Nursing bra and maternity bra

A key piece of lingerie in the dressing room of future mothers and young mothers, discover our seamless and underwired nursing bra . Thanks to its technical advantages, it is a comfortable and practical alternative to nursing bras.

Enough to take full advantage of your baby and experience a serene start to motherhood and breastfeeding!

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Why wear a bra when breastfeeding?

As a mother-to-be or a young mother, wearing a breastfeeding bra is not mandatory but strongly recommended in order to comfortably experience the first moments of your motherhood and to protect your breasts from all the upheavals they undergo.

Comfort and support

Breastfeeding bras are designed with comfortable materials and soft materials , which support the chest, which is often heavy during the breastfeeding period. They also reduce the pain that young mothers may feel at the start of breastfeeding.


Choosing specialized lingerie allows convenient and easy access to the breasts. The opening hooks specially designed for the breast feeding bra help to breastfeed in complete discretion and serenity.

Breast protection

The support offered by amaternity nursing bra preserves the shape of the breasts, and prevents breast sag , which is common after breastfeeding.


Thanks to the slots for nursing pads, nursing bra with pads prevent milk leaks from damaging your clothes . By changing them regularly, you maintain good hygiene and prevent bad bacteria from settling around your chest.

How does feeding bra work?

Best maternity bras have a special technicality. Whether you're trying them on in-store or choosing home delivery, be sure to check these items out.

Easy and convenient chest access

Thanks to a system of hooks, snaps or even zippers, nursing bra offers a direct opening on the breasts , which allows practical, discreet and easy latching. It is even possible to do it with one hand, a very useful option when you are a young mother!

Maternity nursing bra that evolves with your chest

During pregnancy, then breastfeeding, the chest will undergo significant variations in:
  • size
  • volume
  • tension.
To support these developments, pregnancy bras or specialized bras have means of adjustment . This may be the presence of many rows of hooks in the back of the bra, or elastic fabrics that expand along with the breasts of future mothers.

A greater hold

Thanks to their technicality specially designed for this use, bras and nursing bras, with or without underwire, provide greater support than most other pieces of lingerie .

Materials that are pleasant to wear and respect the skin

Breast feeding bras are often made from soft materials such as cotton, which avoid irritation and unpleasant sensations , for the young mother as well as for the baby.

A place for nursing pads

In order to absorb excess milk or leaks between feedings, it is recommended to wear special, washable or disposable pads. Padded maternity bra is designed to be able to contain these accessories, in addition to an already imposing breast. Some underwear, like Smoon pregnancy bra, even have special fasteners to keep the pads in place and absorb them even more effectively .

How to choose the right maternity nursing bra size ?

A nursing bralette or bra is more scalable than classic lingerie. A hook system or stretchy fabric allows the underwear to expand with your breast socket, during pregnancy and breastfeeding . We advise you to buy your pregnancy bras as soon as you are pregnant, in order to make the investment profitable!

Measure your pregnant or breastfeeding chest circumference correctly

Several measures should be taken into account by expectant mothers to accurately assess their size of pregnancy bra: The back circumference : it is measured by passing a tape measure below the chest. Flatten it without overtightening. Note the number of centimeters, which correspond to the numerical measurement of your height. Chest circumference : this is measured by passing a tape measure from one point of the nipple to the other. In the same way, flatten it without tightening too much. Record the number of centimeters and refer to a size chart for the corresponding (letter) cup size. To choose the right size maternity nursgin bra : Take your measurements about every two months to take into account changes and ensure your size gain throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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What is the difference between a bralette and a breastfeeding bra?

Just like in everyday life, it is possible to use a bralette or a breastfeeding bra to support your chest while breastfeeding your child. And while many of us wonder how to choose the right "breastfeeding bra", the choice often starts there. A bralette is generally more casual and used for daily support , for sports or for sleeping. Sports bralettes are often made with soft and breathable materials such as cotton, coupled with elastic materials for better comfort and greater freedom of movement. They are often wireless and have wider straps than bras. A bra is a piece of lingerie that is intended to maintain the shape of the breasts in addition to supporting the breasts . They can have reinforcements and reinforcements. The bra is often worn with more fitted clothes. There are several types, such as bras:
  • balcony
  • basket
  • triangular
  • with lace
You can get a wide range of nursing bras or specialized bras depending on your size and price. They are available either in store or online to receive them by delivery.

How to choose the right nursing bra?

Several elements must be taken into account when choosing the right nursing bra or specialized bra.

The size

Your breast size will vary as you go through pregnancy and breastfeeding . Be sure to take a size that suits you at the time and choose an evolving underwear. The Smoon padded maternity bra will allow you to adjust its size to the variations that your chest will undergo during this particular period.

The support

It is important to make sure that the pregnancy bra you choose offers good support for the breasts and that it does not compress it too much . To be sure of making the right choice, it is better to try on a bra or a nursing bra before buying it. If it is a delivery purchase, don't panic, returns are always possible!

The materials

Choose soft and OEKO-TEX materials , such as those we offer at Smoon. Cotton, natural fibres, bet everything on softness for you and your baby!

The style

Pregnancy bras are not always the most glamorous, but some lace designs will allow you to enhance your breastfeeding period. You can also opt for more technical maternity nursing bra, which offers better breast support and greater comfort, such as our seamless, non-wired pregnancy bra. Likewise, you will find a wide range of nursing bras or bras, at all prices and in all colours. For example, you will find the Smoon nursing bra in:
  • black
  • beige

Choosing a pregnancy bra : with or without underwire?

Among the great dilemmas of nursing lingerie is the choice between a nursing bra with underwire or a nursing bra without underwire. The underwiring provides significant support and a pretty bust shape . However, care must be taken that they are large enough to encompass the entire breast, in order to avoid pain or engorgement. At night, it is best to opt for a non-wired nursing bra or a comfortable bra in soft materials. Thanks to its wide and adjustable straps, the Smoon nursing bra offers an aesthetic shape of the breasts and optimal comfort, all without underwiring!

How to breastfeed without damaging your chest?

One of the first steps to take is to position the baby correctly while breastfeeding . Breastfeeding position affects how the breast is likely to deform or the skin to stretch. It is particularly recommended to regularly change the side of breastfeeding, so as not to solicit only one breast. Wearing suitable lingerie is also strongly recommended so as not to damage your breasts . Specialized breastfeeding bras have a particularly important support, which helps preserve the tissues of the chest.

What outfit to breastfeed at night with her nursing sleep bra?

During your baby's first weeks, you may wake up often, especially to feed your baby. It is therefore important that you wear a comfortable and practical outfit, which facilitates access to your feeding bra. As far as underwear is concerned, opt without hesitation for specialized lingerie, with soft materials; prefer cotton nursing bras without underwiring, with easy openings to access the chest. As for pajamas or nightgowns, again there is a wide range of clothes specially designed for breastfeeding, with zippers or press stud systems, which allow easy access to your nursing bra. breastfeeding and giving the breast without completely undressing. They are particularly appreciated in the middle of winter! Choose clothes made of soft and comfortable materials to avoid irritation on the skin. Prioritize:
  • cotton
  • modal
  • viscose
  • lyocell
Also make sure that over your nursing bra, your clothes are not too tight or restrictive. The goal is to relieve you in these first moments of maternity when sleep is often chaotic, not to create pain or discomfort!