Testimonial: 24 hours with my period panties

When using tampons or sanitary napkins for years, it's hard to change your habits! If you have trouble visualizing yourself wearing menstrual panties , you will find some interest in the testimony of Juliette who was kind enough to share with us her first experience with Smoon panties .

First impressions of Smoon panties

“As soon as I received my Smoon panties, I couldn't wait for my period to arrive so I could test them. It was the first time! I ordered two to try, thinking that I would buy a third if they met my expectations.

I was already won over when I opened my mailbox: just a cardboard envelope and tissue paper to protect the panties - no plastic and no superfluous packaging , top! In addition I found the design of the envelope very pretty. Once the panties were unpacked, I was finally able to touch them and the material reminded me a bit of that used for swimsuits. It worried me a bit because I was afraid it would be uncomfortable. I examined the absorbent part and said to myself that it looked very fine... I was happy not to have to wear panties "diaper effect", but not totally reassured...

I put both panties in the washing machine and waited patiently for my period to arrive.

First day of menstruation: successful trial

I realized that I had my period at the end of the morning while going to the toilets. As I work from home, I was able to put on one of my two panties directly.

The first thing I thought when putting it on was that it was a little tight in my groin. I was afraid that I had chosen the wrong size. Finally, after 5 minutes, the panties must have loosened up a bit as the discomfort was gone. With each flow, I felt a slight humidity in my crotch, then a few minutes later, the feeling disappeared – the famous draining fabric kept its promises!

I continued the normal course of my existence, I felt no discomfort like with a towel, but I must admit that I was very happy to be able to test the panties at home. Knowing that you can change at any time in case there is a leak, it helps to take the plunge and shake up your habits.

When the evening arrived, I was conquered by my new period panties but I was waiting to test the night. Before going to bed, I put on my second panties and washed the one I had been wearing all day with cold tap water, a little proud I must say of the small gesture I had made for the planet in not throwing away a sanitary napkin that day.

The first night: the crash test!

During the first day of my period, my flow is always quite light. On the other hand, it can be very abundant the second, especially when I sit up in bed before getting up. I bleed so much at that time that I systematically stain my sheets. The panties held up very well: no leaks on the sheets. I was blown away! I rinsed the panties and was really surprised at all the blood that came out.

Small disappointment however: I wanted to put on the panties worn the day before but they were still wet. So I will have to buy a third one. It's true that two seemed a little unrealistic for my entire week of periods. So I put on a good old sanitary napkin for about two hours, until the panties were perfectly dry. When it did, I was not unhappy to remove my sanitary napkin…

In the afternoon I did my yoga session. I did several sun salutations and then the tree pose. My period panties followed all my movements well: I felt really super comfortable.

My opinion on Smoon period panties

I had been waiting for a protection that was both ecological, practical and pleasant to wear for a long time: I really didn't want to put my comfort in the background during my periods, they bother me enough already!

In the end, I am really satisfied with these panties. I now know that you have to wring them out really well after washing them by hand to dry them overnight, or else toss them in the washing machine. In terms of sensations, it's also really more pleasant. I hated feeling wet with a sanitary napkin. It really irritated me. When I sat down, I kept wondering if there was a leak going on… And often there was.

I who do not support synthetic materials well, I do not feel at all suffocated by the material. In fact, I don't think about it because it is completely forgotten.

Finally, the practical side of menstrual panties suits me completely: not having to think about buying protection every month, not having to change them every 2 or 3 hours... It's perfect for my rough sense of organization . »

Thanks again to Juliette for taking the time to share her opinion on Smoon panties! We hope it will have convinced you to take the plunge, don't hesitate, it's satisfied or refunded!

By Emily