The 6 well-being applications essential for everyday life!

Many applications around well-being such as sport, diet, meditation have emerged in recent years. Zoom on some of them that can quickly improve our quality of life!

Better consumption with “Yuka”

Manufacturers sometimes tend to use products that are harmful to our health and know how to hide them well with names so long that they would guarantee you a victory every time in the game of hangman.

But thanks to Yuka, you no longer need to have a bac +5 in chemistry and a magnifying glass to decipher the labels! This very popular application allows you to scan the food and cosmetic products you consume in order to quickly analyze their composition.

The little extra: when a product is considered "bad" or "very bad", the application offers you equivalent and much better recommendations for your health.

Meditate with “Little Bamboo”

Stress is one of the scourges of modern life. Fortunately, the Petit Bambou application offers relaxation and meditation sessions that will allow you to disconnect, let go, take a moment just for you during the day... in short, to breathe a little! The application provides you with different sessions free of charge: stress management, diet, relationship with others... everyone should be able to find what they are looking for.

We know that it is better to limit the use of screens in the evening before going to bed, but listening to Petit Bambou in his bed is also surprisingly effective for falling asleep quickly.

The little extra: the diversity of the programs offered.

Eat better with “Kwalito”

Kwalito is the wellness app that helps you eat healthy .

It is very different from Yuka, in particular because it allows you, for example, to find healthy foods adapted to your diet: pork-free, gluten-free, vegetarian food, for pregnant women... There is something for everyone!

The little extra: we like the personalized side of the application which adapts according to our desires of the moment!

Take care of your well-being with “Shine”

Shine is an application that monitors your well-being in general through meditation, articles to read but also to listen to and daily gratitude check-ins.

A késako gratitude check-in? It is to answer questions such as:

1. To what am I grateful today?

2. What did I do to feel good today?

This allows you to notice all the little details that can make us happy but that we tend to neglect on a daily basis.

It should be noted that the application is only available in English, much to the disappointment of the most French-speaking among us.

The little extra: the application sends you notifications from Monday to Friday on a specific theme and the following day an article is available on this theme, magic!

Improve the quality of your sleep with “Sleep Cycle”

According to some studies, to have restful sleep, you should sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night. However, this can vary from one person to another depending on age, gender, build... But then how do we know if we are sleeping well?

With the Sleep Cycle app, just put your phone close to you, under the pillow or on the mattress. The application analyzes our movements during the night and captures the vibrations of your mattress to deduce different phases of sleep.

The little extra: the application has an integrated alarm clock with much more soothing ringtones than those offered by your phone.

Move more with Nike Training Club

After Nike Run Club for runners, Nike has launched its fitness application which allows you to do sports sessions between 15 and 30 minutes depending on your physical objective.

You will find on the application, more than 100 workouts, clear audio and video instructions for each movement.

The little extra: the application offers a personalized and scalable program according to your needs and your objectives.

Here are some applications that can help you take care of yourself on a daily basis. There are many more, including some that allow you to track your menstrual cycle . You just have to choose the ones that suit you best!

By Laura