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Demeter period shorts

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Discover our period shorts with built-in protection to exercise freely during your period!

- An ultra-light and breathable material for incredible comfort and the feeling of wearing nothing.
- Inside, a camouflaged menstrual panty that stays in place whatever the sporting activity for flawless protection. Guaranteed zero odor, zero feeling of humidity, zero leaks.
- Eco-sustainable : our menstrual shorts are made from 67% recycled materials.

Entretien et Composition

  1. To begin with, we recommend you washing your high waist underwear before you wear them for the first time ! And after each use, rinse them in cold water. 
  2. To wash them, you can choose to hand wash them or machin wash them at 30°C maximum.  
  3. Then air dry you high waisted period pants ! 

To avoid: greasy detergents and soaps (e.g. Marseille soap), fabric softener and the tumble dryer. For more information, see our care guide! 

Our high-waisted period panties are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. 
French and Italian materials. Made in Tunisia. 

Main material : 82% recycled polyester, 18% elasthanne
Interior material : 82% recycled polyester, 18% elasthanne
Belt: 58% recycled polyamide, 42% elasthanne
Bottom : 51% hydrophilamide, 42% polyamide, 7% elasthanne
Absorbent : 100% polyester 
Membrane : 86% polyester, 14% polyurethane 


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For any questions, consult our Q&A or contact us by email at or by phone at +33 9 78 46 89 60 

The impact of period shorts isFrom raw material to end of life including transport, packaging and washing, used for 3 years.

3.57KG OF CO2



Customer reviews

Questions ?Here are our answers...

Pourquoi porter un sort menstruel ?

No more uncomfortable runnings, no more uncomfortable tennis or football games, no more feeling your sanitary protection and no more fearing that it will slip off!

Whatever your flow (light, medium, heavy) and your physical activity, our menstrual shorts promise you comfortable and light sports moments;

The rule shorts are made of a very comfortable and light material. Hidden underneath;a menstrual panty with a high absorption capacity is incorporated into the shorts and will allow you to play sports without any questions asked

Thanks to its flawless technology, our menstrual underwear guarantees you many hours of use:

  • without leaks

  • odourless

  • and without the feeling of dampness

All this is done with the utmost discretion, as everything is done so that the panties incorporated in the menstrual shorts are not visible and that our product looks like any other sportswear.

Seule vous saurez que vous portez de la lingerie menstruelle !

Available for delivery to your home or to a parcel delivery point and for an affordable price, choisir un short menstruel est une manière pratique, économique et écologique de se protéger lors de ses règles.

You won't be able to do without our periods shorts during your sports sessions

Comment utilise-t-on un short menstruel ?

Menstrual shorts can be worn just like any other sportswear, the difference being that they contain a built-in undergarment! No need to wear menstrual panties underneath your black shorts, just slip the shorts on for sports;

There is also no need to wear additional periodical protection (sanitary pad, cup or tampon);the menstrual shorts are enough to keep you dry and protected throughout your sports session.

Quand faut-il changer son short de règles ?

Our shorts are designed to be worn during periods of heavy flowSeveral hours without leakage, without odour and without feeling wet. Thanks to our proven technology, exercising will never again be a problem during periods of heavy menstrual flow, no matter how much you absorb.

You can therefore keep your menstrual shorts on throughout your sports activities without question and enjoy them to the full. However, if you feel any discomfort at all, you can of course replace your shorts whenever you want.

Thanks to its quick and easy delivery and affordable price, you can buy several and always have a spare in your sports bag.

Menstrual shorts offer an alternative to disposable sanitary protection:

  • ecological

  • economical

  • convenient

  • sustainable

If you follow the washing and care instructions, your training pants have a life span of 2-5 years.

Check out our FAQ
quatre femmes portantes des culottes menstruelles smoon

Why choose our period shorts?

At Smoon, we advocate comfort, technicality, and freedom of movement when you have your period. And in particular that they are not an obstacle for women who wish to move !

Exercising while being comfortable and well protected is a real challenge during this period. Discomfort, slight leaks, unpleasant sensations, it is very difficult to find the hygienic protection that will allow you to practice your sporting activities with complete peace of mind.

Thanks to our black period shorts with integrated protection, you can indulge in your favorite activities without fear of leaks, odors or the feeling of humidity .

Designed with ultra-lightweight, breathable and OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified materials, our period shorts will give you incredible comfort and the feeling of wearing nothing. Inside the shorts, a well-absorbent period panty is camouflaged and stays in place no matter what activity you are doing.

FAQ: Period Shorts

Do period shorts work?

The very comfortable menstrual panties hidden under our period shorts are made of three superimposed standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® materials:

  • a draining material
  • an absorbent material
  • waterproof and breathable material

These high-performance materials are effective regardless of your menstrual flow and will allow you to practice the sport you love without asking yourself any questions.

Menstrual flows vary during the cycle, day, or activity. Our period shorts is able to absorb flow, however abundant , over a longer period of time than disposable period protection.

What size for period shorts?

Choose to wear your period shorts in your usual size. Our size guide can help you with this.

The soft and breathable materials with high absorption capacity of our period panties are slightly sheathing, and can relax after the first wash. This is why we advise you to buy them in your usual size to guarantee you:

  • comfort
  • maintenance
  • sustainability

The menstrual panties hidden under the menstrual shorts are designed so that the absorbent area is perfectly adjusted to your morphology and protects you in all circumstances, front and back. Freedom, serenity and optimal protection during your sports sessions are yours!

How do you wash period shorts?

In order to keep your black period shorts as long as possible, it is essential to follow some washing instructions:

  • Start by rinsing your menstrual lingerie with cold water , in order to evacuate the blood which is there. Stop the operation only when the water is perfectly clear. At this stage, do not use any product, water is enough.
  • Wash your menstrual shorts like your period panties, in a cold machine or at 30 degrees maximum , with the rest of your laundry. Use your usual detergent, after checking that it does not contain Marseille soap, Aleppo soap or glycerine. Indeed, these products end up clogging the absorbent area and reduce the life of your period underwear.
  • Air dry the shorts . Do not use a dryer, which would damage the fibers of the menstrual panties incorporated into the garment.

Can you swim with period shorts?

Our ultra technical materials certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® are not designed to go in the water. We therefore advise against using our menstruation shorts when swimming in the sea or in the pool.

To practice water sports in complete serenity and comfort, opt for our menstrual swimsuit instead. Also available quickly on delivery and at a very affordable price, it is very efficient, contains a high absorption capacity, and will offer you the optimal waterproofness you will need to practice your favorite activities in the water .