First period: what to expect?

Young girls are seeing their first period happen earlier and earlier, all over the world: at 10 years old or even at 8 for some of them. Very often, they have not yet been prepared for it. While teenage girls of 13 or 14 are eagerly waiting for them, the youngest don't always know they exist. It is therefore important to inform them relatively early so that they can host this event in the best way.

What does the first period look like?

The first time you have your period, it can be hard to notice. Indeed, they are often not very abundant and the color of the blood is sometimes also very dark, which does not facilitate its identification. But there are really no doubts to be had: it can't be anything else!

Are the first periods painful?

In general no, but exceptions are always possible. This is the reason why the first rules always come by surprise. No premenstrual syndrome or pain in the lower abdomen to give the starting signal!

The first pains will come once the menstrual cycle is well established. With regularity, various period-related ailments can occur: spasms in the uterus, headaches, digestive problems or tension in the breasts.

Talk to your parents...

The ideal is not to consider the rules as a problem, nor as a taboo. Talking about it freely with those around you (parents, brothers and sisters, friends, etc.) is the best attitude to adopt. Having your period is a natural physiological phenomenon that all women are familiar with. There is no embarrassment or shame to feel:periods are not dirty .

It is important for parents to be informed fairly quickly for health and support reasons, but also for practical reasons. For example, they can add adequate sanitary protection to their shopping list.

Preparing for your first period

From the age of 8, it is good to start learning about the menstrual cycle: knowing it, understanding it, anticipating it.

If the first period arrives in the middle of the day, at school or college... don't panic! As the first flows are light, this should not pose any “logistical” problems. The ideal is to have a small first period kit in your bag, but you can also manage with the means at hand: put a few sheets of folded toilet paper in the bottom of your panties, or a handkerchief, to hold until the evening when it will be possible to choose more suitable solutions. Talking to the teacher or college nurse is also a good option.

As far as protections are concerned, the ideal is that it should be a thoughtful choice beforehand. Today, several alternatives exist, such as menstrual panties , washable pads or other chemical-free protection. Tampons and disposable sanitary napkins are no longer the only default options!

For the first period, the top is both practical protection with which you feel comfortable. Menstrual panties are therefore particularly suitable for young girls: no more fear of having to change during lessons, you can wear them for up to 12 hours and thus avoid going back and forth to the college toilets! The icing on the cake, they are also extremely efficient and comfortable: no leaks, no discomfort in movement during PE lessons.

By Emily