When the breasts hurt: hormonal mastodynia

Cramps, tightness, tension... Having breast pain before your period is almost a convention. In medical jargon, we speak of “hormonal mastodynia”. It hurts during the luteal phase , and it relaxes when your period arrives. No need to worry, but totally to complain (which does not exclude regular breast checks). But how to reduce pain without a pill every 4 hours?

Take evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil, this pretty yellow flower also called evening primrose, is full of gamma-linolenic fatty acids. It is perfect for women who are deficient in it and suffer from premenstrual syndrome . It acts quite effectively on breast congestion which makes the breasts hyper-sensitive. It is taken in the form of capsules one week per month, during the ovulation phase. It relieves a little.


After the shower, with a vegetable oil of your choice, massage your chest. This improves the drainage of the lymph, which has the function of cleaning our body and whose good circulation is essential to protect against infections. It also stimulates blood circulation, and relieves congested breasts. Gently proceed in small circles, forming a figure 8 around your two breasts, then with both hands flat to relieve them.

Wear the right bra

Just as during menstruation the choice of the right period protection brings more comfort (like that of quality menstrual panties , we say that we say nothing), a suitable bra can help relieve sore breasts . During times when they're pulling too much, a crop top or sports bra will prevent the jerks that hurt with every slightly quick step, and the little restraint of the snug fabric will act like a massage. But do not wear it outside of these periods: the breasts must be free for the lymph to circulate normally and thus maintain good health.

Choose your diet

It seems that we are what we eat. In any case, adapting your diet to your menstrual cycle is a very good habit to adopt, especially when you suffer from breast pain. By choosing the right foods, we can temper the hormonal peaks responsible for pain and avoid water retention which causes additional swelling. For this, we replace sweets (only dark chocolate is allowed ), cold meats and other fatty products (or processed and full of salt) with foods rich in fiber and essential fatty acids: whole grains, green vegetables, fish. And we put the soft pedal on caffeine, a vasoconstrictor (it constricts blood vessels) which increases breast pain. Green tea will do better.

Savor herbal teas

Sage is known to relieve painful menstruation . It is also used to soothe mastodynia, because it regulates hormonal variations. This is also the case with chaste tree (also called pepper tree). You can choose to consume these plants in the form of herbal teas, which allows you to hydrate and drain at the same time. Otherwise, if it seems more practical to you, the capsule or mother tincture version is also effective.

By Elise

Questions ?
We answer it...

Pourquoi les seins font mal avant les règles ?

La phase lutéale du cycle menstruel, précède les menstruations et implique beaucoup d'hormones et de travail pour notre organisme. C'est cela qui engendre des seins sensibles à douloureux en amont des règles.

Comment soulagé les douleurs à la poitrine avant les règles ?

Il existe plusieurs méthodes qui peuvent venir soulager les poitrines douloureuses et qui ne sont pas des médicaments. Par exemple, les huiles essentiels, tel que l'huile d'onagre, ou encore les massages. Penser à prévoir un soutien-gorge adapté pour cette période de sensibilité. Ensuite, une alimentation saine et des tisanes peuvent également aider à soulager vos maux.

Qu'est ce que la mastodynie hormonale ?

La mastodynie est le terme médical pour décrire des douleurs mammaires, elles sont dites hormonales lorsqu'elles sont liées au cycle menstruel, notamment à la phase lutéale du cycle. Il est donc totalement naturelle d'avoir une poitrine sensible avant ses règles.

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