Everything you need to know about diaper suites

Diaper suites, diaper return … These are not synonyms! These two phases which successively follow childbirth are often confused and poorly understood by young mothers. So let's see together the changes that their bodies have in store for them after giving birth.

The suites of layers: definition

Postpartum is the period beginning at the end of pregnancy and ending with the return of the first period, which is commonly called the return of diapers. It generally lasts a few weeks during which the young mother will bleed more or less profusely… a very pleasant moment in short!

How does the aftermath actually happen?

During postpartum, the uterus contracts to return to its original shape. This phenomenon is accompanied by blood loss which has the sweet name of lochia. This blood is composed of endometrial debris but also of secretions due to its healing.

The lochia is bloody for the first few days and then becomes clearer after a week. Around day 12, they are again abundant and thick: this is called the small return of layer. But it's still not "real" menstruation. This bleeding will last up to 6 weeks after delivery. Attention ! If they become smelly, consult your gynecologist, this may be a sign of an infection.

And from a psychological point of view?

Some women can easily feel overwhelmed by their newborn, extreme fatigue due to a difficult childbirth, but also postpartum depression or even painful scarring of the perineum. Dealing with long bleeds obviously doesn't make it easy for them.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment at home with a midwife to be examined. This will be an opportunity to talk about your difficulties and your emotions. Before the arrival of our child, we tend to idealize everything and the return to reality can be a real shock, especially when we have the impression that our body is under construction. It is difficult to talk about it to those around you and that is why contacting this professional can only do you good.

What protection should I use during my diaper suites?

Postpartum is not just menstruation. It is therefore necessary to adapt your protections to take the least risk possible. After childbirth, the entire genital system is weakened. It is particularly important to limit any risk of infections. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use only external hygienic protections – cup and tampons will remain in the closet at least until the return of the periods!

As the bleeding lasts several weeks, sanitary napkins are not very indicated either. By dint of wearing it day and night, you risk reaping irritations and mycosis… Not to mention the recurring problems of leakage and discomfort.

Menstrual panties are particularly suitable for diaper suites, from 7 days after delivery. They have a very high absorption capacity while being discreet and comfortable. In addition, they are also effective in managing urinary leakage which is common after childbirth. Using them on a daily basis will take a weight off your shoulders.

The aftermath of pathological childbirth

Note that if for reasons directly related to your delivery you cannot return to work, your doctor may grant you leave for pathological childbirth. The most common reasons are postpartum depression, also known as baby blues, difficulty recovering from a caesarean section or infectious complications.

This leave will be taken following your postnatal maternity leave in order to ensure the continuity of your leave. It will last a maximum of 28 days and will be compensated up to 50% of your salary. However, some collective agreements provide for a supplement for full reimbursement.

By Emily