These tips for loving your body during your period

Swollen breasts, tense stomach, fatigue, nervousness + unfaithful periodic protection? Every month during your period you find Mother Nature very ungrateful. What if you learned to love your body at this time of your cycle? To see him differently, to listen to him, to pamper him, to admire him?

Step 1: enjoy being a woman

We don't choose our sex, that's for sure, but whether we are satisfied with the result of the chromosome lottery or not, we can always learn to love ourselves. During your period, remember that it is directly linked to your fertility. Life flows within you, welcome your sacred feminine

Step 2: banish embarrassment

Although we are in the 21st century, period blood remains taboo, or at least embarrassing, depending on the culture. Stop! We are not going to be ashamed of our nature. You may not have to give a lot of details when you go to change, but you also don't have to hide your pain at work or elsewhere. Express yourself.

Step 3: choose your periodic protection wisely

We all have well-established habits regarding our hygienic protection. But are they good? Some are fans of internal protection such as tampon or cup . For questions of comfort, aesthetics, or for ecological awareness (cup side). But the internal protections need to be changed every 4 hours at most to avoid the risk of toxic shock . The ideal is to let the menstrual blood flow. And in terms of external protection, there’s nothing like menstrual panties . It combines comfort, discretion, aesthetics, and can be worn for 12 hours in a row without leaking!

Step 4: take care of yourself

During this time in your cycle, don't view your body as your enemy. On the contrary, listen to him. If your periods are painful, try pain-relieving herbal teas, massage your stomach, relieve yourself with a hot water bottle. Rest when you have the chance. But also move! Don't stay still during your period, the blood must circulate, you must secrete dopamine, the hormone of happiness. Do some walking or gentle yoga .

Step 5: enjoy yourself

Without going for sweets, don't deprive yourself of some taste pleasures: ) Starting with chocolate if your hormones demand it. And yes, (dark) chocolate relieves menstrual pain. Also choose a diet rich in iron and magnesium but low in fat to avoid weighing you down and making you depressed. Dried fruits, fish, vitamin-rich fruit juices are your allies.

Step 6: Get dolled up

Having your ragnagnas doesn't have to rhyme with pajamas. Forget clothes that tighten your stomach, think softness and comfort. But wear clothes that make you look pretty! Soft menstrual panties will fit under all your sexy outfits.

Step 7: Cuddle

Making love during your period is an excellent pain reliever. This can be annoying and repulsive, but it can be learned. Sheets well protected, taboos removed, sensations observed, the pleasure remains intense. Your body is beautiful, every day of the cycle!

By Elise