Yoni eggs: everything you need to know before taking the plunge

The yoni egg comes to us from Taoism, a pillar of Chinese philosophy where sexuality and pleasure are sacred. This small semi-precious stone egg (also called jade egg) symbolizes fertility and creative power. And yoni designates in Sanskrit the sex of the woman. Placed in the vagina, it improves the tone of the perineum and allows you to be fully connected to your femininity. Having become trendy in the West, it still needs to be used with caution despite its virtues and its somewhat magical aura. Know, among other things, that you should not wear your egg during your period (but rather wear menstrual panties to put your “yoni” to rest).

Yoni eggs: a toned perineum

In ancient times, it was reserved for high-ranking women so that they could sexually satisfy the Emperor. Just like geisha balls (also used in China but this time by courtesans), the yoni egg is intended to tone the perineum. Placed in the vagina, it helps the woman to become aware of her perineal muscles, and to practice tight-relaxed movements more easily than “empty”. Exercises necessary for menopause orafter childbirth , to avoid, among other things, urinary leakage . Yoni eggs are also used to increase the pleasure of sexual relations between men and women. Firstly because they sensitize the tissues of the vagina and stimulate the vestibular gland, triggering natural lubrication. Then, because a muscular perineum facilitates vaginal contractions, offering the woman control in the embrace of her partner's penis.

Activate your sacred femininity

The jade egg therefore has physiological virtues. But not only. Originally it also has an energetic and sacred dimension. It is supposed to stimulate the first two chakras: the root chakra, source of life, and the sacral chakra, seat of Kundalini and powerful sexual energy. In this way, we (re)connect to our femininity. It is also made of jade, which in lithotherapy gives it tranquilizing properties, which are beneficial for the genital area. It is also found in rose quartz, a stone associated with the heart chakra. But if you are not sensitive to this type of spirituality, you can welcome the benefits of the yoni egg in a rational way. In other words, use it to awaken your libido!

My egg, instructions for use

Are you ready to get started? Now we have to talk size. In other words, are you short, medium or tall? The largest egg is 3.5 cm, don't panic. It's up to you to see what will be the most comfortable, knowing that a small one will be more difficult to feel and tighten in a standing position but will work your perineum more. Then you can choose the stone (its color and its effect). Finally, there are models pierced with string, easier to remove, but according to fans a real jade egg is expelled with the muscles of the vagina. Those we want to put to work. In terms of insertion, it's as simple as with a tampon, but the material can be surprising. It is better to first warm it between your hands, place it lying down with a little lubricant. And gently.

Warnings and dangers

A yoni egg must be worn occasionally and for short periods of time (and of course never during sexual intercourse). In fact, the pelvic floor is not designed to be permanently contracted. An overly muscular perineum can cause pain during intercourse and... difficulty having a bowel movement! So forget about vaginal weightlifting. Above all, the slightest pain should alert you, because prolonged wear can lead to an imbalance in the hormonal flora (often due to jade, a porous stone which can cause bacterial vaginosis). Or downright toxic shock syndrome. So be careful and boost your femininity without putting yourself in danger!

By Elise

Questions ?
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Qu'est-ce qu'un œuf de yoni ?

Aussi connu sous le nom d'œuf de jade, ce petit œuf de matière semi-précieuse, peut mesurer jusqu'à 3,5 cm et est un symbole de fertilité et de féminin sacré issu du taoïsme. Il est reconnu pour aider à tonifier son périnée, ce qui permettrait d'avoir plus de plaisir durant les rapports sexuels.

Comment choisir son œuf de yoni ?

Il existe plusieurs tailles d'œuf de yoni, le plus gros mesurant 3,5 cm. L'idée c'est que le plus petit il est, le plus difficile il est à sentir et le plus il faut contracter le périnée. On peut également trouver des œufs percés avec une petite cordelette pour facilité l'extraction.

Comment retirer un œuf de yoni ?

L'objectif est de contrôler ses muscles pelviens et d'expulser l'œuf avec son vagin. Il existe également des œufs munis d'une petite ficelle pour facilité le retrait.

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