Best menstrual panties 2024: our comparison guide

Opting for the best menstrual panties means choosing comfort and hygiene during your period. Whether it's a light or heavy flow, there are a variety of models to suit your needs. French or international brands, high or classic waist, find out how to make the best choice. Follow this period panties comparison guide to find the one that suits you best.

Menstrual panties comparison: our favorites

Discover below our favorite selection of the best menstrual panties on the market , Oeko-tex certified, including high-waisted menstrual panties , period panties for heavy flow , menstrual shorties , menstrual thong , post-period menstrual panties. partum and because we do things right, a menstrual swimsuit !

Understanding period panties

How menstrual panties work

Period panties work using absorption technology built directly into the fabric. They are generally composed of three distinct layers :

  • The upper layer , in contact with the skin, allows the menstrual flow to pass to the lower layers while remaining dry. It is sometimes made of organic cotton for optimal comfort.
  • The middle layer is ultra-absorbent. It retains menstrual flow and prevents leaks.
  • The lower layer is waterproof, it prevents flow from passing through to clothing.

The best period panties on the market are designed to absorb the equivalent of three tampons on average , but this can vary depending on the model and their absorption capacity. Anti-odor, they can be worn for several hours, depending on the abundance of the flow.

The best menstrual panties for absorption and flow management?

Managing menstrual flow with menstrual panties requires a good understanding of your cycle and the absorption of the panties. Absorption capacity varies from model to model and is usually indicated by the manufacturer. The choice of model therefore depends on the abundance of your flow.

  • For a light flow , panties with medium absorption capacity will be sufficient.
  • For an abundant flow , opt for specific models, often with a larger absorbent area to avoid any risk of leaking.

Some brands, such as Smoon, offer panties suitable for very heavy or hemorrhagic flows, offering maximum safety.

  • Smoon : with an absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons, Hécate menstrual panties are in our eyes the best hyper-absorbent menstrual panties on the market
  • Modibodi : also put forward arguments regarding products for heavy flows
  • Elia Lingerie : is a market sometimes recommended for large flows thanks to their double thickness of absorbent fabric.

The duration of use of menstrual panties also depends on the flow. On average, it can be worn for 4 to 12 hours.

Period panties comparison: comfort criteria to take into account

When it comes to comfort, several criteria must be taken into account.

First, the manufacturing material . The best brands of menstrual panties favor soft and breathable materials, such as cotton or bamboo viscose. A good material is one that makes you feel comfortable, without irritation or discomfort.

Next, the cut of the panties . There are different styles, from shorties to tanga. Your choice should depend on what you find most comfortable to wear. Smoon, for example, offers models of seamless menstrual panties.

The manufacturer's sizing guide is also a crucial part of ensuring a good fit. What are the best menstrual panties at this level? Panties that are too tight may be uncomfortable and cause irritation, while panties that are too loose may not provide the necessary protection.

Finally, some models offer additional features for greater comfort, such as a second skin effect or a waterproof membrane for a feeling of freshness.

Comparison of menstrual panty brands

French brands in the spotlight

In the menstrual panties sector, several French brands stand out for their quality and commitment. Let's discover some of them together.

Smoon stands out for its specialization in seamless menstrual panties, guaranteeing optimal comfort and invisibility under clothing. It is THE brand of technical menstrual clothing with a range ranging from panties to swimsuits, including its postpartum range. Also note a wide choice of menstrual panties for teenage girls . What is the best brand of period panties? Definitely Smoon (in our humble opinion obviously!).

Fempo was the first brand to offer this type of product in France. Thanks to OEKO-TEX® certified technology, its panties offer 12 hours of protection and a lifespan of 5 to 7 years.

Réjeanne is another recognized French brand. It offers a varied range of menstrual panties adapted to different flows, ranging from the lightest to the most abundant.

Elia Lingerie has made a name for itself thanks to its communication around endometriosis, a disease the founder suffers from. This brand offers models designed by the founder herself.

Marguette is a brand that emphasizes eco-responsibility. Choosing Marguette menstrual panties means supporting French jobs and promoting local know-how.

What you should remember from our comparison of menstrual panties is that these brands are all renowned for the quality of their products, their commitment to the environment and their ethics.

Comparison of the best menstrual panties: Smoon, a brand to discover

Smoon is a French brand of menstrual panties that stands out for its innovation and claims to offer the best period panties on the market. Its seamless menstrual panties are renowned for their comfort and invisibility under clothing . Features appreciated by those looking for a discreet solution during their periods.

  • This brand was notably launched in 2019 by a young mother, Mathilde Houset, who was able to respond to a growing demand in the market for reusable menstrual protection.
  • It offers high-performance menstrual panties , which can be worn for several hours without the risk of leaks.
  • Another strong point is the material of their panties, which dries very quickly after washing, a significant criterion for daily maintenance.

Smoon's offering also extends to menstrual swimwear, an interesting alternative for summer periods. Users appreciate the quality of their products, their comfort and their practicality: in short, it is the best brand of menstrual panties to cover all of your needs.

Best menstrual panties for teens: how to choose?

Adaptation of size and comfort for teenagers

When talking about teenage girls, size and comfort are essential factors to consider when choosing the best period panties . Indeed, at this age, the body is still growing and the morphology changes quickly.

This is why it is crucial to opt for menstrual panties offering sizes suitable for this age group. After a comparison of menstrual panties, it turns out that certain brands offer sizes from 10 years old and ensure adaptation to the evolving body of teenagers.

