Prevent and cure vaginal yeast infection naturally

Yeast infections are nothing more than small fungi naturally present in our vaginal flora , which develop abnormally when it is disturbed. Stress, fatigue, antibiotic treatment or excess sugar. The famous Candida Albicans takes advantage of the imbalance of our flora to proliferate, to the detriment of the good bacteria. Fortunately, yeast infections are benign and can be treated naturally. We can even make sure to avoid recurrences with a few simple gestures. So let's go ?

Is it possible to treat a mycosis naturally?

Yes, absolutely, provided you are quite certain that it is a mycosis (either you know the symptoms well because you are unfortunately accustomed to the fact - but not for long after this article - or your gynecologist will tell you confirmed it).

Coconut oil

You can have a vaginal infection and pamper yourself with the smell of summer in your panties. Yeah, we're not going to punish ourselves any more. Coconut oil is a natural anti-thrush, immune system booster and skin softener. It is the mildest natural remedy for vaginal thrush to overcome Candida Albicans. It is used pure or with a drop of tea tree essential oil on a clean cotton pad that is soaked. It is applied for a week, morning and evening on the vulva. Choose organic, cold-pressed coconut oil.

Plain yogurt

Who said dairy products were bad for your health? If they are difficult to digest in adulthood and can promote hormonal acne , externally they work miracles. Rich in probiotics, yoghurts (organic and natural) are ideal for rebalancing the vaginal flora. A sanitary tampon is soaked in it, and left for an hour introduced into the vagina, twice a day for a week.


How's that for garlic? You took my vulva for a salad? But no: here there is no question of local application, but of oral treatment. Garlic is renowned for its antibacterial properties thanks to the allicin it contains. And allicin, Candida Albicans don't like it. This active compound blocks the development of the nasty fungus in our vagina! So we can put a double dose of garlic on our plates in case of mycosis, and if we have a date, we can take it in the form of a food supplement (less risky for the breath). Also know that garlic prevents the arrival of vampires, but not ragagnas .

Prevent yeast infections and their recurrence:

Some women have more fertile ground for the appearance of yeast infections, but we can all significantly reduce their frequency. How ?

Eat less sugar

Candida Albicans are big gluttons that feed on sugar. To ward off vaginal yeast infections, you have to deprive her a little by adopting a healthy diet, without processed products and low in sugars. This also means going easy on mojitos or other cocktails this summer: alcohol is liquid sugar... Pamper your vaginal flora with foods rich in zinc (seafood, whole grains, legumes), vitamin C and vitamin A (go for the carrot, one of the foods to make yourself beautiful ).

Choose the right soap

It is not for lack of repeating it, you should not take vaginal douches or attack your vulva with unsuitable soaps. The vagina is self-cleaning, for the rest, rinsing with water after sport or lovemaking is sufficient, and for daily washing, it is preferable to use an alkaline pH soap (between 7 and 9). Consult your pharmacist !

Make cures of probiotics

In prevention, especially if you are on antibiotics, probiotics and other yeasts help balance the vaginal flora to prevent bad fungi from developing.

Appropriate periodic protection

Finally, you must choose underwear that absorbs perspiration, cotton for example, and never keep a swimsuit wet for too long. Bad bacteria proliferate in the dampness of textiles. During menstruation, same fight: we wear pretty menstrual panties to avoid damage ;)

By Elise

Questions ?
We answer it...

Qu'est ce qui provoque les mycoses vaginales ?

Vaginal yeast infections are caused by fungi that proliferate in the vaginal flora, Candida Albicans is its name. It takes precedence over the good bacteria and disrupts your intimate balance.

Comment prévenir les mycoses vaginales ?

To prevent vaginal thrush, you should try to avoid sugar, as the fungus that carries it feeds on it. You should also use a soap with a pH between 7 and 9. As far as underwear and sanitary protection are concerned, it is important to avoid confining moisture. So, skip the wet swimming costumes or non-breathable sanitary pads that let fungus and bacteria multiply.

Comment guérir un mycose vaginale ?

Coconut oil applied topically can give you relief. Also cottage cheese, soak a pad and leave it in for an hour twice a day for a week. Garlic on your plate also helps regulate your balance and prevents the development of the fungus that causes vaginal thrush. But first you have to be sure that it is a vaginal yeast infection. If you are unfortunately accustomed to this or if your gynaecologist has confirmed it, you can follow our recommendations, otherwise it could be a cover for something more serious or it could further unbalance your vaginal flora.

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