Organic cotton menstrual panties

Looking for organic cotton menstrual panties? Discover our range of organic period panties from the French brand, seamless, made of GOTS-certified organic cotton for unparalleled softness and comfort during your period.

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Menstrual Panties FAQs
in organic cotton

Are your period underwear in organic cotton made in France?

Need to understand what makes our cotton period panties different from other period panties? French brand of cotton menstrual panties, Smoon offers quality products made from Reach-certified French and Italian materials.

So even if Smoon is not strictly speaking a brand of cotton menstrual panties made in France, the raw material of our period panties is obviously 95% organic cotton. It is important for us to pay attention to the ecological impact of our products . In addition, the great trademark of Smoon, is to offer French menstrual panties in organic cotton yes, but above all seamless, individually or in batches!

Do menstrual panties are adapted to all flows?

Are organic cotton menstrual panties safe?

Nothing is less harmful to your intimacy and your health than organic cotton menstrual panties. As explained above, cotton is the best material when it comes to underwear, especially menstrual underwear . In general, everything that affects your privacy will always be more respected with an organic cotton fabric, which does not use pesticides during its cultivation.

As far as dyeing is concerned, here again we use products without risk to women's health or nature, controlled by an independent label. Finally, note that our period panties in organic cotton are OEKO-TEX® certified , a quality label comprising numerous technical standards certifying the health and ecological quality of our textiles. This quality production will also ensure that your menstrual panties do not rub off in the washing machine or shrink during the first wash. The product is also completely hand or machine washable.

Do organic period panties protect against toxic shock?

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare infectious disease whose consequences can be dramatic. The bacterium at the origin of this disease is a staphylococcus aureus which develops at the level of the mucous membranes: thus women who wear the same tampon for 6 hours have twice the risk of TSS than the others. What about the cup or menstrual underwear?

If menstrual cups are less dangerous than sanitary napkins, only menstrual panties allow the blood to be evacuated: and clearly, as much as it is in a hygiene product without questionable composition, with an absorption capacity at the top and which is ultimately washable, organic and reusable panties.

Sanitary panties: why do health professionals recommend organic cotton?

Why do health professionals recommend wearing organic cotton panties, whether during your cycle or during your period? Well, because cotton is the material that will allow your vulva and vagina to breathe the most.

We can never say it enough: the inside of your vagina is made up of good bacteria that protect you: it is the vaginal flora. But the balance is fragile in the face of all the aggressions of everyday life, especially if you wear synthetic panties that are a little too tight, which promotes a warm and humid environment that can disrupt the flora and lead to vaginal infections (such as the famous vaginal mycosis, for example).

Ecology: why prefer organic cotton menstrual panties?

First of all, 1/4 of the pesticides used in the world are dedicated to the cultivation of conventional cotton. Organic cotton is therefore grown without pesticides, without GMOs and without chemical fertilizers.

Therefore, the workers who grow the organic cotton for your future period panties are not exposed to chemicals or carcinogens.

Also, conventional cotton growing uses astronomical water resources. For example, to cultivate 1 kg of traditional cotton, it will be necessary to use the equivalent of 50 tubs full of water. 80% of this water being used to clean chemicals, we quickly understand why organic cotton menstrual panties are more ecological.

Where conventional cotton is exposed to chlorine bleaching and dyeing with heavy metals, organic cotton is bleached with hydrogen peroxide, which is not as harmful. The dyes are made from non-toxic products. Your OEKO-TEX® certified menstrual lingerie is in fact completely recyclable without forgetting to be more solid.

Other arguments for buying organic cotton menstrual panties? The cultivation of organic cotton is part of a soil rotation process, which keeps the soil healthier, more fertile and more humid.

Organic cotton is softer than traditional cotton, more breathable and hypoallergenic. Who says no pesticides says no endocrine disruptors, which is strongly recommended for your intimate area.

How to wash cotton menstrual panties?

Of course, your cotton period panties are washable. But be aware that all detergents that contain fatty substances such as Marseille soap tend to clog the absorbent fabric, making it… less and less absorbent. In fact, you may gradually have unwanted odors. Whether the color of your organic cotton menstrual panties is black or not makes no difference: do not use oily soap and certainly not soap containing glycerin!

Washable product does not mean "that can be cleaned in anyway". Forget any abrasive liquid on an organic fabric and start by rinsing your panties in cold water. This is also valid for all brands and all fabrics, including organic cotton. By machine? Wash it in cold water or at 30° maximum, without fabric softener. Drying must be done exclusively in the open air. You put the price in your organic cotton menstrual panties: take care of them!

Can you wear organic cotton menstrual panties at night?

In case of heavy flow, we can only advise you to choose heavy flow menstrual underwear for a quiet night. But in general, you can choose a model of period pant in organic cotton for the night . It's now the best way to feel protected during your menstrual cycle, without worrying about a pad or a tampon to change.

Machine or hand washable, your new protection will prevent leaks and keep you dry for the night, all in comfort never felt during your period. The choice of organic cotton also gives a real ecological dimension to your protection . And if Smoon is not made in France, it is a brand of French organic menstrual panties using French and Italian products. Women and young girls can forget their periods day and night, all at the best price!

