Why do I get horny on my period ?

Each month, many of us see our libido skyrocket during our period. Amazing? Not really. There would even be several reasons behind this increase in sexual desire. Explanations.

More than one out of two women want to make love during their period

Have you noticed a crazy urge to make love during your period? At first, this may seem surprising given that the peak of libido is supposed to occur around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, that is to say at the time of ovulation .

However, this rise of excitement is not abnormal and would even be rather common. According to a 2003 study by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, 62% of women experience a peak in libido during menstruation. What if menstrual panties made it easier to succumb to pleasure?


Libido during menstruation: another hormone trick?

In 2013, researchers found that fluctuating hormone levels during the menstrual cycle had a direct impact on libido.

Among the hormones that influence libido is estradiol (one of the three types of estrogen produced by the ovaries). The higher their level, the more sexual desire increases. During the follicular phase, the estradiol level is between 0.10 and 0.55 nmol/l. It increases during ovulation and is then between 0.35 and 2.20 nmol/l. This is what explains the peak of libido during this phase of the cycle.

That said, estrogen levels are lowest during menstruation. So why do we get so horny on our period ? According to some studies, this is due to testosterone which would boost our libido . Just before menstruation, its rate increases slightly which would cause an increase in desire. Some scientists even suggest that it could improve the libido of menopausal women (but this remains to be proven). Testosterone, a hormone not so male after all...


Sex during menstruation: a good painkiller

Other hypotheses explain the increase in libido during menstruation by physiological reasons.

It is known, sex releases endorphins. The pleasure hormone is also reputed to be an excellent painkiller. That's why some people hypothesize that the urge to make love is a kind of natural reaction to relieve period pain .

For others, sexual desire would increase during menstruation because the vagina is naturally lubricated during this period. The idea of ​​easier penetration would have the effect of boosting the female libido.


Breaking a taboo: a good boost for the libido

The desire to make love during menstruation could also be linked to purely psychological factors. For many, sex during this time of the month is forbidden. But the idea of ​​breaking this taboo could titillate more than one and thus stimulate the libido.

Researchers also explain that some women would have more desire to make love during their period, because they would be less afraid of getting pregnant. They would therefore feel freer to have sex. So let's face it once and for all: it is quite possible to get pregnant during your period . It is therefore important to remain vigilant, even during this period of the month.


Libido increased tenfold during menstruation: what do we do?

As you will have understood, at present, researchers still do not know why we want to make love during menstruation. There are many potential reasons, but none have been proven yet. Especially since other factors, such as fatigue or stress, have an impact on libido.

Anyway, if you are one of the women who are on fire during this period, we only have one thing to tell you: do what you want! If you are comfortable with sex during your period , feel free to enjoy it!

And for even more pleasure and softness during your period, choose comfortable protection such as menstrual panties .


By Deborah

Questions ?
We answer it...

Why does libido increase ?

There are several hypotheses on the matter. One would be scientific, a rise in testosterone prior to sex would initiate this rise in libido. Another would be more psychological, as sex causes a rise in the pleasure hormone, like a painkiller during sex, which unconsciously or consciously increases our desire.

Can we have sex during menstruation ?

Yes, we recommend it too! If you want to have sex during the holidays, don't deprive yourself of it. This is because sex triggers a rise in endorphins, the pleasure hormones that can relieve you of pain and cramps. However, it is possible to get pregnant while having sex, so protect yourself.

Is it good/bad to have sex on your period ?

If you have pain while having sex, there is nothing to stop you from having sex, quite the opposite. Having sex during the holidays can generate a lot of endorphins, the pleasure hormone. Thus, having sex during periods can relieve you of menstrual pain and cramps.

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