These foods that make us naturally beautiful

Bathroom versus kitchen. When it's time to make yourself look good, the right piece isn't necessarily what you think it is. What if our beauty creams contained carrots and asparagus? Eating well is a guarantee of good health, of course, but also of beautiful skin and a figure that we love. A quick update on these foods that make you beautiful.

The carrot and the tomato: mirror, do you also think I look good?

Here is a healthy-looking cocktail to consume without moderation. Carrot and tomato are rich in carotenoids, these orange pigments found in certain plants. They prepare our skin for the sun by stimulating the production of melanin to give it a nice tan, and protect against free radicals, since they are also antioxidants (be careful, eating carrots does not in any way exempt you from applying sunscreen for each exposure prolonged). Eat them in salads, juices, soups or purees!

Asparagus: slim jeans had better look good

Green, white or purple, asparagus is full of fiber and promotes good, gentle transit, even for the laziest intestines. They also have champion diuretic power. In short, asparagus is the friend of a flat stomach. But that's not all. They contain two fat burners - inulin and asparagine - and are rich in potassium and low in sodium: they prevent the storage of salt in the body and reduce water retention. You will probably have made the connection, asparagus fights cellulite. For a similar effect after the season of these pretty vegetable plants, go for leeks which can be enjoyed all year round depending on the variety.

Seafood and fish: bye bye grumpy air (and little pimples)

Depression, closed face and drawn features... What would beauty be without good humor? Fish are a powerful source of omega 3, fatty acids that help our neurotransmitters circulate dopamine and serotonin, the happiness hormones. Eat salmon, sardines or mackerel (avocado if you are vegan) regularly. Particularly during your period to keep smiling (and take away this tense look, put on your menstrual panties to comfort you). Finally, seafood, rich in zinc, helps us fight against small imperfections during our menstruation.

Green tea: a bowl of youth and fresh air

To consume antioxidants while draining yourself, opt for green tea. It is full of vitamin C and polyphenols, allies of our cells against the free radicals responsible for their aging. Drink your tea mindfully, that is to say while enjoying it, giving yourself a few minutes to concentrate on the simple act of drinking this little piece of garden. This will also help relieve stress if you have any, which is also responsible for accelerated aging. For younger skin, also enjoy kiwi, grapes and… chocolate! And yes, in small doses, dark chocolate acts as an anti-wrinkle agent thanks to the flavonoids it contains.

And for a dream mane...

For shiny hair and healthy nails, sprinkle your salads with brewer's yeast or wheat germ. And don't skimp on olive oil, flaxseed oil or walnut oil!

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