Second life

As a brand committed to the planet, it was essential to think about the entire lifespan of our products. We have therefore joined the Giving Back movement to encourage the circular economy and the second life of our panties.
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Getting everyone back into the act of recycling

Redonner promotes a transition of the fashion industry towards a circular approach. That is to say, rethinking the current value chain to produce better, consume better and revalue better. Their goal is to make textile recycling a reflex for everyone!
Redonner is partnered with more than 200 companies and associations that collect all your clothes and lingerie near you, regardless of their condition!

How does it work ?

With Redonner we want to reward all those who are committed against waste.

Give a second life to your clothes (and even your menstrual panties) and get 20% off your next Smoon purchase!


Cliquez sur "Je recycle" pour trouver un point de collecte près de chez vous.

Validez votre dépôt en chargeant une photo de vos sacs prise devant le point de collecte, dans le lien reçu par mail.

Recevez votre code de 20% de réduction, utilisable sur le site !

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What happens to your clothes

All donations are collected by associations or companies in the regulated and contracted ECO TLC sector, then sorted by hand to be resold to second-hand or textile recycling companies.
Your donations can therefore finance charitable actions or the return to work of people in difficulty.
The objective is to give a new life to more than 90% of the pieces collected. Those that cannot be returned enter the recycling chain to be cut, shredded or crushed and processed.