can be worn alone.

Clearly, your set of period panties is 100% zero waste long-lasting protection that will accompany you at every moment of your life and your menstrual cycle:

  • from your first period to menopause
  • going through postpartum menstrual panties
  • in case of light and medium flow
  • or in addition to internal protection in case of more abundant flow.

It is a washable and reusable product (rinsable in cold water) while guaranteeing you:

  • 0 sensation of humidity
  • 0 smell
  • 0 leak!

Seamless and less than 2 mm thick, available in high-waisted briefs, it also offers incredible comfort and total discretion under clothing, while remaining ultra-absorbent. In short, it is uncompromising hygienic protection during menstruation!

As a bonus: available for delivery during your purchase, SMOON panties are not only products intended for menstruation. Indeed, unlike classic lingerie, our menstrual lingerie can also be worn for daily protection against:

  • urinary leakage
  • white discharge
  • or blood loss between periods (spotting).

Looking to buy black period panties? With a wide range of colors, Smoon is sure to allow you to match your underwear to your outfits . Obviously, we offer black menstrual lingerie - the most popular color during periods - but you will quickly notice that a wide range of colors are available to you, ranging from khaki to red and burgundy, via beige and pink. . Moreover, speaking of pink: the fight against breast cancer is an important battle horse for our team, which concocts a Pink October solidarity pack for you every year.

For those who want to get started but don't know which model to choose, Smoon offers delivery packs so that you can start your adventure with us with complete peace of mind . Would you like to buy a set of period panties? You will find in particular packs for teenagers, packs of shorties or even a panty and bra pack. You will necessarily find the set that suits you, available in different colors.

Why give up tampons, cups and sanitary napkins?

Smoon offers you to live your period differently, an alternative a bit like if you were in the open air, thanks to models of seamless and anti-leak menstrual panties designed for all women and girls, with more or less flow abundant and whatever your size.

Beyond a purchase of simple hygienic and practical protection throughout your menstrual cycle, a SMOON panty is also a pretty underwear, which hugs the lines of your body.

To be able to live your period in complete peace of mind thanks to an underwear that goes perfectly with your wardrobe, including thong and shorty? This is the Smoon revolution!

Above all, serious studies have come to raise awareness of the hygienic and ecological problems posed by the usual protections such as tampons or towels. It is in particular the chemicals used that are singled out, as probable causes of cancer. Perhaps you have also heard of "toxic shock"?

In addition to providing you with pretty lingerie with high absorption that will make your life easier, you will also be doing your privacy and the planet a favor. Two birds with one stone !

What materials make up the Smoon panties?

First of all, know that at Smoon, everything is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified: we therefore certify a product without toxic substances for your health.

Whether your flow is average or you need menstrual panties for heavy flow , know that for the bottom of our period panties model, we wanted a material that avoids that sensation of humidity that is so unpleasant with sanitary napkins.

To make you feel like you're in the open air, we turned to an innovative material that drains liquids into the absorbent layer and dries ultra-quickly, whatever size you choose.

Composition: hydrophilamide, polyamide and elastane.

We have also added an anti-leak absorbent material to our menstrual lingerie which allows fluid retention throughout the day or night.

Material: polyester.

Then the membrane is waterproof and breathable to allow the panties to breathe while preventing leaks.

Product composition: polyester and polyurethane.

Finally, the main material is soft and allows it to accompany the movement.

Composition: polyamide and elastane.

The materials used on our period panties are French and Italian . In fact, they are all REACH certified, and no model contains silver nanoparticles: we thus contribute to taking care of your vaginal flora. Smoon therefore offers women quality products at the best price and for all product sizes.

In addition, Smoon now offers other options such as a model of organic cotton menstrual panties , available in several models (normal flow and heavy flow). Available in black or red, it responds to a real demand for well-being. And if our product is not yet made in France, our menstrual panties are truly French, made with the best partners there is! So let yourself be tempted by organic period panties and all their options.

Where are our period panties made?

Are you looking for French period panties? Company based in France, you may be wondering if Smoon offers menstrual panties made in France? If they are currently manufactured by our neighbors and Tunisian textile specialists, (especially expert on everything related to organic cotton) all the products used are made in France and Italy.

Delighted with the quality of our partner's workmanship, we do not, however, rule out one day offering menstrual panties made in France. While waiting for the blue, white, red flag, forget your old sanitary protection now, choose delivery on the online store and let's go to the (S)moon!

What sizes are available?

For our sizes of menstrual panties, we have tried to adapt to all types of morphology, women as well as young girls.

