Apps to track your menstrual cycle

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle can help us learn more about ourselves and how our bodies work. Many mobile applications are now available on the market to guide us and help us recognize the signs sent by our body. Here are 2 that have proven themselves. It's up to you to choose the one that best suits your personality!


Clue is certainly the star of apps to monitor your menstrual cycle. Used by 8 million people in 180 countries, this intuitive and colorful without being aggressive app promises never to impose girly designs on its users. This is already a positive point for women who are not very sensitive to flowers, kittens and other unicorns.

Clue allows you to track 31 types of information on a daily basis: the start and end dates of periods, of course, but also weight, emotions, pain , sleep, sexual activity, energy, cravings, etc. Clue's algorithm is smart: the more data you enter, the more interesting information it offers for you, such as different types of birth control or solutions for painful periods .

Giving Clue the date of the first day of your period allows it to calculate your ovulation period, your next period, and the arrival of PMS waiting around the corner. A premium version at €0.99 per month offers a few additional options that provide personalized information: after a certain period of regular use, the Clue application releases constants and warns you of the emotional states that you are likely to experience , but also your cravings for chocolate or sex, for example.

Note in passing that the Clue app does not use sentences granted to the feminine. We therefore imagine that it is also aimed at people who do not consider themselves to be a woman. What if men followed their partner's cycle closely? This would certainly allow better communication and understanding in the couple!


The Flo app is more feminine with its pink color and pastel tones. Of course, it allows you to follow your menstrual cycle, but it is perhaps more suitable for women wishing to become pregnant. Moreover, once this is the case, it is possible to follow your pregnancy closely: Flo tells you what week you are in and how many days are left before the official due date.

Just like Clue, Flo offers the possibility of entering a lot of data, some of which are exclusive: travel, stress, illnesses and injuries. It also serves as a reminder to take contraceptives or other medications, but also to remember to drink water. Convenient for those who tend not to hydrate enough.

In addition, the Flo application offers the history of our data in the form of a graph. This allows us to analyze in the blink of an eye the different evolutions concerning our body and our way of life: weight, activity but also cycle/appetite ratio.

Many other applications of this type exist. Even if the 2 presented in this article are the most used and appreciated, you can certainly find your happiness elsewhere: Maya, Glow, My cycle period, Eve, etc… There are a lot of apps to help you follow your cycle!

By Emily