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Are you looking for a menstrual swimsuit to bathe in peace during your period? SMOON offers you a collection of waterproof menstrual swimsuits ideal for swimming under high protection.


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Are teenage period swimwear effective?

The soft and technical materials certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® of our period proof swimwear for teenagers are specially designed to allow young girls to practice aquatic activities without asking questions, even during periods.

The silicone seals that line the thighs guarantee maximum tightness to the Smoon period swimsuit.

This technicality allows a very powerful anti-leakage barrier and great efficiency , which ensures that teenagers can swim or take swimming lessons with complete peace of mind, even in the event of heavy flow.

However, the effectiveness of the girls period swimwear does not prevent its discretion since its design has been thought out so that it is not possible to differentiate it from a classic swimsuit.

What size for a teenage period swimwear ?

To wear your menstrual swimsuit for young girls, choose your usual size , as we recommend for all our menstrual panties. Our comfortable materials are slightly sheathing and will ensure unparalleled comfort and support, whatever your flow.

Menstruation swimsuits are adapted to the morphology of preteens and teenagers who are already menstruating; they can therefore address young girls aged 12, 14, 16, as long as they are not yet fully formed. Otherwise, our adult period swimsuits will probably be more suitable and will provide better protection during your period.

How to wash a period swimsuit for teenagers?

Our period swimsuit for teenage girls is washed the same way as all our period lingerie pieces:

  • First of all, your period swimsuit must be rinsed with clear water to remove the blood contained in the absorbent zone. Do not use any particular product or soap at this stage, it is not necessary. You can stop rinsing when the water becomes perfectly clear.
  • Afterwards, the period swimwear for teens can be machine washed in cold water or at a maximum of 30 degrees . You can use your usual detergent, making sure that it does not contain Marseille soap, Aleppo soap or glycerine. Indeed, these components eventually clog the absorbent areas and therefore reduce the life of your swimsuits or period panties.
  • Finally, let your teenage period swimwear air dry . Do not use a dryer, which again could damage your lingerie.

Properly washing and caring for your girl's period swimsuit will keep it for longer, usually between 2 and 5 years.

What size should I choose for teen period panties?

Our period panties for teenage girls are designed so that you choose your usual size while still feeling protected during your period . The microfiber material of our menstrual lingerie is sheathing, and often relaxes on the first wash.

Our teen period panties are:

  • suitable for teenage bodies
  • narrower at the hips and thighs than adult period panties.

If you are already trained, do not hesitate to look at our menstrual panties for women , which will suit you better. Finally, don't forget that packs are available in order to successfully switch to period panties, even in the event of heavy flow.

Comment fonctionne la culotte de bain menstruelle ?

Le principe du maillot de bain menstruel est similaire à celui de la culotte menstruelle. La culotte de bain menstruelle - tout comme le maillot de bain menstruel 1 pièce - est un vêtement conçu avec des matières ultra-absorbantes qui permettent d'absorber le flux menstruel pendant la baignade.

Ce slip de bain menstruel est donc une sorte de shorty de main menstruel pour femme ou adolescente, idéal pour bronzer un peu à la plage ou sur un transat à côté de la piscine.

Le bas de maillot de bain menstruel est-il aussi efficace que le modèle 1 pièce ?

Le bas de maillot de bain menstruel est tout aussi efficace que le maillot 1 pièce, à savoir qu'ils sont tous les deux recommandés pour les flux moyens. Là où le maillot de bain pour règles 1 pièce fait également office de maillot de bain taille haute, le slip de bain menstruel laisse forcément voir un peu plus votre ventre et s'arrête en dessous du nombril. 

Quels sont les avantages du maillot de bain menstruel ?

Le principal avantage du maillot de bain menstruel est qu'il vous permet de vous baigner librement pendant vos règles sans crainte de fuites. De plus, il est réutilisable et donc plus respectueux de l'environnement que les protections hygiéniques jetables.

Il existe des modèles de maillot de bain menstruel pour femmes et des maillots de bain menstruels pour fille. Nos maillots de bain menstruels pour flux moyen vous permettent de choisir entre un slip de bain ou un maillot une pièce.

Y a-t-il des précautions à prendre avec le maillot de bain menstruel ?

Encore une fois, nos maillots de bain pour règle français sont conçus pour flux moyen : aussi en cas de flux vraiment abondant, peut-être vaut-il mieux utiliser une protection supplémentaire.

Par ailleurs, il est hautement conseillé de laver votre maillot de bain menstruel français après chaque utilisation que ce soit en piscine ou en mer, pour maintenir son efficacité.

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The menstrual swimsuit for menstruation, what are we talking about?

Similar to menstrual panties, SMOON menstrual swimwear helps absorb blood flow during menstruation. As washable and reusable hygienic protection, they can also: absorb abundant white discharge during the cycle or occasional urinary leakage.

