Our advice to put an end to urinary leakage!

Pregnant women, young mothers, great athletes, small urinary leaks can quickly ruin our lives (or in any case, taint our femininity!). Whether it's a simple relaxation of our perineum or our bladder emptying under the contraction of our abs (because we coughed or laughed a little too hard), fortunately very simple solutions exist and we reveals them to you here. Of course, if you have urinary leakage other than occasional, make sure that it does not hide something more serious (better not to laugh in case of tumor, fibroid, or prostatitis for example). Also, if you have any doubts, consult your doctor to be sure that everything is fine. Once the risks have been eliminated or if the problem is strictly temporary, here are our tips for remedying it.

1. Tone your perineum

To tone your perineum, nothing could be simpler! You can train yourself to contract it, taking care not to strain your abs. If you have difficulty finding your feelings, use the famous geisha balls (yes, the ones lying around at the bottom of your dresser drawer and that you bought a few years ago to make your darling dream!). And if you're too lazy to work out alone, you can call on a physio to help you tone up your perineum.

2. Go pee every hour

To rehabilitate your bladder and prevent leaks, another trick that works well is to establish a little ritual where you go to urinate every hour for a week, even when you don't feel like it. Gradually, you space out an additional 15 minutes then 30 minutes and so on until you go there every two hours. Thanks to this, you will no longer spend your time fearing the leak!

3. Drink sensibly and consciously

It may seem obvious but if you drink 2 liters of water a day with your three coffees and your two cups of herbal tea in the morning, you can imagine that you are overloading your bladder and the urinary leakage is therefore not the result of chance. In addition, theine and caffeine are considered poisons by the body. As the latter works very well, he will do everything in his power to eliminate them quickly in the toilet. Hence the fact that theine and caffeine excite our bladder and cause diarrhea. So, if you want to act on your leaks, reducing your consumption can play a considerable role.

4. Don't hold back

Another evidence but which is not really an obvious one: do not hold back, as well from drinking as from going to pee. We know, we understand you, you have a lot of work, you run around and you don't have time to take a 2-minute pee break or drink a glass of water. Except… your body needs to hydrate and eliminate. Going against one or the other risks causing other problems for your health.

5. Relax

Sometimes, under the action of significant stress, our bladder becomes overactive and this is where urinary leakage occurs. So, to avoid this, breathing, meditation, yoga or even pilates are useful exercises to practice on a daily basis to allow you to reconnect with your feelings and relax.

6. Eat better

Overweight and constipation also play a significant role in urinary leakage. Also, we advise you to limit industrial refined products, alcohol, chocolate (yes, even him!), sugary drinks, dairy products as well as gluten and to favor a diet rich in fiber, fruit and in vegetables. Finally, remember to add good fats such as vegetable oils, avocado, small oily fish and oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.).

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