Libido: boost it naturally

Hormonal imbalance, lack of self-confidence, stress, fatigue, routine… a drop in libido can have multiple causes in women as in men. But that's no reason to run and buy flibanserin, the female viagra. There are natural ways to take care of your desire and make it regain color! Follow the leader.

The basis: self-love

Well-ordered charity begins with oneself. To desire the other, you must first desire yourself. But what are you singing to me here? Nothing crazy. When you don't think you're pretty, or not pleasant, it's difficult to convey a good self-image and to give off the right signals. So you have to start by pampering yourself. Remembering our qualities, our strengths, doing good, getting back into sport or reviewing your wardrobe, changing your hairstyle, breathing nature, listening to stimulating music , savoring every bite of what you eat. Any way. Taste the small pleasures of life and smile to the world. Then, the desire of one will feed that of the other: it's a virtuous circle!

Then gain lightness

Compensating for sexual frustration with food is a very common reflex. But when you eat too much, too fat or too heavy, you quickly find yourself without energy stuck to the sofa. Libido at half mast. To boost it, it is therefore necessary to ban foods that are too rich in fat for a time because they reduce the production of testosterone. But the latter plays a role in desire, and not just male desire. In duo with estrogen, this hormone does indeed have a power over ours. Choose foods full of energy and protein (fruits, dried fruits, red meat, fish, etc.) and don't forget seafood from time to time: oysters are full of zinc, a trace element which boosts testosterone and dopamine, and therefore, libido.

Move move!

A low libido can occur when you are stressed or depressed. And against stress and depression, sport has no equal. It stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of happiness… and desire! So even if it costs you to get started, go out for a run, dance, ride a bike, several times a week. After work, for example, to relieve pressure. Or during your period, because sport relieves painful periods , especially yoga . Don't think too much, put on your menstrual panties and go!

… and strengthen your perineum

Being fully aware of your genitals is as important as knowing your menstrual cycle. It makes us feel more like a woman! Besides, why not try yoni eggs ?

Stubbornly ylang-ylang

On the aphrodisiac side, ylang-ylang no longer has to prove itself. This small yellow flower native to Indonesia exhales a sweet and relaxing but also exciting fragrance. In essential oil, it stimulates the female libido. Add a few drops to vegetable oil (jojoba, sweet almond, coconut, etc.) and massage your wrists for a few minutes with this mixture. If you are a couple, offer your partner a massage with this oil which should transport you to the land of 1001 nights.

A pinch of ginseng in my life

Other plants, roots, spices can spice up our sex life and give us a boost. This is the case of ginseng which can be cured in the form of a capsule, maca, a plant from Peru increasing the sexual appetite, but also dark chocolate . We would be wrong to deprive ourselves!

By Elise

Questions ?
We answer it...

Comment augmenter sa libido ?

La libido est influencée par les hormones, mais aussi par votre état d'esprit, votre confiance en vous et votre quotidien. Pour augmenter votre libido, travaillez sur votre confiance en vous, l'idée est de se sentir bien dans votre peau, sexy et désirable pour augmenter votre envie. Si c'est une cause identifiable qui baisse votre libido, comme du stress ou de la fatigue, vous pouvez faire du sport pour vous détendre ou prendre du temps pour récupérer, prendre soin de soi c'est essentiel.

Pourquoi la libido change ?

Le désir sexuel est influencé par nos hormones, donc les fluctuations hormonales ont un impact direct sur la libido. Mais il y a aussi la vie quotidienne, le stress, la confiance en soi, la personne avec qui l'on est beaucoup de vecteurs qui vont venir influencer notre envie de faire l'amour.

Qu'est ce que la libido ?

La libido c'est le désir sexuel, l'envie de faire l'amour. Elle est très différente d'une personne à une autre et peut varier au cours de la vie. Liée directement aux hormones la libido change, selon les périodes du cycle menstruel, mais aussi de la vie de la femme.

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