A green Christmas like a tree: our zero waste gift ideas

On this very special Christmas, we wanted to look for gifts to do good to ourselves, to our loved ones but also to our beautiful planet. Zero waste gifts, very soft, close to us, to meet differently and sow the seeds of a greener world under the tree. Here are some pretty ideas to inspire you.

A gift to bubble

More and more brands are offering clothing or decoration made from responsible and recycled materials. Among them we really like the kangaroo throws, very soft throws in which you slip like a baby for entire evenings to cocoon.

An accessory to make everything shine

Synthetic sponges get dirty quickly, smell bad and are stuffed with non-recyclable plastic. How about offering an eco-friendly sponge? Washable, reusable, made of natural fibers, you can find them in all colors and styles!

Squares for soft skin

Notice to coquettes, make-up removal no longer rhymes with waste. To get a makeover, the trend is for washable and super soft make-up remover wipes and pads. They are found in pretty boxes for the holidays.

A relaxing gift

What could be more comforting in winter than a hot shower with gourmet or spicy smells? At Christmas, give a DIY soap kit: anyone interested can play apprentice chemist and create their own custom soaps, for extraordinary bathroom moments.

An invitation to kiss

Your man is not a hipster? Replace its irritating disposable razors and aerosol foams with a stylish, zero-waste shaving set. A gentle gift for her skin, gentle for yours and for nature!

An ode to femininity

Healthy, soft, comfortable and discreet, menstrual panties will soon be under everyone's skirts. Or under all the fir trees! For your daughter or your best friend, slip in this piece of eco-friendly and original lingerie. This year at Smoon we have chosen to put Séléné (the goddess of the Moon) in the spotlight, with a limited edition period panty and 3 beautiful scented candles. Audacity, Love and Dream, they accompany every moment of the feminine cycle, echoing our beautiful satellite. A 100% feel good box. And for more freedom, we also offer you a nice gift card.

A moment out of time

For a zero waste Christmas, also think about non-material gifts! Offer a dance workshop, a ceramic workshop, permaculture. Or an unusual stay in nature: yurt, glamorous caravan, weekend on the farm... A different moment to reconnect with our beautiful blue planet.

A 100% natural game

Are there players in the family? It's time to discover together a collaborative game, on ecology and zero waste life for example! Or a “nature challenge” game combining strategy and environmental awareness. They are trendy and can be found in green and ethical brands or labels.

A zero waste bible

Healthy reading for a healthy planet? There are plenty of books on the zero waste theme! Tips and great ideas to change our habits a little, take care of ourselves and our environment.

And to wrap it all up?

In recycled fibers and covered with seeds of flowers or plants to sow, seeded papers offer a green and poetic way to wrap your gifts. There are also cards, placemats, seed bookmarks and sowing calendars. Let's fill the world with flowers!

By Elise.