Why use an app to monitor your menstrual cycle?

Some women note the first day of their period in their diary each month and keep track of their menstrual cycle , while keeping sanitary protection on them at all times, just in case… Others do not worry too much about all this, even if it means sometimes finding yourself in embarrassing situations. Whatever relationship we have with our cycle, we can now rely on new technologies to take matters into our own hands. Many mobile apps have been developed to make our job easier. But ultimately, why use them? What can it bring us?

The “tourists” of the rules

Does it often happen to you to say to yourself "Hey, I'm smeared" or "I'm a little on edge today" without finding a valid explanation? The next day, you understand everything: your period has arrived! Even after years of menstruation, some women may be completely disconnected from their cycle. They have no idea where they are and their first day of bleeding is often a surprise.

However, following its cycle carefully can allow us to make interesting discoveries about our body and its evolution over time. The rules and all the internal process that governs them are part of our lives and paying close attention to them could help us make our daily lives easier.

How apps work to track our cycle

The operation is very simple. Just enter the date of the first day of our period to access different types of information. We will thus know our ovulation period: practical for women who want to get pregnant or who, on the contrary, want to avoid it at all costs. We will also know when to prepare for our next PMS and next period.

Being aware of this information can help us sort out justified annoyances from temporary irritations due to our premenstrual syndrome. This allows us to put our behavior into perspective and adapt it. If we realize that we are systematically nervous at this time of our cycle, then we can try to organize our schedule so that we are calm and do activities that relax us.

Learn to speak our body language

The apps also offer the possibility to enter various information about us every day: weight, mood, physical and sexual activities, emotions, appetite, etc. After a few months, certain constants will emerge… or not. We will definitely notice that our libido is at its highest during our ovulation period. We may discover that our sleep or our appetite is cyclically poor and can revise our habits to get through these tricky times as well as possible.

Understanding and monitoring our cycle in this way will allow us in the long run to better understand our body and its reactions to hormonal fluctuations. Thus, when we have erotic thoughts all day long, we can say to ourselves: "Hey, I must be ovulating!" ". When we feel like crying for a yes or a no, we can prepare for our period and schedule a quiet day or two if we know we need it.

Following your cycle with an app is therefore a good way to learn to decode our physical and mental states and know how to read the coded messages that our body sends us.

Because getting to know our body better means regaining power over ourselves, accepting ourselves as we are. It is also learning to identify our moments of weakness to better accommodate them, without guilt or shame. So all to your phones!

By Emily