Hormones and cocoa: these irresistible cravings during periods

Chocolate bars are a dream for many, especially before their period. But we don't always have a beautiful Apollo at our side to take care of us. No problem, because this is cocoa, this food stuffed with theobromine: the food of the Gods. Before and during our periods, we no longer feel like keeping to ourselves, but rather doing so. But why this urgent desire for chocolate at this time of the cycle anyway?

A drop in morale linked to hormones...

During the luteal phase, in the second part of our menstrual cycle (between the expulsion of the egg and the start of our period), estrogen falls in favor of progesterone. With it, hello fatigue, bad mood or blues. It’s the famous PMS (premenstrual syndrome) that is rearing its ugly head. This is why we will naturally tend to seek comfort, among other things in gluttony. Even more so in the event of heavy periods which can cause anemia , i.e. a deficiency of iron in the blood.

… more fatigue and lack of iron

The drop in iron levels in the blood during menstruation and the fatigue that accompanies it takes a toll on us. We therefore tend to turn to foods such as dark chocolate, rich in iron, magnesium and potassium. A natural reflex since these minerals act on our body as anti-stress and relaxants and at the same time help us fight fatigue.

Theobromine and serotonin

Chocolate is one of the foods richest in theobromine along with guarana and yerba mate. Once metabolized by our body, the theobromine molecule strengthens the transport of tryptophan by our neurons, to provide a royal route to serotonin: the hormone of happiness. This is partly why eating chocolate (provided it contains more than 70% cocoa) would be good for your morale, especially during your period. But be careful: it is a question of consuming it with full awareness, because distracted consumption would reduce the physical and psychological benefits brought by its tasting, whether it is chocolate or any other food. So not only don't eat your chocolate with guilt, but make yourself comfortable while doing it. Especially if you suffer from painful periods .

Comfort (chocolate my comforter)

Beyond the nutritional virtues of chocolate, our desire to consume it is also due to its comforting power. When we are flat, sad or a little on edge, a sweet can soothe our slump or give us energy. There is therefore no complex to have during these cocoa cravings, which are even rather healthy since it is a reflex of the brain to feel better. Provided of course that you don't overindulge, at the risk of hurting your stomach or regretting the extra pounds. And to benefit from all the benefits of chocolate during your period, you should preferably choose dark chocolate, with a high percentage of cocoa. Otherwise, among the tips to feel better, don't deprive yourself of making love during your period if you are well accompanied because it is a natural painkiller! Otherwise, go for pain-relieving herbal teas and wear your menstrual panties as soft as a comfort blanket.

By Elise