Light shopping: online shopping that protects the planet... and earns discounts.

For practical reasons, or to avoid crowding in stores while the virus circulates, more and more people buy online. In 2020 alone, more than a billion parcels circulated in France. The problem is that our parcels generate a lot of waste. Ok, but what can we change? At Smoon, we have been committed since the beginning of the adventure to protecting our beautiful planet and we are sure that you care about it as much as we do, but that you don't always know how to do it. That's why we wanted to tell you about two great initiatives for your online purchases, which make everyone a winner, and with which we are proud to be partners!

Hipli, the super responsible package that distributes promo codes

Because the recycling of our packaging is only 65% ​​effective, but also because recycling already has an ecological cost in itself, the creators of Hipli had a brilliant idea: sustainable parcels! Packages designed to withstand a hundred round trips. How it works ? After receiving your package, you fold it once empty and simply slip it into a street letterbox, or drop it off at a post office or relay point. Your empty package goes back to the Hipli workshops, to be used again! You can also reuse your package for your shipments of course. But that's not all. To encourage you in this eco-responsible gesture, Hipli has thought of everything, and rewards its users with promo codes. For each package returned, it's a promo code won at one of the partner merchants... of which Smoon is a part: )

This means that when you use Hipli, you get a promo code to buy your favorite period panties . And it also works the other way around: when you buy lingerie from Smoon, you can choose to receive it in a reusable package and earn codes for other purchases in lots of online stores! Whatever your choice, we will always send you our panties or bras in a pretty cardboard envelope, without any additional box. At Smoon, we don't mess with ecology .

Give back, solidarity and circular fashion that rewards with soft prices

Fashion is fun and we love it, but it unfortunately contributes to the pollution of our blue planet, it's a fact. To get an idea, 500,000 tons of clothes and shoes end up in household waste every year, which is the equivalent in weight of 50 Eiffel Towers! Textile overproduction is therefore no longer to be demonstrated. But should we feel guilty every time we have fun? No ! Solutions for better consumption exist, and even, pretty solutions. Giving back is a wonderful example of this, it's not for nothing that we are partners. Its creators propose to rethink our habits to participate in a circular economy in the fashion industry. A kind of virtuous circle.

To do this, give back applies the "re" (repair, reuse and reuse) to extend the life of our worn, outdated, faded clothes, forgotten in the back of the closet... How? By depositing the clothes that you no longer want clean and wrapped in one of the 40,000 collection points in France (impossible that there is not one near you). Then, Give back takes care of everything: recovery and recovery, your clothes have a second life and even give work to people in difficulty.

To reward your gesture, Give back offers you 50 points for each donation, based on a simple photo of you at the collection point. Thanks to your points, you benefit from low prices at partner brands… and Smoon is one of them: ) You can offer or treat yourself to very soft period panties at 20% less by giving back your clothes !

It's worth sorting through your cupboards, isn't it?

So happy holidays to all!

By Elise.