Top 5 Inspirational Podcasts for Women

While we cook, drive or play sports … What can we do to occupy our mind in a useful way? Listen to a podcast! Media in full development, the podcast can be entertained, informed or inspired, see all 3 at the same time! We have selected 5 that deal with various topics concerning women and the different areas of their personal lives: sexuality, well-being, motherhood, etc.

New model

With this podcast, we discover each week an aspect of fashion, its consequences on people and the planet, how to improve this industry and buy clothes without exploiting, wasting or polluting. To do this, Chloé Cohen interviews in each episode an inspiring and committed woman, designer, entrepreneur, stylist or model.

It's a bit of our favorite, because in episode 24 of season 1, it's Mathilde - the founder of Smoon - who explains to us why and how she decided to embark on the adventure of period panties .

Between our lips

This podcast speaks without taboo about sexuality but not only. The format is simple and recurring: each episode paints an intimate portrait of women who tell their story with complete frankness and simplicity. Femininity, masturbation, sexuality, image of the vagina , motherhood, relationship to the body … These are the themes on which the questions of the creators of this podcast, Céline and Margaux, relate.

As the two young women have a lot of projects to finance around their theme, they launched a crowdfunding campaign which was a huge success. To listen without moderation.

healthy living

Marion brings us a weekly show in which she explores modern wellness trends. Naturopath in the making, she shares with her listeners her experiences, her tips and her favorite products to feel better every day.

Marion also surrounds herself with specialist and amateur guests to talk about more specific subjects such as kinesiology, FODMAPs or even Sibo, this little-known disease in French medicine that many of us would have without knowing it. Enriching testimonials, clear and complete explanations and all in a good mood.

Simple & quoted

Florie, author of science fiction novels, did part of her studies in Tokyo where she discovered the art of contemplation and simple pleasures. She returned from the land of the rising sun with the idea of ​​embracing the principles of minimalism, making her life slower and calmer.

His fairly short programs (between 12 and 25 minutes) are therefore an opportunity to share his thoughts, experiences and anecdotes around this theme. Wardrobe, productivity, identity, involvement, time management… From the most frivolous to the most profound subjects, she takes us on an analysis of the urban and modern world through her observant eyes and her desire to offer something different.


The magazine Les Louves launched the “Mothers” podcast to share with all their listeners testimonials from women experiencing motherhood. Very intimate and inspiring, this podcast provokes all emotions through authentic, poignant and sometimes shocking stories.

When you become a mother, the need to talk and discuss your own experience is essential for a good emotional balance. Listening to these women speak allows us to distance ourselves, to feel less alone and to question some of our beliefs and practices.

By Emily