Postpartum shapewear: how to choose?

Final preparations before baby's arrival, you're on the starting blocks! The maternity bag is over but several questions are bothering you: why are postpartum shapewear useful for finding a flat stomach? How it works ? When to use it? Smoon tells you all about the postpartum sheath!

Postpartum shaping panties

Post-Partum: my belly in all its states!

Whether childbirth takes place vaginally or by caesarean section, the stomach is one of the most exposed parts of the body. It will undergo deformations and distensions during pregnancy that no other part will undergo. After birth:
  • the skin of the belly is particularly relaxed
  • the abdominal strap is soft
  • the size is not marked
  • the belly stays swollen for a few days while the uterus returns to its original pre-pregnancy size.

All this can be confusing and unpleasant for new mothers, who have a feeling of “empty stomach” since the baby is no longer there, while having the impression that their belly is still swollen , in addition to being flabby.

Some women can experience it particularly badly and, without wanting at all costs to find a flat stomach in the minute, will look for solutions or clothes to alleviate their discomfort.

This is when postpartum shapewear panties will help you reclaim your body and support the organs involved in a pregnancy . The issue is obviously different in the event of a caesarean section, with the presence of the scar. Wearing post-caesarean panties then makes sense.

Nevertheless, a sheath, a special post-pregnancy belt and therefore dedicated post-partum menstrual panties can greatly help the healing process by protecting the incision site and supporting the belly.

Why wear sheathing panties postpartum?

Bandaging the body of young mothers after the birth of their baby is an ancestral technique, still common in certain traditions and cultures. Whether in the form of shaping panties, girdles or even special belts, there are several reasons that can lead to wearing shapewear panties after childbirth.

Belly support and self-confidence

By compressing the abdominal strap, shapewear panties can help support the stomach and tissues . This impression of a flat stomach makes you feel better about your body postpartum, a period when women often need it.

The reduction of pain

This support by postpartum sheathing panties reduces postpartum pain related to all the upheavals of pregnancy and childbirth . Postpartum sheathing panties have a very beneficial effect on lower back or abdominal pain.

Also in the event of a caesarean section, compressing the stomach area helps to promote the healing process and reduce pain at the level of the scar.

Muscle recovery and posture improvement

The belt or girdle worn after childbirth helps the stomach muscles recover more quickly by keeping them in place. Wearing shaping panties after childbirth improves your posture and helps you stand up straighter , which is often not the case for young mothers.

Whatever the case and no matter how you gave birth, it is very important to seek advice from your doctor before using shaping panties or a postpartum girdle.

When to wear postpartum shapewear after childbirth?

The postpartum girdle can be used very soon after birth, a few hours after. It will provide immediate support and many benefits, including support for the abdominal strap and avoidance of the risk of swelling or postpartum pain.

The sheathing panties after pregnancy can also help during breastfeeding to support the back and belly and thus reduce the lower back pain frequently felt when breastfeeding for a long time in the same position.

A sheath should not be worn for more than 4 to 6 hours a day, and especially not at night to avoid any bad positioning or damage to the body. Postpartum shaping panties can be worn longer than girdles because they are often less supportive, always within the limits of your comfort.

How to choose your postpartum shapewear ?

The support

For your postpartum shaping panties, choose your product according to the support it offers. And if you need even more support, there are even adjustable belts, which allow you to change the support as you use it.

Remember to gauge and adjust your sheathing accessory according to the support you support, and do not force it; if you feel it's not the right product or the right time, take it down and come back to it later, or change it!

The size

Be sure to choose a size of postpartum shapewear panties large enough so that the compression is not unbearable and snug enough to avoid creasing and chafing.

Admittedly, as with classic period panties, you need good support, but the goal is not to suffocate! Comfort remains the best asset of young mothers.

The materials

Always for the sake of comfort, choose soft and natural materials for your postpartum girdle panties to avoid unpleasant sensations or allergies.

Cotton for example, or any other breathable material, will be perfect for this use.

Young mothers: what clothes to wear after the birth of my baby?

Comfort above all

In the post-pregnancy period, and especially if you are already wearing postpartum shaping panties, it is important to wear comfortable clothes that do not tighten the belly too much and that allow you to move freely .

Soft cotton clothes, leggings or loose pants are often good options. At the top, tunics or shirts in fluid and pleasant materials will also be your best allies for a smooth postpartum.

Focus on practicality

For the first few weeks after giving birth, consider wearing clothes that are easy to put on and take off . Indeed, it will be a precious time saved during the first weeks of your baby!

New nursing mothers: think about specialized clothing

If you are breastfeeding, wear clothes that make it easier to latch on and specially designed for this period of your postpartum period. If you are already choosing postpartum sheathing panties, also opt for specialized breastfeeding lingerie (breastfeeding bra, easy-opening bra), which will allow you to breastfeed discreetly and conveniently.

Meet your need for support

To support your abdominal muscles, which are put to the test during your pregnancy and childbirth, get yourself some postpartum shaping panties to place under your clothes .

How to firm your belly after childbirth?

Shaping panties give an immediate impression of a very pleasant flat stomach, but make no mistake: it takes more to find a flat stomach and to firm up this part of the body post-pregnancy!

The postpartum sheath panties will nevertheless help the tissues to firm up and the internal organs to find their places , but do not replace a strengthening program afterwards. First of all, keep in mind that the resumption of sport or exercises to strengthen the abdominal belt is not done before medical advice and rehabilitation of the perineum . The latter remains the absolute priority and can be performed from 6 weeks postpartum.

Once the rehabilitation of the perineum is complete, the best way to firm up your belly is to resume regular physical activity and targeted exercises while continuing to use menstrual panties to avoid all the little postpartum hazards. Be careful, do not do just any abs!

Choose those specialized for post-pregnancy, which protect the back … and the perineum. During your sports activities, you can always wear your postpartum shaping belt or panties, which will support your back and belly.

You can also, from the moment your baby is born, apply cream to your stomach, which will help tissue recovery. Use your anti-pregnancy stretch mark cream or oil , because these enemies of young mothers can still appear several weeks after delivery!

What you must remember

Why wear shapewear after childbirth?

Wearing a postpartum sheath has many benefits, including:
  • reduction of abdominal and lumbar pain
  • tummy support and flat tummy feeling
  • healing aid in case of caesarean section
  • improving posture

When to wear post-pregnancy shaping panties?

Shapewear panties can be worn from a few hours after delivery . Beware of girdles which, unlike shaping panties, should not be worn for more than 4 to 6 hours a day and should not be used at night.

How to choose a postpartum sheath?

To choose a post-pregnancy shaping panty, you have to look at its support characteristics so that it is neither too much nor not enough support. The size and the materials are also to be checked , so that it provides you with all the comfort necessary for this particular period of life as a young mother.


By Aurelia.