Menstrual panties: for whom, why, what use?

Super comfortable, ecological and economical. They are also aesthetic! The new responsible hygienic protections are on everyone's lips. A brief guide to menstrual panties.

Period panties: for whom?

The answer to this question is quite simple: period panties are made for all menstruating people! Those who want a greener world, those who take care of their health, those who move, those who want to save money, and for all the coquettes.

They are also recommended from the first periods because of their ease of use and to become familiar with reusability. And quite simply to spend a quiet and comfortable night , during the day in support of another protection in the event of very heavy periods, for young mothers who have unexpected losses who use it in postpartum panties, for teenagers, and if you are spotting . You can even use your panties outside your period in case of white discharge or urinary leakage, or to absorb perspiration during a sports session.

Menstrual panties: why?

For his health

Since the invention of the sanitary napkin by nurses during the First World War - made up of strips of cotton, gauze and rubber - there has been no innovation in sanitary protection. Unfortunately the industry has turned it into a very lucrative market to the detriment of the real needs of women. Until misinformation on the toxic products used for their manufacture or the dangers related to the port of an internal protection. Consider, for example, the recent cases of toxic shock . With menstrual panties, we are sure to wear healthy and natural protection, without any danger to our health!

For the planet

By reducing or eliminating our disposable protections, which represent 45 billion non-recyclable waste in the world, we also protect the environment.

For his wallet

We save money: a period panty has an average lifespan of three years and costs between 30 and 40 euros. If you invest in 3 panties for a hundred euros, you are a winner after a year! Indeed, a woman spends an average of 90 euros per year on disposable pads or pads.

For its comfort

A rule panty provides 12 hour protection. No need to change every 3 hours! In addition, our range is available for all tastes, whether you are more of a thong, shorty or high-waisted panties, you will find what you are looking for! Our menstrual underwear is seamless so we hardly feel them, we forget them, and we do all the movements we want with them. Whether you are athletic or not.

To feel pretty

Forget your old period panties. Menstrual panties offer sober or colorful but always feminine designs that put us to our advantage. Like Séléné panties by Smoon, very thin and seamless. In addition, the materials used are breathable and antibacterial, making the panties odorless.

How do I use my period panties?

Nothing simpler . You can wear your washable panties for up to 12 hours a day without changing them. To wash it, rinse it in cold water the same day, before putting it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. A program at 30° is enough ;) Don't worry, your panties won't stain the rest of your clothes. Then let it air dry. And invest in some panties at the start so you can do a roll. That's all !

By Elise