Quickly choose your favorite model, individually or in batches, in perfect discovery packs to convince yourself of the hygienic and ecological side of our organic cotton menstrual underwear.

A French period panty in organic cotton?

Machine or hand washable, your new protection will prevent leaks and keep you dry for the night, all in comfort never felt during your period. The choice of organic cotton also gives a real ecological dimension to your protection . And if Smoon is not made in France, it is a brand of French organic menstrual panties using French and Italian products. Women and young girls can forget their periods day and night, all at the best price!

Quickly choose your favorite model, individually or in batches, in perfect discovery packs to convince yourself of the hygienic and ecological side of our organic cotton menstrual panties.

The best organic menstrual panties on the market?

A cotton menstrual panty is like any other panty except that it contains an absorbent layer and an impermeable layer that will allow you to collect your menstrual flow for 12 hours, depending on your flow. So you actually have an organic 3-layer menstrual panty. Ditto for the organic menstrual shorty. Organic cotton prevents irritation and allergies , making it a perfect ally for sensitive skin.

Anything related to intimacy will (almost) always prefer cotton to any other material. You just have to simply put on these cotton period panties like any panty to be protected in complete comfort.

Which size should I choose for my organic cotton menstrual panties?

Smoon's other strong point when it comes to our models of period panties in organic cotton? Sizes offered! Indeed, our organic cotton products have been designed for all women , with for each product sheet a size guide that will guide you in your purchase. Women and young girls can therefore choose an organic cotton product :

  • Size XS
  • Size S
  • Size M
  • Size L
  • Size XL
  • XXL size

Thanks to this wide range of sizes, individually or in batches, women and teenagers will inevitably find what they are looking for among our cotton menstrual panties . Because to be well in your head during your period, you must first be well without your panties. By the way, why not also try a period shorty ?

How much do organic cotton menstrual panties cost?

At Smoon, we know that the price argument is important when choosing your cotton menstrual panties , especially when you know that it is recommended to have around 5 products in your drawer (menstrual panties or shorty) in order to be able to alternate correctly according to flows and washing cycles. Those who have chosen menstrual cups often bring up this point.

Inevitably, period panties in organic cotton are a little more expensive than more classic menstrual panties . 95% of the fabric of these models of organic cotton panties comes from cotton flowers from which the fibers are extracted . The length of these fibers varies between 10mm and 40mm depending on the variety. The longer the fiber, the softer and more resistant the fabric will be.

That's why we made the choice of quality, even if it obviously has a price. But who says quality, also says product that will last longer. For your perfect information: in addition to getting them individually, women and girls can buy our cotton menstrual panties in batches. Everything is washable.

Which color should I choose for my organic cotton panties?

Our menstrual lingerie for women and girls, in addition to replacing your usual period protection, is also the ally of your most beautiful outfits. Indeed, in addition to avoiding leaks, even in the event of abundant flow, Smoon offers cotton menstrual panties from organic farming in various colours :

  • Black
  • Terracotta (kind of mixture between orange, pink, ocher and red, which is close to the clay of pottery)
  • Green

Obviously, and even if the product is washable, we couldn't miss the black color for your organic cotton menstrual briefs . Users of tampons and other periodic protections know it well, black avoids a pretty red stain on your usual panties and your other clothes. The color black will therefore allow women to live their menstrual cycle serenely.

However, the two other colors of our organic cotton menstrual lingerie ensure full discretion for women , even in the event of heavy flow. All at the best price, in unfailing comfort and for optimal absorption provided by your lingerie brand Smoon.

Do you offer packs or sets of cotton menstrual panties?

We know that giving up your usual period protection, whether it's sanitary napkins or tampons, leaves you with a lot of questions. Are you wondering, for example , how many cotton panties you will need for optimal protection and how many products are recommended so that you are never caught off guard, especially in the event of heavy flow?

For women and young girls who wish to abandon their old period protection and discover the joys of organic cotton menstrual panties , we have provided 2 packs – or 2 lots – to discover our products:

These two packs of panties should allow you to be convinced by our solution:

  • Hygienic
  • Ecological
  • Biological
  • Absorbent
  • Anti-leakage
  • Comfortable
  • Washable
  • French

Don't wait any longer to offer yourself a set of organic menstrual panties or try our product individually , whether your choice is black or another color from the range. Menstrual panties or shorties. Soon, tampons, pads and other periodic protections will soon be just a bad memory! By the way: your product is washable and available for both women and teenagers!

Purchase of organic menstrual panties: available for delivery?

Of course ! Buy our organic cotton menstrual panties online from our store and choose your delivery method . All shipping costs are calculated during checkout. Delivery is made by:

  • The post office
  • Mondial Relay
  • Chronopost
  • Delivengo

Your period panties in organic cotton for women and girls will be delivered to your home or to any other address provided in the delivery form. The shipping time is confirmed to you by email at the time of your order. Do not hesitate to consult our general conditions of sale for more information on the delivery of our entire range of ecological and organic menstrual panties.

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