What sports to practice during your period?

During periods of menstruation, the excuse is quickly found to stop all physical activity to snuggle up against your plaid, with your hot water bottle, your chocolate bar and your favorite series. Even if we are not against all that, playing sports during your period can be a great idea, especially to relieve your menstrual pain. Being all different, it is important that you listen to yourself first and that you adapt your practice according to your feelings. Only you know what is good for you. However, if your pain is not completely unbearable, here are the sports recommended and to be favored during your period:

1. Yoga

The different yoga postures will allow you to return to your feelings, relax and stretch the areas of your body that generally cause pain at this time of the month, namely the lower back or the pelvic muscles. We simply avoid inverted postures and favor gentle yoga such as yin yoga or kundalini yoga.

2. Pilates

If you prefer to opt for gentle muscle strengthening exercises, pilates is for you. Here, we reduce tension and relax the abdominals and the muscles of the perineum. This reduces contractions of the uterus and therefore reduces pain.

3. Swimming

Contrary to popular belief and even if you don't always feel comfortable with the idea of ​​going to the pool during your period, swimming can work real miracles. Indeed, it will massage and relax all parts of the body and therefore greatly reduce menstrual pain. No need to get into a rushing length competition, you can just swim calmly knowing that you are there to do yourself a favor. Little tip, if you have lower back pain, opt for the back crawl, it's the ideal movement to relax the back muscles.

4. Running

Here, there is no question of embarking on a sprint, jumping hurdles or a split session, the objective is to put the body in motion and to work on the cardiovascular system. This will release endorphins, also called the happiness hormone. This endorphin will relieve cramps and reduce headaches. In addition, cardio will increase your blood flow overall and thus reduce feelings of discomfort. And if you don't feel very fit, you can simply opt for brisk walking.

5. Meditation

Although it is not a sport strictly speaking, meditation is highly recommended during menstruation because it allows you to refocus, reduce depression and observe your pain without adding any negative judgment. Also, breathing will relax the muscles and reduce anxiety. And why not combine a meditation session before or after your yoga, pilates, swimming or running session?

With all of these examples, you see that it's simple to include physical activity during your period and do you good without hurting you. Once again (we can never repeat it enough), listen to yourself and if you want to move, do it. Of course, to feel comfortable, equip yourself accordingly. Although the tampon or the cup is necessary for swimming, the SMOON menstrual panties are the discreet alternative which will bring you all the comfort necessary to practice your sport in all serenity.

By Flora