Flying to the(S)moon

Smoon was born in 2019 from the furious desire to provide a technical answer to women when they need it most.
photographie de Mathilde la fondatrice de Smoon

Who are we ?


The idea of ​​creating an innovative lingerie brand came to Mathilde, the founder, at the time of her daughter's birth. Losses, milk leakage and other celebrations, it is a time that is not easy in the life of a woman.
However, in moments of life such as periods or pregnancy, we had not yet been helped by technology. And for good reason, the sanitary protection sector had not experienced any major innovation since the 1970s.

It was time to change things!

culotte menstruelle noire sur cercle

After a year of working with a textile engineer, our seamless microfiber period panties were born. A technical undergarment that is both high performance and comfortable, respectful of the planet and our health.

Since then, the range has continued to expand with technical products to support all women, whatever their age, flow, tastes and habits. Innovation is at the heart of each of our projects and guides us for future developments.

A team united around the same values!

Today, we are a team of 17 people because as you can imagine, all these beautiful projects do not build themselves.
We are united by the mission to support women in all phases of their lives and our love of cashew nuts!


  • les éclaireuses

    "Smoon offers the crème de la crème of period panties that respect your body and the environment, without compromising on performance and comfort."

  • aufeminin

    "We are convinced that the period panty has been undergoing a revolution for several months now!
    Smoon is one of our favorites."

  • lebonbon

    "It's a revolution in the world of our periods, and we weigh our words."

  • madmoizelle

    "During our periods, we already have a hard time so we might as well demand the best."