Post c-section underwear: which panties to wear after a c-section?

Whether it takes place in an emergency or scheduled, a c-section causes a postpartum different from those experienced after vaginal delivery. Postpartum care, especially in the stomach, is therefore not the same, as are the precautions to be taken. Smoon helps you to see more clearly and in particular to choose the right panties or your post c-section shapewear panties !

Post Cesarean Menstrual Panties

C-section: what is it exactly?

A c-section is a surgical procedure that consists of extracting the baby through an incision made in the belly and in the uterus of the young mother. It is usually performed when vaginal delivery is considered dangerous for the woman or the baby. She may be :
  • scheduled for known medical reasons long before delivery
  • or performed urgently on the day of birth if complications appear during labour.

Following a caesarean section, the young mother will therefore have a scar on her stomach , which will have to be monitored to avoid infections, as well as specific diaper suites, which require special underwear .

Sheathing postpartum menstrual panties or post cesarean sheaths are thus the most frequently used.


Post c-section pants or girdle after c-section delivery? What are we talking about ?

Some elements of postpartum after vaginal delivery are found in the post cesarean period. For example, we can cite:
  • heavy bleeding requiring an adapted protection system
  • fatigue due to childbirth and the first intense moments
  • a drop in morale due to the drop in hormones
  • breast pain for breastfeeding women
But then why are women advised to choose a model of post-Cesarean panties that suits them? Well, a cesarean birth also involves specific manifestations following childbirth that must be taken into account, such as:
  • pain at the incision site
  • scarring in the stomach
  • the need for post-operative care for the c-section scar

This specific post partum therefore requires special attention. As the stomach area becomes very sensitive, it is not uncommon to feel apprehensive about getting dressed after a cesarean section . Fortunately, the appropriate clothes, underwear and post-Cesarean sheaths are there to help you!

A post-caesarean girdle is a compression garment used to support the abdominals and caesarean incision area after childbirth. It helps reduce swelling, relieve pain, and hold the muscles of the abdomen in place while they heal.

A post-caesarean panty, on the other hand, is an undergarment specially designed for women who have given birth by caesarean section. The c-section recovery pant usually has an opening to allow the caesarean incision to pass through and provides additional support for the incision area.


Why wear specific postpartum panties after a c-section?

Due to the presence of a scar in the stomach and a high risk of infection, several precautions should be taken into account after a cesarean section . In particular, it is recommended to:
  • do not carry heavy loads
  • stay at rest lying down as long as possible for the healing time
  • monitor your scar and temperature regularly
  • do not take baths before the end of healing
  • maintain impeccable hygiene to avoid infection
  • do not resume physical activities until approved by your doctor


Wearing c-section underwear: a necessity not to be underestimated

It is also strongly advised to wear clothes and underwear adapted to this period of your life as a woman, in addition to postpartum post-cesarean panties.

At all times, and still today in the African tradition, women bandage their stomachs after a c-section in order to promote healing and the maintenance of tissues in the stomach.

Post caesarean knickers play this role and help support the scar area in the stomach area. They help to reduce pain, and are also designed to be soft and adjusted especially to scarred bellies.

Post c-section panties therefore promote comfortable healing , which is not a luxury at this time of your maternity! It is quite possible to wear a girdle after a cesarean delivery , which will provide significant support, a flat stomach impression, and which will accelerate the healing process by bringing the tissues closer to the skin and protecting the belly.

It's up to you to see if this sheathing sensation suits you. You may not feel comfortable right away wearing something too tight around your scar; but very quickly after having tried this type of post c section pants, you will not be able to do without them!

Remember to change sanitary protection regularly, whether disposable or in the form of postpartum menstrual panties . This avoids the risk of infections, which can be common after a c-section.


How to choose panties after a c-section?


The support

Post-Cesarean panties generally offer an important support system, which supports the tissues and promotes healing. It is not uncommon to have strange or even unpleasant sensations in the belly after a cesarean delivery. Wearing special panties or a post-Cesarean sheath makes it possible to feel this part of the body more, to reclaim it and little by little, to be less apprehensive about touching or using it. Choose a support based on what you can handle.

Some post-Cesarean panties are sheathing , and therefore produce strong support, which also accentuates the feeling of a flat stomach. Others are less tight but just as effective in protecting the scar on the stomach. Depending on the comfort you want, you can choose one or the other.


The materials

Just like clothes, favor soft and comfortable materials in postpartum. Cotton is particularly recommended for post-caesarean panties, as it is a natural and hygienic fiber . You can also opt for more or less elastic materials, depending on what you are looking for; they allow a flexibility of the fabric which can be very appreciable for a woman who has just undergone this type of operation.


The size

Regarding the size, do not hesitate to take a size large enough to feel comfortable in your c section recovery pants . It is possible that at first you will find it difficult to support the fabric that is too tight on your stomach. Gradually, this feeling will disappear but in the meantime, do not try to fit in a size that is too small, you will have plenty of time to regain your figure later!


What clothes should you wear over your panties after a c-section?

If there is one thing to focus on in the early stages after a c-section, it is the comfort of the young mother. It is therefore very important to choose clothes in which you feel good in addition to your panties or your girdle after cesarean section , which do not cause you any inconvenience on the skin, and which are not afraid of possible stains due to heavy bleeding from the first few weeks or milk leaks, which are also frequent!

Therefore, favor soft materials such as cotton and loose clothes that do not compress you. At first, wear pregnancy clothes with a headband that will protect your belly and your cesarean section scar without risking damaging it. Up top, you'll be comfortable with:

  • loose cotton shirts
  • long tunics.
When it comes to underwear, opt for post c section underwear, sheathing or not . Specially designed for postpartum after a cesarean delivery, they will bring you unparalleled comfort.


How long do post caesarean births last?

Of course, as with vaginal delivery, the duration of postpartum after a c-section varies from one woman to another, from one pregnancy to another. On average, it is between 4 and 6 weeks for an overall physical recovery , if the necessary precautions have been taken.

It will be all the faster if your wear suitable accessories , such as a post c section, sheath or punderwear. This postpartum time also varies depending on several medical factors:

  • the general state of health of the woman
  • the seriousness of the intervention
  • possible complications.
In any case, you will have plenty of time to amortize your menstrual panties after cesarean section and you will congratulate yourself for having made this choice after your delivery.


What you must remember


What are the consequences of childbirth after a c-section?

Some postpartum manifestations are common to giving birth vaginally or by caesarean section and make it necessary to acquire a model of post c-section panties or even a post-caesarean sheath.

Heavy bleeding following childbirth, fatigue or even a drop in morale when hormones drop, are found in both types of birth. However, some elements are specific to postpartum after a cesarean, such as:

  • the caesarean section scar that must be monitored to avoid any risk of infection
  • abdominal and incision pain
  • post-operative care, heavier than after a vaginal procedure.


How to dress after a c-section?

C-section postpartum requires increased monitoring of the young mother and encourage them to wear clothes or underwear suitable for this particular period. Comfort must come first!

Choose loose, comfortable clothing over your post-Cesarean panties such as specially designed tunics, shirts, leggings.

Also opt for suitable lingerie, by choosing special post-Cesarean panties, sheathing or not , which go up high and cover the scarred area well on the stomach. They will allow you to feel supported and more comfortable, without hindering the healing process.


How to choose your post cesarean panties?

You have to take care of several aspects to choose the right c section pants :
  • a size large enough not to compress the scar too much
  • enough support to feel supported in the stomach
  • soft and respectful materials for the skin and healing.


By Aurelia.