Testimonial: how I experienced my first period

All women remember the moment they realized their first period had arrived. Surprised, sad, amused, disconcerted, happy, afraid... Not everyone experiences it in the same way, but this experience is always memorable. Following the launch of our range of Smoon menstrual panties for teenage girls, we wanted to share Anne-Marie's testimony with you. She tells us how her first menstruation went.

A pressing desire to become a woman

“I always wanted to be bigger than I was. I wanted to be like my big sister, my mother. I wanted to become an adult, a woman. So, I looked forward to my period because for me, it represented my entry into the world of “grown-ups”.

I was worried about having them late, that is to say around 15 or 16 years old. I especially didn't want to fall behind my friends. Surprisingly, we talked very little about these things between girls in middle school. I have no idea when they got them... If I had known how painful periods could be sometimes, I would have liked to grab a year or two of peace! »

Set at 12 years

“My wishes have been granted!” I got my period a few months before I turned 13, when I was in 5th grade. I noticed it one evening when I went to bed, but I didn't realize it right away because these first periods were light. Nothing compared to the tsunami of blood I expected! I saw a dark spot at the bottom of my panties but I didn't "tilt". It still left me perplexed.

Some time later (a month I guess), I saw this brown stain at the bottom of my panties again in the toilet at home. I called my big sister who had been having her period for at least 2 years, very happy to finally have it resolved!

Choosing my protection for my first period

Since my mother and sister used sanitary napkins, I naturally followed their example. I was a little scared at the idea of ​​having to put in a tampon anyway, and at the time there weren't really any other alternatives like today.

It’s a shame! I would have loved to discover period panties at that age. Already my cycle was quite irregular, and my main fear was that my period would arrive without warning while I was in class. Being able to wear menstrual panties “for prevention” to avoid any incidents would surely have allowed me to be more focused on math class than on the absence of a stain on my pants!

Being able to wear the same panties all day without having to change sanitary napkins in college would have been a big bonus. The strategies for hiding my pads in my bag and then in my sleeve on the way to the bathroom make me smile today, but at the time the boys in my class discovering my pads and making fun of me really scared me. ”


Almost looking forward to reliving my first period with my daughter

Of course, no parent wants to see their children grow up too quickly. However, the idea of ​​sharing this moment of discovery with my daughter makes me happy. I think that mentalities are changing, that the new periodic protection will allow her to experience her first period more peacefully, and I hope to be able to accompany her with serenity and kindness through all the adventures that puberty has in store for her. »

By Emilie