4 gift ideas to give to a teenager for Christmas

Christmas is less than two weeks away and you're still wondering what gift would please your 13-year-old daughter or your niece going through puberty ... At this age, tastes start to change and by buying a little girl's gift, you risk to be a little off the mark. If you're also looking to make useful gifts, then it's almost mission impossible! To be original, here are our 4 useful gift ideas to help young girls cope better with their periods. With this, you are sure to create a real surprise!

A hot water bottle: the perfect gift for the end of year celebrations

What's better than receiving a hot water bottle under the tree? It's cold, we want to curl up under the blankets with a hot chocolate. This somewhat “old-fashioned” object is coming back into fashion to the delight of our feet. There are now even hot water bottles that can simply be heated in the microwave, extremely practical! Above all, you will be able to explain to your protégé that in addition to being great for a pampering evening, this object is formidable against lower abdominal pain linked to menstruation.

Periodic serums to fight against pimples

From the start of puberty, hormonal variations during the 4 weeks of the menstrual cycle have an impact on the skin of the face, and this impact often results in pimples! So why continue to use the same cream, whatever the period of the cycle?

Based on this observation, Typology has created a set of 4 serums adapted to the needs of the skin during the 4 phases of the cycle. Your teen will definitely thank you for helping them fight against skin imperfections, and this is the perfect opportunity to annoy them a little by testing their knowledge of the menstrual cycle.

Headphones: a really useful gift!

During your period, it is important to continue moving despite fatigue and pain . This helps promote blood circulation and therefore reduce various menstrual ailments. But the motivation isn't always there... So we listen to upbeat music to give ourselves courage. And since your teenager's musical tastes are certainly not the same as yours, you might as well make sure that she listens to her favorite playlist without letting you enjoy it! This is where the helmet comes in. But that's not all ! With headphones, your daughter will also be able to listen to inspiring podcasts helping her to better understand her body, her femininity and to take care of herself naturally on the bus that takes her to high school.

If you are worried about your ears, know that headphones are recommended over earphones. The latter are actually much more dangerous for hearing because they are closer to the eardrums!

A set of menstrual panties suitable for young girls

Period panties are known for being comfortable, easy to use and free of chemicals which, remember, make up most disposable period protection (tampons and sanitary napkins). They are also washable and reusable and therefore very ecological : enough to score points with teenagers who are increasingly sensitive to the preservation of the planet!

By Emilie