6 Period Myths You Need to Bust Urgently

Impossible stories about periods , we've all heard them! More or less plausible, more or less funny. Some are due to a lack of knowledge, others to somewhat delusional beliefs from the depths of time. Let's dismantle together 6 myths related to menstruation. This will do a little less obscurantism in our world!

Impossible to get pregnant during your period!

Yep, that's wrong. The menstrual cycle is not an exact science and while it's true that ovulation isn't supposed to happen during your period, zero risk doesn't exist. Especially since spermatozoa are real warriors and can survive several days in a hostile environment, including the uterus. It's very unlikely to get pregnant this way, but it's not impossible. So be careful if you have not planned to add a branch to your family tree...

Women's cycles synchronize

Here is a myth that we had to tell you more than once! It is therefore tempting to believe it. Some even rely on scientific studies to convince their audience. However, none of them could show that the women living under the same roof had their periods at the same time. If you could see it at home, it was pure chance. Yes, this information breaks our hearts too…

The menstrual cycle lasts 28 days

Those who use an app to track their menstrual cycle have surely noticed that a menstrual cycle does not necessarily last 28 days. This figure, well known to all, is in fact an average! Every woman is different and a cycle can last 15 days as well as 35. However, if you observe significant and lasting changes in the length of your cycles, it is still better to consult a specialist, just to check that everything is fine.

You shouldn't have sex when you're bleeding

Fake ! We can have sex throughout our cycle, when we want, where we want, with whom we want! Our only limit is our desire and that of our partner of course. We can never repeat it enough,period blood is not dirty and the only risk you take is that of staining your sheets. Fortunately, blood is easily cleaned up when you know the right tricks .

Forbidden to wash during menstruation

It is difficult to know where such a belief can come from. Not only is it not forbidden to wash your body or your hair during your period, but it is even strongly recommended to do so. Admittedly, not showering one week a month would undoubtedly make considerable savings on your water bill, but spare a thought for the nostrils of the people who share your life, your office or your metro train. You should at least wash your private parts if you don't want to have irritation in the vulva, especially if you haven't yet switched to period panties and are wearing sanitary napkins (the humidity is irritating!).

Douching after your period

So yes, we just said that you have to wash during your period, but let's take it easy! Whether before, during or after menstruation, douching is to be avoided.Period blood is not dirty , so there is absolutely no need to clean your vagina after bleeding. The internal part of our sex is a sensitive and fragile space. The vaginal flora that resides there is made up of microorganisms that protect us from infections and fungal infections. Disturbing her with an enema is a very bad idea!

By Emily

Questions ?
We answer it...

Pourquoi ne faut-il pas se laver pendant ses règles ?

Il s'agit là d'un mythe à déconstruire ! Il est bon de se laver pendant ses règles que se soient le corps comme les cheveux. Ne pas se laver les parties intimes pendant vos règles pourraient vous irrités où laisser proliférer des bactéries. Une toilette s'impose donc, mais en douceur pas question de grosse toilette intime qui viendrait mettre le bazar dans l'équilibre de votre flore.

Est-ce qu'on peut tomber enceinte pendant ses règles ?

Oui, c'est rare, mais ça arrive. Les spermatozoïdes peuvent survivre quelques jours dans votre organisme et donc jusqu'à votre ovulation. Donc, si elle a lieu peu de temps après vos règles ou si vous ovulez pendant vous pouvez tomber enceinte.

Pourquoi ne doit-on pas avoir de rapport sexuel pendant ses règles?

Mais qui vous a dit ça ? Vous pouvez totalement avoir des rapports sexuels pendant vos règles. Les hormones du plaisir peuvent même vous soulager de vos douleurs de règles. Cependant, un autre mythe est que l'on ne peut pas tomber enceinte pendant ses règles, alors protégez-vous si vous ne voulez pas de descendance toute suite..

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