Male testimony: my wife and her period

Thomas has been living with his partner for 12 years now. So he has seen menstrual cycles , like most men... But not everyone experiences this natural physiological phenomenon in the same way. Between politics of the ostrich and misplaced reflections, Thomas has found a much more appreciable place. He offers “normal” behavior to the mother of his children with the added bonus of a little psychological support when the need arises. He tells us about it!

Support during menstruation of his half

“Menstruation has never been a taboo subject between my wife and me. She has her period, she tells me, I take note of it. That means there's a chance she'll be a little more nervous than usual for a day or two. I think at the beginning of our relationship, I didn't make any particular effort, but now I try to protect her as best I can.

For example, I take care of the children more because I know that she may get upset more easily if they are agitated. I try not to lose patience when I see her out of her mind for not much. I know it's the hormones talking because the rest of the time she's pretty quiet by nature.

She doesn't really have severe pain , however, it can happen that she stays lying down for the first day of her period, because of fatigue and nausea. So I let her rest in peace. I manage everything there is to manage at home. »

Some childhood memories of menstruation

“I've never liked girls being 'talked about' because of their periods. I don't know if it's due to my upbringing, but already as a teenager, I didn't see where the problem was...

In high school, I had friends who carried their girlfriend in front of everyone. They would make jokes about how bad they were, that there would be no sex that week or stuff like that. I could see that it made them uncomfortable. Yet they continued...

I also saw a girl die of shame in class, because her pants had bloodstains. Everyone laughed, well especially the guys! I didn't see what was funny.

As for the endless “Do you have your period or what?! every time a woman has the misfortune to lose her temper, it annoys me too and yet no, I assure you I don't have my period! »

A step towards ecology thanks to menstrual panties

“The only thing that bothered me was the fact that she left the wrappings of her sanitary napkins lying around the toilet. But for a few months, her pads have been put away because she only uses washable menstrual panties . We are very sensitive to the ecological question and I am happy that she was able to find a way to reduce our waste. Plus, she told me that period panties made her life easier and would soon save her money, so this solution seems ideal. »

An uninhibited relationship to menstrual blood

“I have no particular concern with seeing my wife bleeding. I don't find itdirty or disgusting , she doesn't become "unclean" one week a month. When my children get hurt, I wipe and clean their blood. It's the same thing.

Before starting a wash, I don't mind rinsing her bloody panties under cold water. I'm happy to do it for her. It's my way of participating. We live together, we share everything, so it makes sense to me to share the rules too. »

Thanks to Thomas for his testimony of an exemplary husband in the face of the rules. And sorry ladies, we asked, no he doesn't have a single brother...

By Emily