Testimonial: living with parietal endometriosis and getting rid of it

Endometriosis is a disease that causes severe pain mainly in the lower abdomen. So far, there is no definitive treatment and most of the time, the women concerned consume anti-inflammatories to relieve their condition. For 3 years, Annabelle suffered from parietal endometriosis: a form of endometriosis that develops after surgery. She tells us about her journey, from the appearance of the first symptoms to the happy resolution of her ordeal.

Smoon: When did you first experience the symptoms of endometriosis?

Annabelle: They appeared after my pregnancy. Before that, my periods were painful but “normal”. I underwent a cesarean and when I had my return, my periods became more and more problematic to become intolerable after a year.

Can you describe your symptoms to us?

I had pain in the neck, in the legs and arms in addition to those, more classic, at the level of the uterus. And I was extremely tired. I could only stand the lying position.

How were you diagnosed?

My primary care physician told me that my symptoms closely resembled endometriosis. He offered to do additional examinations to be sure, while telling me that it wouldn't change much since no effective treatment existed. So I didn't make them. He also explained to me that parietal endometriosis frequently occurs after a caesarean section. Endometrial cells are easily found outside the uterus and multiply thereafter.

Did you have to change your lifestyle because of endometriosis?

Yes. For example, I made sure not to make professional appointments for the duration of my period but also for the 72 hours preceding it. My pre-menstrual syndrome was also very difficult to manage.

Have you tried any conventional drug treatments?

Yes ! I was taking anti-inflammatories which gave me very little relief and which gave me stomach aches. So I looked for other solutions in alternative medicine.

Have you found any?

In the second year of illness, I tried two mother tinctures (hydro-alcoholic solutions made from a mixture of fresh plants and alcohol): Curcuma longa and Viburnum opulus. They brought me real comfort. I was able to resume almost normal activity during my period.

But that didn't really solve the problem?

No, I had less pain but they were still there. Subsequently, I read many books on the process of autophagy that occurs during a fast. At the point where I was, I wanted to try all the solutions that presented themselves to me.

So you did a fast?

I did 2 of 30 days. As I was overweight, my body resisted without problems. The first 15 days, I ate nothing, I just drank water and the last 15, I took no more than 200 calories per day in liquid form (the equivalent of 2 glasses of milk).

What were the effects?

This solution has proven to be very effective for me! After the first fast, I felt a marked improvement but found that it was not enough. In addition, I could see that my periods following this first experience were very different: my blood was darker, thicker and more compact than usual. I thought something was going on in my body. So I embarked on a second fast shortly after. The results were even more convincing. My periods are back to normal and my pre-menstrual syndrome is almost gone. I even happened to be surprised when my period arrived.

Today, I'm crossing my fingers that the pain doesn't come back. After 3 very difficult years, I finally live again! But it reassures me to have found a solution that works. I will apply it again if necessary.

Thanks to Annabelle for her testimony! If she offers us here a solution that seems to have worked for her against endometriosis, we would like to remind you that this experience remains personal and that this advice can in no way replace the expertise of a gynecologist.

By Emily