Switch to a slower beauty routine: why not?

Fashion is natural these days. More and more people feel more concerned by environmental issues, but not only. We are all becoming more concerned with the well-being of both the planet and our own. This is reflected in all areas, including fashion, food, and even cosmetics. Overall, we are looking for new solutions, new habits that are more respectful of the environment, of our bodies, and which allow us to consume better, without neglecting ourselves.

Layering: slow beauty routine, but not without care

What about Layering, the beauty routine from Japan that is a hit?

Layering is a beauty ritual originating in Asia . This routine has many virtues and helps keep skin smooth, luminous and plump. It has its roots in Asian beauty. In Japan, as well as in Korea, having clear, soft, luminous and almost velvety skin is the holy grail of beauty.

Layering, as its name suggests, consists of superimposing several layers of products on your skin. But beware ! This treatment is much more effective if you know your skin and its needs well.

To adopt such a routine, it is essential to know what your skin type is, this in particular avoids obtaining results that are totally different from the expected effect...

Know your skin type

Your skin is normal if your grain is regular, you have no dilated pores, no acne or tight skin, etc. Normal skin does not need any particular care, but must be regularly moisturized.

Your skin feels dry when it feels tight, especially after cleansing, when it blushes quickly, peels often, and is relatively dull. For this type of skin, it is better to favor a nourishing treatment.

If your skin is oily on the nose and chin, but the opposite is true for the other areas (forehead or cheeks), then your skin is of the combination type. The most suitable treatment is to apply a nourishing or moisturizing product depending on the areas of dryness or oily areas.

Your skin is oily, if you have a shiny face, blackheads, acne and enlarged pores. In this case, opt for a moisturizing skincare routine.

Layering: instructions for use

Now that you know your skin type, how do we proceed?

Layering is done in six steps and the superposition of products must be done in a very specific order to be effective. Each treatment applied must have a very specific purpose and purpose.

But the most important thing is to select your products with great care.

Tips for choosing products:

  • Organic
  • Natural components
  • Homemade or handicrafts
  • Fair and environmentally friendly manufacturing

Beauty routine: nothing beats natural!

DIY, the trend in home cosmetics

It's getting harder and harder to know what's in the cosmetics we use every day, so a trend has emerged. Even if you don't know what's in your day cream, you might as well stop using it at all and make another one from A to Z.

Eh yes ! DIY is not only all the rage for decoration or DIY, but also for the creation of cosmetic products. The main interest is obviously to know what is in the products that we apply to our face and body.

Homemade is perfectly suited to a slow beauty routine, since it allows both to favor simple gestures, to consume more responsibly while having fun. We organize ourselves and prepare recipes like in the kitchen, enough to take care of on the weekend. Beware, all the same, of mixtures, allergenic substances and others. Learn about the properties of each ingredient and what steps to take before you get started.

Natural effect makeup versus no makeup

Taking care of yourself also involves getting ready and putting on make-up (or not). As for make-up, the trend is also natural. Two schools coexist, that of natural make-up and that of no make-up.

Natural make-up is a method of beauty that consists of being as natural as possible both in the final result and in the products used. It all depends on each one, it can result in a simple even skin tone, while other people will also apply a nude lipstick, the result is so light that it is barely noticeable.

No make-up is very trendy, especially with certain personalities, like Alicia Keys who publicly declared in 2016 that she wanted to completely stop wearing makeup, whatever the occasion. Many influencers celebrate natural beauty on the networks thanks to the hashtag no make-up. The principle is simple, opt for a very simple routine that is limited most of the time to taking care of your skin and not using any make-up, mascara, foundation or lipstick: nothing!

Glow: nature is well done

Meaning "to radiate" in English, this new expression which interferes in the world of beauty, is characterized by the fact of having good looks, and this, almost without effort. The principle being that inner well-being is reflected on the outside, in particular by radiant and luminous skin.

This quest for the perfect complexion through both physical and mental well-being goes very well with the no-make-up movement.

Insofar as, for this slow beauty routine, it is well-being that comes first, the beauty secrets of those who practice it are very simple. It is generally a question of an almost irreproachable lifestyle, which involves good nights of sleep , physical exercise and breathing, mediation , etc. Everything that helps you stay healthy, in short. If necessary, this is also accompanied by food supplements, such as vitamins, which do not replace a good diet .

By Celia