Offering reliable and effective periodic protection in all circumstances, SMOON menstrual swimsuits are therefore intended for:

  • all swimmers
  • pregnant women
  • and young mothers.

Ideal for sunbathing or swimming at the beach or in the pool during your period, these menstrual swimsuits are suitable for medium and light flows. In case of very abundant flow, a menstrual cup can be worn in addition. Thanks to their super innovative materials, SMOON absorbent swimsuits guarantee maximum comfort. Indeed, only the part at the level of the crotch is made up of several layers of fabric which do not swell in contact with water. The rest of the period swimsuit is unlined. For you, it is the assurance of optimal waterproof protection offering an ultra-reliable anti-leak barrier!

How to wear your SMOON menstrual swimsuit?

The special SMOON menstruation swimsuit has an absorbent part made up of 3 ultra-technical materials and a waterproof membrane to absorb and retain blood flow during menstruation. Thus, the material in contact with the skin drains the blood towards the absorbent part. The absorbent and antibacterial core captures the flows of the rules and retains them avoiding odors. Finally, the thin waterproof and breathable membrane of the menstrual swimsuit prevents leaks and maceration. The absorption capacity of the SMOON swimsuit is perfectly adapted to light flows and medium flows. Depending on the period of the cycle, it can be worn without any risk of leakage or stains:

  • throughout the day for a light flow;
  • 6 hours for medium flow;
  • 2 to 3 hours maximum for an abundant flow (or hypermenorrhea).

It is possible to wear a menstrual cup in addition.

How to wash and care for your period swimsuit?

Like all period panties and lingerie from the brand, SMOON's special period swimsuit can be washed:

  • by machine or by hand
  • in cold water or lukewarm water up to 30°C.

After use, be sure to rinse the period swimsuit with cold water. If you wish, you can soak it for a few minutes to a few hours in clear water. For washing, preferably prioritize a mild, non-greasy soap or laundry product. To preserve the qualities of the draining fabric of the swimsuit, avoid using fabric softener. For the same reasons, the dryer is totally discouraged. The good news ? Your menstrual swimsuit air dries quickly and odor free.

Can you combine another periodic protection with your SMOON menstrual swimsuit?

SMOON Menstrual Swimsuit can absorb 15-20ml. This absorption capacity corresponds to 2 classic tampons. In case of heavy flow, you can wear a menstrual cup or tampon in addition to your women's period swimsuit. On the other hand, you cannot wear a sanitary napkin or panty liner with your menstrual swimsuit: this would make the absorbent zone of the panty bottom completely useless.

What materials are used to make the SMOON period swimsuit?

The SMOON period jersey is made of technical materials for maximum comfort and optimal performance. Its draining, absorbent and waterproof fibers are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and free of silver nanoparticles. For you, it's the promise of a swimsuit that absorbs the rules while respecting your health and nature.

For the panty bottom, we use an innovative material that drains liquids towards the absorbent layer and dries ultra-fast. It is made of hydrophilamide, polyamide and elastane.

For the absorbent core, we favored a material capable of absorbing blood flow, urinary leaks or white losses, throughout the day. This absorbent part is made of 100% polyester. For the waterproof membrane, we have chosen a breathable but waterproof material to ensure the breathability of the absorbent swimsuit while preventing leaks. The waterproof membrane is made of polyester and polyurethane.

Finally, the main material of the women's period swimsuit has been selected for its softness and comfort, allowing it to accompany movement whatever the situation. It is made of polyamide and elastane.

All these materials used for the SMOON menstrual swimsuit for women are French and Italian. They are all REACH labeled . None of them contain silver nanoparticles. The SMOON menstrual swimsuit is made in Tunisia, recognized worldwide for its know-how in lingerie. This factory is regularly checked to ensure that working conditions are respected.

Does the SMOON menstrual swimsuit adapt to all body types?

The SMOON menstruation swimsuit is available in six different sizes. To adapt to almost all body types, you will find it from size XS to size XXL. To help you find the size that suits you, here is a summary of the matches:

  • XS corresponds to 34/36.
  • S corresponds to 36/38.
  • M corresponds to 38/40.
  • L corresponds to 40/42.
  • XL corresponds to 42/44.
  • XXL corresponds to 44/46.

Do SMOON period swimsuits last a long time?

On average, the lifespan of a SMOON menstrual swimsuit is five years . Follow our care tips to be sure that your menstrual swimsuit will accompany you throughout your next 65 menstrual cycles. Here are the key points to remember when taking care of your SMOON period swimsuit.

  • Rinse the swimsuit with cold water.
  • Wash with a mild but not greasy soap or a neutral detergent.
  • Air dry.
  • Avoid fabric softeners.
  • Cancel the spin programme.
  • Prohibit the dryer.
  • Ditch the iron.

SMOON having chosen very high quality materials, your menstrual swimsuit is made to last!