That's why our range of sizes is so wide . Indeed, here are the sizes offered by Smoon:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • I
  • XL

In addition, Smoon offers a range of menstrual panties for teenagers and a model of high-waisted panties.

What really adapt to the evolutions of your body while accompanying you with each of your menstrual cycles.

How to maintain and wash it?

To keep your menstrual panties in good condition for as long as possible, you should wash them following our advice.

In addition to a first rinse in cold water, you can gently wash your period panties, thongs or shorties in two ways:

  • hand washing
  • wash in the washing machine at 30°, with the rest of your laundry.

The care taken in washing your period panties will determine its longevity: so carefully follow these tips and you may be able to keep your period underwear for 5 years!

How many panties are needed for a cycle?

We recommend that you buy at least 2 menstrual panties in your drawers, ideally 3. This allows you to use it throughout your period.

If you want to vary the pleasures, don't forget that the French menstrual panty brand Smoon has put all its know-how into the design of menstrual shorties and menstrual thongs.

Thus, in addition to being able to vary the colors, you can also vary your type of lingerie during your period, always with hyper-absorbent materials and anti-leakage technology. But by the way... did we tell you about our menstrual swimsuit?

How many tampons or pads for 1 period panty?

Do you currently use protections such as menstrual cups, tampons or sanitary napkins, and do you not only want an alternative, but estimate your budgetary savings by switching to menstrual panties?

A French SMOON menstrual panty, including cotton materials and aspects, can absorb between 15 and 20 ml, i.e. approximately 2 conventional tampons. Economical therefore, but also a real way to fight against the imbalance of the vaginal flora.

With a lifespan ranging from 2 to 5 years depending on the care and maintenance you give it, your purchase is therefore also a real economical choice. Buy from the online store and have it delivered: test the absorbency, comfort and aesthetics on a first purchase... we bet you'll come back!

Check out our FAQs
quatre femmes portantes des culottes menstruelles smoon

Seamless menstrual panties suitable for all flows:
- 3 ultra-fine materials guaranteed zero sensation of humidity, zero odor, zero leaks.
- Maximum absorption capacities tested in the laboratory.
- Seamless technology for absolute comfort and total discretion under clothing.

Designed to support

Medical device reducing urinary leakage.

  • Reduces urinary leakage by supporting the perineum thanks to a patented device
  • Avoid odors.
  • Avoids feelings of humidity.
  • 100% comfort and discretion.

A range developed under the caring eye of Anna Roy, designed to adapt to the changing bodies of future and young mothers:
- Evolving materials and shapes.
- Ultra-absorbent and anti-bacterial technology.
- Products that can be used during and after pregnancy, day and night, by those who are breastfeeding or not.


Technical clothing with integrated protection for playing sports in complete freedom!
- Ultra-light and breathable materials for incredible comfort and the feeling of wearing nothing.
- Inside, an absorbent part which accompanies all your movements whatever the sporting activity for flawless protection.
- Eco-sustainable: our sports range is made up of on average 60% recycled materials.


Leak-proof menstrual swimsuits to wear without additional protection:
- Unique anti-leak technology
- Absorption capacity equivalent to 2 tampons
- An absorbent area that does not swell once wet


Smoon menstrual panties

More info on our French menstrual lingerie brand

We talk about Smoon at Les Maternelles

The France Télévision show Les Maternelles selected Smoon and Marie Perarnau presented you with a model in organic cotton, for medium flow, equivalent to 2 or 3 tampons. His advice? Buy menstrual panties to try and get an idea of ​​this alternative to usual period protection.

Not just for the rules

Youtuber Allweneedislove, for example, tells us that period panties look like any panties you could find in your closet . But also that everyone can use this type of brief because these hygienic protections can be used for abundant white discharge, urinary leakage, returning from diapers, after diapers, etc.

A reasonable price and great comfort

Another Youtuber, Myrtilla tells us how Smoon period panties are “very very very comfortable” and highlights the fact that we also offer models for teenage girls.

Its strong point besides absorption? The absence of sewing!

Finally, let's zoom in on the column of the YouTuber Mes Menstruelles which highlights our Séléné model and its glued edges, extra-flat and therefore invisible under clothing.

