Telecommuting and rules, 5 tips to stay motivated

There are telework enthusiasts who are always delighted not to go to the office, to avoid the hubbub of transport and to work in the cocoon atmosphere of their apartment. And then there are the others, who are sorely lacking in socialization and who lose their motivation as soon as they are stuck at home. Coup de grace during their periods where the energy is gone, for good. If you are one of them, here are our tips for staying motivated while working from home, even during your period.

Tip 1: another morning (but not for nothing)

There's nothing like losing motivation than not having a goal. Whether you have your period or not, the rule is the same: to boost your day you need to know where you are going. From your bed to your living room, of course, but the idea is to have a direction. Establish a work plan for the day and take regular breaks. For that you can try the "pomodoro" technique (tomato in Italian, in a nod to the shape of many kitchen timers). It consists of working hard during 25-minute phases, framed by a timer (the sound of the timer is part of the conditioning but if you are allergic to it, use any stopwatch). Then we take a 5 minute break. The concentration is then much better. The idea is also to avoid any external interruption, or coming from oneself. Especially when you work at home: you quickly find something to put away or tinker with (while strangely we pushed back this stain when we had free time). The advantage when you have painful periods ? Focusing your attention 100% on something distracts and lessens the pain.

Tip 2: we please his eyes

Observe your workspace. If it looks like a mattress with two pillows in the back, you won't last long. Your workspace must give you dynamism, while being zen (especially during periods of menstruation). First, clear your desk of any object or paper disturbing your attention (the baby comforter, the bills to be paid, the shopping list, etc.)

Next, consider the power of colors. This may not be the time (or so completely) to repaint a wall, but know that light tones (beige, cream, pearl gray) promote concentration. Yellow is energizing. As for red , it stimulates motivation and creativity. To be used in small steps: a poster, a pencil holder, a planter... In this regard, plants are your allies on the desk. Their power on mood and productivity is proven. If you are one of those who brood during your period, they will also be able to soothe you.

Tip 3: but also to his ears, his stomach, his back, his stomach, his brain...

Well that's all very nice, but when you're bent over backwards, it's not easy to stay for hours on a chair in front of a screen. So let's do everything we can to telecommute well, even during this period of our menstrual cycle.

- Let's adopt the long hot water bottle or a heating belt to place around the kidneys (there are very pretty ones today, no, it's no longer the ultimate love killer)

- Let's make a liter of herbal tea that relieves painful periods , to sip throughout our day of telework

- Let's choose a relaxing background music (birds, the sea or even a playlist of rules according to our mood)

- Let's distribute our energy throughout the day by avoiding too heavy a meal break that would knock us out, and prefer snacks adapted to the rules (they will also help us think better)

- Do we stretch regularly during our breaks, yawn, breathe, massage our stomachs

Tip 4: move your booty (gently)

Telecommuting tends to soften. We feel tired more quickly and motivation is difficult to maintain at certain times of the day. Even more during menstruation. To overcome these energy drops, there is nothing like physical activity. Make time every day to go for a walk, run, swim, and clear your head. It's up to you to see when it does you the most good: in the morning when you wake up, at lunch break (before eating), or to cut off the afternoon. The important thing is that it stimulates you and not tires you out even more. Playing sports releases endorphins and is also good for morale. During your period, put on period panties and practice a gentler exercise, such as period yoga . In general, listen to your body and remember that movement reduces pain!

Tip 5: banish the pajama atmosphere

If one of the many advantages of working from home is not having to wear a suit or other uncomfortable outfit that gets in the way of your armholes... that's no reason to adopt daily jogging. During our periods we have an annoying tendency to feel less sexy and to love ourselves less . Let's reverse the trend by choosing clothes that are comfortable but in which you feel pretty! Spending part of the day in pajamas to telecommute is tempting, but over time, you devalue yourself, you lose motivation. Getting dressed is also getting in shape. So to keep your motivation even in telework, let's put on our most beautiful period panties , our favorite clothes and let's go working girls, we can't stop; )

By Elise.