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Menstrual panties: the ideal protection for endometriosis?

Hemorrhagic periods, intense pain, endometriosis can be difficult to live with on a daily basis. This is why it is important to have optimal protection to make the time of menstruation more comfortable. What if the ideal solution was menstrual panties?

Endometriosis, a disease that causes bleeding periods.

If there is one disease that transforms the daily life of many women into an ordeal, it isendometriosis . Still little known, it nevertheless affects between 1.5 and 2.5 million French women. Endometriosis is characterized by very specific symptoms such as long bleeding periods (menorrhagia) and intense pain caused by internal lesions.

How do I know if my periods are hemorrhagic?

We speak of abundant flow when a woman loses at least 80 mL of blood during her period. Not sure if your period is hemorrhagic? To find out, calculate your Higham score . If you have more than 100, it means you have lost more than 80 mL of blood and your period is too heavy.

Which periodic protection to choose in case of endometriosis?

Unfortunately, when you suffer from endometriosis, you cannot use just any periodic protection. Due to the lesions caused by the disease, inserting a tampon or menstrual cup can be inconvenient and extremely painful. Internal periodic protections are therefore not recommended.

Besides, you can forget about disposable tampons forever! Much criticized in recent years, because of the toxic products they contain, some researchers claim that they would be the cause of endometriosis and that it would promote its development.

If you have endometriosis, it is therefore preferable to turn to external menstrual protection, which is comfortable and good for your health. We therefore avoid disposable sanitary pads which also contain toxic products, and instead favor an organic and reusable solution such as menstrual panties or washable pads.

Why choose menstrual panties in case of endometriosis?

Healthy, economical and comfortable protection, menstrual panties appear to be the ideal solution. Not convinced yet? We give you all the good reasons to adopt period panties if you suffer from endometriosis...

Painless and healthy protection

Easy to put on, the menstrual panties will allow you to avoid additional pain. Unlike internal protection and disposable ones, period panties pose no health risk because they are made without harmful products and do not expose you to toxic shock syndrome .

Cost-effective protection for heavy periods

All women know it, disposable protections represent a hell of a budget! Especially when you have very heavy periods. And when you have endometriosis, periods can sometimes last longer than seven days. If we do the calculations, in the long term, it is expensive! This is why menstrual panties appear to be the ideal solution to save money, because they are reusable for three years.

Comfortable protection with good absorption capacity

When you experience painful and very heavy periods, you need maximum comfort. Good news: that's exactly what period panties do for you!

Made in soft and light materials, it is pleasant to wear. But its main asset is its absorption capacity (the equivalent of two tampons). Menstrual panties keep you dry, even when you have a bleeding period. Enough to make you forget that you are wearing periodic protection!

Which menstrual panties to choose in case of endometriosis?

If you have endometriosis, it is important to choose menstrual panties or menstrual shorts that offer you up to 12 hours of protection. If your period lasts a long time, opt for the three-packs instead so that you have several panties and save money.

And to better live this complicated moment, don't forget to make yourself a little herbal tea to soothe your menstrual pain .

Questions ?
We answer it...

Quelles protections hygiéniques pour les règles très abondantes ?

Pour les personnes ayant des règles très abondantes, l'utilisation de protection hygiénique super absorbante n'est pas toujours suffisantes et certain.e.s se retrouvent contraint.e.s de multiplier les protections, une interne et une externe. En terme de confort, l'idéal est la culotte menstruelle pour flux abondant. Si ce n'est pas suffisant vous pouvez la combiner avec une cup menstruel ou un tampon jetable en coton bio.

Quelles protections menstruelles pour l'endométriose ?

L'endométriose rend les règles particulièrement douloureuses, les protections hygiéniques internes peuvent être inconfortables et les protections jetables représentent un budget colossal. Les serviettes hygiéniques lavables et les culottes menstruelles représentent donc une alternative de choix. Ils y en existent pour les flux abondants, voir très abondants.

Quelle culotte menstruelle choisir ?

Il faut choisir sa culotte menstruelle en fonction de son flux, qui varie d'une personne à une autre, mais aussi d'un jour de règles à un autre. Il est intéressant de comparer les capacités d'absorption avec les protections que vous utilisez. Par exemple, un flux normal équivaudrait à deux tampons classiques en une journée.

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