How to choose her period panties?

It's not always easy to choose your first period panties : which flow to choose, which shape suits me, etc. ? So, if you are still hesitating, this guide is for you!

1. Know your flow

Each woman has a different flow and this can change depending on her cycle, age, contraception method, sport or diet.

Losses during a cycle are measured in ml: an average flow will correspond to 40ml and an heavy flow to 80ml .

As you may have noticed, these losses are not constant: in this case the 2nd and 3rd days are usually the most heaviest!

Our medium flows period panties have an absorption capacity of 30ml or the equivalent of 2 normal tampons . Our heavy flow period panties have an absorption capacity of 58ml which is the equivalent of 4 normal and 2 super tampons . Beware, the frequency and speed of discharge can saturate the panty faster than expected.

For the first few days of your period, choose a heavy flow model, and for the middle and end of your period, a medium or light flow model.

2. Choose your shape

It's up to you to choose the model in which you feel the best: panties, boyshorts, high waist, thong... All our models are seamless and offer a different absorption capacity. You can use the photos below to get an idea of ​​the shape of our models.

  • culotte menstruelle microfibre noire

    Menstrual panties

    The cut of the period panties is more scalloped on the hips and buttocks. They are available in medium and heavy flow in the microfibre and cotton range for adults and teenagers.

  • shorty menstruel noir

    Menstrual boyshorts

    The shorty cut is available in medium flow and in adult and girls sizes. It has more coverage on the hips and buttocks.

  • culotte taille haute menstruelle noire

    High waist menstrual panties

    The high waist is more enveloping and will come up your navel, hugging your curves. Perfect for marked waist.

  • string menstruel noir

    Menstrual thong

    And the thong is ideal for the beginning and end of the cycle. It is made for those who like a very scalloped cut!

3. Find your size

Our models size normally. We therefore recommend going with the size you are used to wearing. Indeed, it is important that the absorbent zone is well adjusted to follow your movements and avoid leaks.

Our microfiber range uses a main material in slightly sheathing microfiber, especially on first wear. This tends to soften from the first day and then does not move.

Our teen range is specially adapted to the morphology of the youngest whose hips are not yet marked. For young girls who are already formed, we recommend that you consult our size guide to check which of the teen or adult ranges will suit you best!

For more details, do not hesitate to consult the size guide on each product sheet.

XS 34/36
84-88 cm
88-92 cm
92-96 cm
L 40/42 96-100 cm
XL 42/44 100-104 cm
XXL 44/46 104-108 cm
10/12 ans 76-82 cm
12/14 ans
82-86 cm
14/16 ans
86-90 cm

Need advice? A hesitation on the size? Contact Charlotte from the customer service by phone at +33 9 78 46 89 60 or by email