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Artemis Menstrual Panties

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Artemis is Smoon's second most absorbent menstrual underwear, perfect for heavy flow. With twice the absorption capacity of Selene menstrual panties - the equivalent of 4 classic tampons or 2 super absorbent tampons - it offers up to 12 hours of protection , odorless and moisture-free, day and night. Its seamless technology and second-skin material guarantee incredible comfort and perfect invisibility under clothing.

1€ will be donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute for each panty sold.

Entretien et Composition

  1. To begin with, we recommend you washing your menstrual panties before you wear them for the first time ! And after each use, rinse them in cold water.   
  2. To wash them, you can choose to hand wash them or machin wash them at 30°C maximum.  
  3. Then air dry your menstrual panties ! 

To avoid: greasy detergents and soaps (e.g. Marseille soap), fabric softener and the tumble dryer. For more information, see our care guide! 

Our Artemis menstrual panties are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. 
French and Italian materials. Made in Tunisia. 

Main material : 80% polyamide, 20% elastane 
Bottom : 51% hydrophilamide, 42% polyamide, 7% elastane 
Absorbent : 100% polyester 
Membrane : 86% polyester, 14% polyurethane 


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For any questions, consult our Q&A or contact us by email at or by phone at +33 9 78 46 89 60 

The impact of microfiber menstrual panties isFrom raw material to end of life including transport, packaging and washing, used for 3 years.

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Customer reviews

Questions ?Here are our answers...

How absorbent are the Artemis ultra-absorbent menstrual pants?

The Artemis ultra-absorbent menstrual panties have twice the absorption capacity of the Selene panties. Clearly, it is capable of absorbing 58 ml of blood,

  • the equivalent of 4 conventional tampons or 2 super absorbent tampons;
  • the equivalent of 4 conventional sanitary towels or 2 night sanitary pads.

Is it possible to sleep in the Artemis ultra-absorbent menstrual pants?

The Artemis ultra-absorbent menstrual panty promises you up to 12 hours of protection, without odour or wetness, day or night. This means you can sleep in your Artemis panties without the risk of leakage.

Are the Artemis menstrual pants sufficiently absorbent for heavy periods?

The Artemis ultra absorbent menstrual panties can hold an amount of blood equivalent to 4 conventional tampons or 2 super absorbent tampons. This particularly high absorbency makes it effective for 12 hours at a time. To be completely sure of yourself, you can exceptionally combine it with a cup or a tampon.

Check out our FAQ
quatre femmes portantes des culottes menstruelles smoon

When should you wear the Artemis ultra-absorbent menstrual panties?

When should you wear the Artemis heavy flow menstrual panties?

The ultra-absorbent Artémis menstrual panties are designed for heavy flow. By heavy menstrual flow, we mean:

  • blood loss of more than 50 ml (i.e. at least 3 tablespoons) per cycle;
  • blood loss that requires more than one sanitary protection (towel, tampon or cup) every three hours.

The Artemis menstrual underwear are perfect for the first days of menstruation when the blood loss is abundant. It is also perfect for night protection and during the postpartum period. How often should you change your Artemis heavy flow period panties? The Artemis menstrual panties are designed to provide you with 12 hours of protection during your period. Its design uses 3 different technical materials for their qualities:

  • draining
  • absorbent
  • raincoats
  • and breathable.

In practice, you can wear your Artemis panties from morning until evening or change them during the day in the event of a very heavy flow. How many panties do you need to hold a menstrual cycle with heavy flow? A stock of 5 period panties for a menstrual cycle is a good average, even in the event of heavy flow. Indeed, it is estimated at SMOON that this quantity of menstrual panties allows an optimal turnover in terms of washing and drying. Having several panties or briefs for heavy periods allows you to vary the models and the level of absorption. But it is the Artemis period panties for heavy flow that you should choose for the first days of your period. For the night and the end of your cycle, you can choose other panties classified as medium flow or even light flow. How do I choose the size of my Artemis menstrual panties? The Artemis heavy flow menstrual panties are available in six different sizes. To find your size, here are the matches:

  • XS=34/36;
  • S=36/38;
  • M=38/40;
  • L=40/42;
  • XL=42/44;
  • XXL=44/46;

How are SMOON heavy flow period panties made?

Artemis menstrual panties for heavy flow are made from REACH-certified French and Italian materials and without silver nanoparticles. Its seamless technology ensures its discretion under clothing. It owes its high level of absorption, even in the face of heavy flows, to its comfort, and its ease of maintenance to the use of the following technical fabrics:

  • Polyamide and elastane for the main part.
  • Hydrophilamide, polyamide and elastane for the panty bottom.
  • Polyester for the absorbent part.
  • Polyester and polyurethane for the membrane.

What is the lifespan of Artémis period panties for very heavy flow?

If the longevity can vary according to its maintenance conditions, count 2 to 3 years to keep a brief for heavy periods. To make your SMOON period panties last as long as possible, follow these tips:

  • rinsing with water;
  • washing with a mild, but not greasy soap;
  • Drying in the open air ;
  • no fabric softener, spin, dryer or iron.

Are Artémis heavy period briefs easy to wash?

Like all SMOON period panties, Artémis is easy to care for. You can hand wash your period panties for heavy periods or put them in the washing machine. Whatever your washing solution, the procedure is the same. The first step is to rinse the panties with cold water. As a precaution, choose a mild, non-greasy soap or laundry product, even in the event of heavy periods. To preserve the draining fabric, avoid using fabric softener and the dryer. The good news ? The technical fibers that make up your SMOON heavy period briefs dry in the open air very quickly.