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Smoon Girls is the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 menstrual lingerie range for the first period at the top!
No more fear of stains and the stress of having to change your sanitary pads at school thanks to these models of menstrual panties for teenagers in various colors, which guarantee protection from 8 to 12 hours without odor or feeling of humidity.

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At what age should you wear teen period panties?

When you go from child to young girl, the rules can be an embarrassing or even scary moment. Especially in case of heavy flow. Choosing your first pack of menstrual panties suitable for teens allows you to quickly feel better about your body and your period. The colors ranging from black to red via blue also offer total discretion.

The age therefore depends on each, depending on the period of appearance of the first period . You can wear menstrual panties for young girls at:

  • 10 years
  • 12 years
  • 14 years or more.

Even if the 12-year-old menstrual panties are often sought after, there is actually no minimum age , as long as you feel good during your teenage period!

Menstrual panties for teenagers are really the best way to accompany this new stage in a young girl's life, all at a good price. Think about online shopping and delivery!

What size should I choose for teen period panties?

Our period panties for teenage girls are designed so that you choose your usual size while still feeling protected during your period . The microfiber material of our menstrual lingerie is sheathing, and often relaxes on the first wash.

Our teen period panties are:

  • suitable for teenage bodies
  • narrower at the hips and thighs than adult period panties.

If you are already trained, do not hesitate to look at our menstrual panties for women , which will suit you better. Finally, don't forget that packs are available in order to successfully switch to period panties, even in the event of heavy flow.

How to wash your period panties for teens?

Several steps are required to wash her period panties for teenage girls.

First, start by rinsing it with cold water to remove the blood , until the water runs clear. Do not use products to rinse your teen period panties.

Then, wash your teen menstrual panties with a classic detergent , which does not contain Marseille soap or Aleppo soap. This will keep it longer and more absorbent!

Wash your period panties for teenagers by hand in cold water or in a machine cold or at 30°C maximum . Air dry your special girl's period panties.

When should you change your teenage period panties?

Menstrual panties for teenagers are able to absorb a flow for 8 to 12 hours, without leaking. Of course, if you feel discomfort before this period, you can change it sooner!

Even in the event of abundant flow, menstrual lingerie keeps its absorbency between 2 and 5 years, if the washing and maintenance instructions are well respected. And the question of price? It is a much more economical and ecological purchase than disposable period protection. Don't hesitate to buy online for home delivery.

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The first period is an important milestone in the lives of tweens and teens. This is often the time when we try to live our periods in a way:

  • comfortable
  • discreet
  • and odorless.

If this is your case, then period panties for teens are for you ! Available on delivery for a very attractive price, with various colors and models.

The period of the first period is also an opportunity to ask many questions about menstruation (especially in the event of heavy flow) and period panties for teenagers.

Why wear period panties for teenagers?

Thanks to their discretion and comfort, period panties for teenage girls are much more pleasant to wear than a sanitary napkin or a tampon. However, you will feel protected.

With their high absorption capacity and their soft, healthy (organic cotton, oeko-tex) and technical materials, our menstrual panties for teens allow young girls to feel comfortable throughout their periods and to stop feel odors or feel damp. And this at the best price, even in the event of heavy flow.

In addition to being invisible under clothing thanks to our “seamless” signature, Smoon menstrual panties for teens offer a range of suitable colors:

  • black
  • coral (color between red and orange)
  • blue.

How do period panties for teenage girls work?

Available for delivery, period panties for teenage girls are made with highly effective absorbency and soft, comfortable materials for peace of mind throughout your girlish day.

Depending on the model you choose, our period panties for teenagers are more or less absorbent , and can be used at different times. Indeed, the flow of rules can vary:

  • depending on the menstrual cycle
  • time of day or night
  • or your activities.

Whatever your flow, our teen menstrual panties can absorb a more or less abundant flow of blood without odor for 8 to 12 hours .

No need to think about changing your disposable period pads, very often without knowing what to do with them: period panties for teenagers will protect you, change your life and offer you slices of tranquility from 8 to 12 hours.

Do period panties for teenage girls work?

Despite their affordable price, our period panties for teens are very absorbent and effective. Thanks to innovative technologies, they are equipped with revolutionary anti-leakage barriers .

You will find different absorbency intensities in our different packs and models, which will allow you to choose the teen period panties that suit you best according to your flow.

The absorption performance of our menstrual panties does not prevent them from being completely invisible under clothing, thanks to our “seamless” menstrual lingerie , whatever your choice.

Why are our period panties for teenagers going to become an essential in your teenage life for a mini price? Because they combine:

  • comfort
  • discretion
  • serenity.

How do you use teen period panties?

Period panties for teenagers can be used throughout the period of menstruation. Depending on your flow and your activities, you can adapt the level of absorption and choose more or less absorbent teen period panties.

You put it on like a classic teen panty, without a tampon or sanitary napkin : even in the event of an abundant flow, it is self-sufficient! For 8 to 12 hours, you are protected without odor or feeling of humidity, and you no longer have to think about your period.

Its invisibility will allow you to spend good days, without worrying about anything other than your girlish activities.

Is it possible to swim with menstrual panties for teenagers?

Period panties for teenage girls are not designed for swimming or bathing. We do not recommend that young girls go into the water with teen period panties.

On the other hand, you can get our menstrual swimsuit for teenagers , also made with OEKO-TEX® textile, and which will guarantee you waterproofness and comfort during your swims.