As for comfort, soft and breathable materials, such as organic cotton, are preferred. The design must also be adapted to the body shape of adolescent girls to offer them safe and discreet protection throughout the day or night.

Finally, the choice of model (panties, bikini, shorty, etc.) can also influence the level of comfort. The choice of the best menstrual panties for teenagers will therefore depend on the preferences of the teenager and her menstrual flow (light, medium, heavy).

To summarize, here are the criteria to consider:

  • Sizes adapted to the age and body shape of the adolescent girl
  • Comfort : soft and breathable materials
  • Design adapted to the adolescent's body shape
  • Choice of model based on menstrual flow and adolescent preferences

Recommended brands for teenage girls

Several brands stand out for their offering dedicated to teenage girls and claim to be the best brand of menstrual panties.

Sisters Republic is popular for its high-quality panties, available in several designs.

Smoon Lingerie offers a wide range designed especially for teenage girls, combining high-end quality and optimal comfort.

Strawberry and Undiz are also mentioned for the quality of their menstrual panties for teens.

For heavy flows, La Minette and Modibodi offer efficient models.

Elia Lingerie and Réjeanne are also very popular.

Finally, Nana offers breathable panties specially designed for teenage girls.

Our menstrual panties comparison shows that these brands offer a variety of styles and absorption levels, making it possible to find the ideal menstrual panties for every teenager.

The aesthetic appearance of menstrual panties

White or colored panties? A personal choice

The choice between white or colored menstrual panties is entirely personal. Both options have their advantages. There is no better period panty at this level. White panties are often chosen for their classic and discreet appearance. It may also be easier to clean because stains are visible.

However, some women prefer colorful panties for their originality and dynamism. They help bring a touch of cheerfulness during this sometimes difficult period. Either way, it is essential that the chosen panties please you and make you feel comfortable.

White panties:

  • Classic and discreet
  • Ease of cleaning

Colorful panties:

  • Original and dynamic
  • Helps bring joy

The importance of invisible seams for comfort

The invisible seam is a crucial detail in the design of menstrual panties, enhancing their comfort and discretion. This type of stitching provides a perfect fit, conforming to the shape of the body without creating marks or irritation on the skin. This is certainly what makes them the best period panties according to our comparison.

  • A concealed seam reduces the risk of chafing and discomfort, particularly during physical activities or after a long day of wear.
  • It also helps to make the underwear invisible under clothing, even the tightest ones. This means that period panties can be worn with confidence, without worrying that they will be noticeable.

This is particularly important for women who prioritize discretion and want to feel free in their movements. This is why Smoon emphasizes invisible seams in the design of its menstrual panties.

Where to buy menstrual panties?

Best stores specializing in menstrual panties in France

In France, many specialized stores offer a varied selection of menstrual panties. Notable brands include Bertyne, committed to a zero waste approach and renowned for its organic cotton products. Elia and Réjeanne are also popular, offering quality products designed in France.

  • Louloucup is a store offering not only menstrual panties, but also menstrual cups and menstrual swimsuits.
  • Direct & Culottée offers a choice of organic menstrual lingerie, made exclusively in France.
  • Pourprées and Lemahieu are brands appreciated for their organic cotton products, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

These stores offer a wide selection of styles, sizes and absorbency levels to meet every woman's needs and find the best menstrual panties. They are distinguished by their commitment to quality, ethics and ecology.

Online ordering and free delivery: what you need to know

With the rise of e-commerce, ordering your menstrual panties online has become child's play. Several brands offer free delivery , often from a minimum purchase amount (generally between €49 and €70). Being the best period panties and rising to the top of the comparative ranking also means taking this aspect into account.

  • Some brands like Mool France even offer promotional codes to benefit from free menstrual panties.
  • Others, like Princesse tam.tam or La Week'Up , offer home delivery or delivery to a relay point from €60 of purchase.
  • Smoon offers a free pair of 'knickers' socks from 80€ of purchase and free delivery from 100€ of purchase

Most sites ship orders within 24 hours and guarantee fast delivery. Return conditions vary: some sites offer free returns, others charge the customer for return costs.

It is therefore recommended to read the conditions of sale carefully before placing an order.

The best period panties for the environment

Environmental impact of menstrual panties

The environmental aspect of menstrual panties is a major argument for many women. Made from sustainable materials , these reusable protections help to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by disposable products. This represents a real alternative for those who wish to minimize their environmental impact.

However, the ecological impact of menstrual panties is also influenced by the choice of fabrics and their origins. For example, bamboo is an option often favored for its durability and comfort. In addition, the lifespan of these panties, which can extend over several years, is also a factor to take into account in their environmental assessment.

It is also worth mentioning the economic aspect when deciding which is the best menstrual panty. Although the initial investment may seem higher than for disposable protection, menstrual panties prove to be more economical in the long term.

Choose an eco-responsible brand

To select an eco-responsible brand , several criteria must be taken into account when comparing period panties.

First, you need to ensure that the brand meets strict ecological standards . Certain certifications such as OEKO-TEX, GOTS for organic cotton, are indicators of this respect. All Smoon menstrual panties are OEKO-TEX certified.

Additionally, some brands use recycled fabrics or natural fibers like merino wool, which have a lower impact on the environment.

Then, it is essential to check the origin of manufacture to define which are the best menstrual panties in France. Some companies, like Socup and Meufs Paris, are French and manufacture their products locally, which reduces the carbon footprint linked to transport.

Finally, it is worth turning to brands that have a generous return policy , which can facilitate the process of trying and adapting to this new type of menstrual protection.

Among the brands recognized for their eco-responsible commitment, we can cite Bertyne, