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Bathing in peace when you have your period is now possible thanks to the first menstrual swimsuit for teenagers. Specially designed for teenage swimming, it offers total freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort!



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Are menstrual swimsuits for young girls effective?

The soft and technical materials certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® of our period swimsuit for teenagers are specially designed to allow young girls to practice aquatic activities without asking questions, even during periods.

The silicone seals that line the thighs guarantee maximum tightness to the Smoon period swimsuit.

This technicality allows a very powerful anti-leakage barrier and great efficiency , which ensures that teenagers can swim or take swimming lessons with complete peace of mind, even in the event of heavy flow.

The effectiveness of the menstrual swimsuit for young girls does not however prevent its discretion since everything has been thought out in its design so that it is not possible to differentiate it from a classic swimsuit.

What size for a period swimsuit for teenage girls?

To wear your menstrual swimsuit for young girls, choose your usual size , as we recommend for all our menstrual panties. Our comfortable materials are slightly sheathing and will ensure unparalleled comfort and support, whatever your flow.

Menstruation swimsuits are adapted to the morphology of preteens and teenagers who are already menstruating; they can therefore address young girls aged 12, 14, 16, as long as they are not yet fully trained. Otherwise, our adult swimsuits will probably be more suitable and will provide better protection during your period.

How to wash a period swimsuit for teenagers?

Our period swimsuit for teenage girls is washed the same way as all our period lingerie pieces:

  • First of all, your period swimsuit must be rinsed with clear water to remove the blood contained in the absorbent zone. Do not use any particular product or soap at this stage, it is not necessary. You can stop rinsing when the water becomes perfectly clear.
  • Afterwards, the menstrual swimsuit for young girls can be machine washed in cold water or at a maximum of 30 degrees . You can use your usual detergent, making sure that it does not contain Marseille soap, Aleppo soap or glycerine. Indeed, these components eventually clog the absorbent areas and therefore reduce the life of your swimsuits or period panties.
  • Finally, let your teen period swimsuit air dry . Do not use a dryer, which again could damage your lingerie.

Properly washing and caring for your girl's period swimsuit will keep it for longer, usually between 2 and 5 years.

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Why Choose Our Teen Girls Swimwear?

The first period is a very important stage in the life of a young girl. They are not always easy to assume, and generate many questions, in particular on the activities that one can continue to practice during the menstrual period.

At Smoon, we advocate total freedom of movement and great serenity for all women during their period. That's why we've designed a menstrual swimsuit specifically designed for tweens and teens to get them through their water activities.

  • leak free
  • scentless
  • in peace

Its eco-sustainable materials resistant to chlorinated and salt water and its silicone seals tested and certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® ensure optimal sealing. Enough to go through your period of menstruation in complete serenity and comfort!

FAQ: Swimsuits for teenage girls

What is a period swimsuit for teenagers?

Fear of leaks, odors, discomfort... bathing, taking swimming lessons, practicing aquatic activities, it's not always easy when you experience your first period. At Smoon, we have developed the first menstrual swimsuit for teenage girls , which will allow young girls to be able to carry on with their activities as they wish and without asking questions.

Available easily in delivery and at a very affordable price , our period swimsuit for teenagers is made of waterproof and eco-sustainable materials certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. It can therefore be worn discreetly and comfortably.

You don't necessarily want everyone to know you're on your period. Our menstrual swimsuit looks just like a classic swimsuit in every way, and comes in two trendy colors (black and water green) that will allow teenage girls to get through this period with style and peace of mind .

How does the teen period swimsuit work?

The period swimsuit for teenagers has optimal tightness when you want to bathe in the menstrual period, even in the case of heavy flow.

How do we achieve this tightness?

  • Thanks to the waterproof membranes that go up to the waist and the hollow of the hips
  • Thanks to the silicone seals tested and certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, present around the thighs

Our swimsuit for young girls slips on like a classic swimsuit. No need to wear a tampon or a cup underneath, its absorbent zone is good enough!

Can you swim in a girl's period swimsuit?

The Smoon menstruation swimsuit is designed to ensure optimal waterproofness when swimming, whether in the sea or in a swimming pool. Our fabrics are made to withstand both salt water and chlorine, as well as all the water activities you want to practice.

Like all our menstrual panties, the practical and easy delivery and the affordable price of our product will allow you to buy several , in order to vary the styles with our two trendy colors:

  • black
  • sea ​​green