By Valerie.

Sex and menstruation: ending an old taboo

Having sex during your period is not easy for everyone. This can come from women only, out of modesty or fear of unpleasant sensations. It can also come from their partner, for lack of information or a form of disgust. The important thing is that sex or abstinence at this time of the menstrual cycle remains a choice based on mutual consent. Making love during your period: let's remember a few points to break the taboo.

Making love during your period: communicating to break the embarrassment

At first glance, intercourse during menstruation can cause real discomfort, for both women and men. Especially when these sexual relations are a first or when the relationship is still at the stage of discovery of the partner. It is therefore necessary not to let unease float, and to say things to each other, gently. Take the opportunity to share what you like or dislike, your fears or your shyness. In turn, listen to your partner's preferences. Once modesty is lifted, everything will be more fluid. We can therefore try, make mistakes, and even say stop! This is valid for both men and women.

Sex and menstruation: increased pleasure…

Making love during menstruation does not have any major drawbacks. We can even say that sex during menstruation has real advantages. Indeed, this phase of the cycle is punctuated by our hormones which boost our libido. We also speak of peak libido during the period of ovulation. Desire and excitement can be increased tenfold during this period. The sensations and the pleasure are on this occasion more intense. As for your male partner, he will greatly appreciate the internal temperature of your vagina, which is higher just before and during your period. This is the time to enjoy !

… doubled with a natural painkiller

Making love releases endorphins and dopamine, two hormones that act as painkillers and help relieve contractions and menstrual cramps. They also provide real well-being by reducing feelings of sadness or stress related to this phase of the menstrual cycle. Yes, you have to do good, every day and especially at this time! In addition, during our period, our vagina is naturally lubricated, which makes penetration very comfortable.

Making love during your period: the practice of cunnilingus

If vaginal penetration makes you vibrate less during your period, do not deprive yourself of other erotic pleasures, multiple and varied. In practice, sex is not just about the missionary position. Of course, we think of anal penetration (sodomy), but at this time of their cycle many women experience intestinal discomfort. You can of course be satisfied with the pleasure provided to your partner thanks to your manual or oral caresses, but know that he can reciprocate you, even in this period. If your partner doesn't feel like playing vampire while focusing his attention on your clitoris (nicknamed the love button), use a menstrual cup or tampon during cunnilingus. Obviously, you will be careful to remove your period protection in case of vaginal penetration.

Important reminder: condom always necessary to protect yourself

Although rare, there is a risk of getting pregnant after sex during menstruation. This is due to the lifespan of sperm in the tubes. For information, know that the longevity of spermatozoa can go up to 3 days. This can also be explained by the irregularity in the menstrual cycle. Not all women are set like clocks! For some, the gap between the bleeding period and ovulation can be quite small. If you do not have any plans for children, it is therefore necessary to use contraception (condom or female contraception) even during this period. It should also be remembered that if there is nothing “impure” about menstrual blood, any bleeding (buccal or genital) increases the risk of STDs. Take your precautions: always use a condom with a new partner or if you are not up to date with your HIV test. To be sure that there is no medical contraindication, do not hesitate to consult the opinion of health professionals (doctors, gynecologists or midwives).

Sex during your period: protect your sheets

The blood is tenacious on a mattress as on the sheets. To avoid the risk of stains, protect your sheets with a towel or a sarong that you don't care about. A pretty fabric dedicated to this period can also do the trick. Choose a dark color, if the blood bothers you visually. Finally, if you don't like these little precautions, you can adopt the shower, which can be a new source of excitement. Then to find Morpheus in the arms of your dear and tender after love, put on your very soft menstrual panties!