5 arguments to take the plunge

And then at Smoon, we have our own YouTube channel where we offer you, for example, 5 shocking arguments to justify the price of menstrual panties:

  1. Our materials : we have chosen quality, and above all durable, materials, certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.
  2. Manufacturing : our seamless technology has taken us to Tunisia, a neighboring country recognized for its know-how in textiles and more specifically in the manual making of underwear. Furthermore, all our period panties are shipped by boat and not by plane to limit our ecological impact.
  3. Our tests : all our menstrual panties are tested by panels of testers and also by independent laboratories, in order to guarantee the lifespan, absorption and effectiveness of our products.
  4. Medium/long term savings : for a normal flow, it is said that 4 protections per day are needed. We multiply by 5 for a complete cycle, i.e. an annual budget of €45.50 or €136.50 over 3 years. For the same period, 3 menstrual panties can be enough, a saving of €46.50. Not to mention the underwear and sheets which will be stained and perhaps have to be thrown away.
  5. A gesture of solidarity : 1% of our turnover is donated to the Maisons des femmes de Saint-Denis, which helps women victims of violence.

Smoon menstrual panties: your ally at every stage of life

Smoon, the French brand of period panties and technical menstrual clothing and underwear , is proud to present its unique seamless technology. Our goal is simple: to support all women at every stage of their lives without harmful substances.

Who is behind our brand of French menstrual panties?

Since its creation in February 2019, Smoon Lingerie has sold more than 600,000 menstrual lingerie products and developed five inclusive ranges of period panties, swimwear, sportswear and postpartum clothing, ranging from 10 years to XXL. A size guide will allow you to quickly find the product suited to your body shape.

Our triple-digit growth demonstrates our commitment to meeting women's needs for menstrual underwear , while allowing them to forget about disposable period protection containing harmful substances for good.

What is Smoon's promise?

At Smoon, we promise to make no compromise between comfort, performance and technicality for women's underwear. To do this, we use technical and durable materials for our menstrual panties in order to create high-performance, healthy and long-lasting ranges. Our products are designed to be:

  • washable
  • reusable
  • anti-odor
  • evolving.
  • Period panties with seamless technology.

Our seamless technology is our signature. It ensures that the waterproof membrane of our menstrual panties has not been punctured by a seam, thus providing an ultra-reliable anti-leak barrier. In addition, it makes your underwear invisible under all clothes and offers unparalleled comfort.

A French brand with community commitment

Smoon is also a committed brand. For example, we donate 1% of our turnover to the Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis and have donated several thousand menstrual panties to Règles Elémentaires.

We are aware that menstrual poverty is a public health and solidarity issue , and we strive to support the initiatives of different stakeholders to address it.

A significant environmental impact of period panties

We are also aware of the importance of the environmental impact of our menstrual panties. This is why we have chosen reasonable packaging and sustainable materials . All our items are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and we are in the process of B-Corp certification.

We also offer a range in organic cotton, also Oeko-tex certified, even softer than classic panties.

The first time you hold washable absorbent panties in your hands, you will certainly be a little apprehensive. And yet! You will quickly forget your disposable periodic protection ... Besides, if it's your first time, don't forget to consult the size guide to choose your new ally!

Towards a transformation of the intimate protection market

By offering quality and responsible menstrual panties, we are proud to contribute to the transformation of the intimate protection market . In 2022, sales of period panties increased by 152%, while sales of washable protection increased by 38.7%. This shows to what extent you, women and young girls, are increasingly dissatisfied with your traditional sanitary protection and are looking for more sustainable, eco-responsible and comfortable alternatives.

Period panties with cutting-edge technology

Our cutting-edge technology gives our French period panties integrated menstrual protection made from three ultra-fine materials . It guarantees zero humidity, zero odor and zero leaks. Our high-performance, anti-odor menstrual panties are designed for all flows and their absorption capacities have been tested in the laboratory.

Comparative tests of menstrual panties: Smoon acclaimed

Our comparative absorption capacity tests, carried out by the independent and certified Celabor laboratory, show that the Smoon menstrual panties for medium flow have an absorption capacity of 30mL and are on average 43% more efficient than the panties of its four main French competitors.

In addition, the Smoon heavy flow panties can absorb nearly 58mL and are on average 53% more efficient than the heavy flow panties of its two main French competitors .

Simple, basic.

New range of postpartum menstrual lingerie

In 2023, Smoon takes up the challenge of offering a concrete and aesthetic solution to future and young mothers, with a range of seamless postpartum menstrual lingerie . We are also proud to give voice to a subject that is still too taboo, with an awareness campaign.

Smoon: in collaboration with Anna Roy

Our new range of menstrual lingerie was developed under the watchful eye of Anna Roy , midwife, co-author of "The dream life of the postpartum" published by Larousse and columnist at La Maison des Maternelles. Anna Roy participated in the development of postpartum products and the co-development of educational content.

At Smoon, we are determined to support all women at every stage of their life , from adolescence, with innovative, efficient and comfortable menstrual panties, respectful of the body and the environment.