Our tips for enjoying the beach during your period

Women who lived near water before the invention of the first tampon did not refrain from bathing (at least where it was not taboo). Because contrary to popular belief, water does not cut menstruation. It even allows you to relax and relieve painful periods! So why deprive yourself of the beach this summer? Here are our tips for enjoying it, even during your period.

What periodic protection at the beach?

To swim in complete peace of mind without fear of staining your bikini or scaring your bathing partners, wearing internal protection is still the simplest solution. Between the cup and the tampon, the cup remains more hygienic since, if it is well placed, no drop of sea water can enter your vagina. But don't worry: a tampon does not absorb the Mediterranean, professional swimmers and divers wear them and they have never brought back anything like it. You simply have to change it after swimming for hygiene reasons, and at most every 4 hours to avoid a toxic shock (this also applies to the cup). Once on the sand, you can also put on a pretty menstrual panty for a quiet tan.

Help, you can see the string of my tampon

When you wear a tampon under your swimsuit, you have to check that the string does not come out. For more security: simply wedge it between your lips. Otherwise, opt for a boxer-style swimsuit, and a nice little beach short!

The plain version

To control your blood loss at the beach, you can also practice free instinctive flow. A totally zero waste and eco-friendly method, and 100% natural. However, it requires a few months of practice before it is fully mastered. See for yourself, we explain everything in this article .

Ouch a stain of blood

If, despite all these precautions, you end up with a bloodstain on your swimsuit, negligently wrap a pretty sarong around your waist and you're done. Also choose a beach accomplice to alert you in the event of a problem. And to be quiet, simply prefer dark colored swimsuits!


Rest assured right away, you don't risk being attacked by a shark if you lose a little blood in the water, let alone menstrual blood. Indeed, it contains nothing that reminds her of her diet and surfers know it well . Relax.

Scrunchies, donuts, here the good ice cream?

Ice cream, sweets or fatty fries are not really recommended during menstruation because they add to the discomfort of abdominal cramps. It is better to take fruits to the beach for a few days, small snacks with cereals or even enjoy vitamin smoothies .

It's love at the beach (ah-ouh, cha cha cha)

Dedication to singer Niagara: do not deprive yourself of love at sea because you have your period. Making love during your period is neither dirty nor dangerous. We say that, we say nothing.

A good bath… of sun

If despite everything you are not comfortable swimming during this period of the cycle, enjoy the beach with a good book on a towel, under an umbrella, and cool off by putting your feet in the water.

By Elise