Rules and alternative medicine

Tired of taking paracetamol or spasfon every time your period comes? Or, recently a fan of period panties , do you want to be more attentive to your body and pamper it by offering more natural treatments? Good news: many alternative medicines can help you better live your period and the inconveniences that go with it. Let's discover them together...

Homeopathy to relieve many period-related ailments

As a child, we already loved these little sugary granules that melt under the tongue when mom gave us arnica after a small fall. But what we didn't know was that adult homeopathy could also help us forget the unpleasant effects of our periods! Back pain, cold sweats or even dizziness… there is a homeopathic remedy for everything!

The ideal is to consult a doctor specialized in homeopathy to identify with him the root of the problem in a precise way. You will thus obtain better results than by swallowing 200 different granules chosen more or less approximately by you.

Herbal medicine for classic pain in the lower abdomen

Phytotherapy consists of treating oneself with the help of plants. And if Mother Nature had the extreme kindness to give you painful periods every month for 40 years, she still had the decency to also give you the plants to soothe these ailments.

Mint, chamomile or dill can be consumed in the form of capsules, tinctures or herbal teas, and it is scientifically proven that the latter are more effective if drunk under a blanket, with a cookie and in front of Netflix.

For a shock treatment, you can also rely on essential oils. If you don't risk much by drinking a few herbal teas (except an urgent urge to pee that will drag you out of bed), the use of mother tinctures or essential oils can be more delicate. It is therefore preferable to refer to a specialist in the field, namely a naturopathic doctor for example.

Acupuncture to rebalance the energy in the body

The idea of ​​finding your body covered with needles without being able to move is not a priori the most pleasing. However, two studies dating from 2013 and 2014 showed that acupuncture has a real beneficial effect on the symptoms of dysmenorrhea (ie menstrual pain). They even showed that this practice was more effective than taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (like ibuprofen)!

If you become addicted and jealous of your cactus, you can even book a session before the start of your period, right in the middle of pre-menstrual syndrome . Indeed, the 2013 study showed that this Chinese medicine was particularly effective during this period of the cycle.

Shiatsu to relax your uterus and the rest of your body

This practice of Japanese origin consists in applying pressure on the acupuncture points, but without using needles: the points are stimulated with the fingers or with the elbows. A true moment of relaxation, this Japanese massage is also an opportunity to rebalance the body's energies, which can then circulate more freely. This technique is therefore used to solve many health problems including the famous uterine pain. Shiatsu has a significant advantage over acupuncture: you can reproduce the gestures performed by the practitioner at home (and yes, you can't stick needles in your body, gosh!).

Hypnosis to manage menstrual pain differently

Hypnosis is fun when Messmer uses it to fool celebrities on a TV set, or when handsome Simon Baker uses it to solve crimes in The Mentalist. It's a little less fun when a practitioner who doesn't look like Simon Baker uses it to soothe pain in real life, but it's still great to be able to get rid of his dysmenorrhea!

The principle is as follows: the practitioner proceeds to recondition the brain thanks to his power of suggestion, so that it reacts less violently in the face of suffering.

So here are some avenues to explore to live your period more serenely. If none of this works for you, don't hesitate to abuse our favorite sweet method: magic kisses and chocolate.

By Emily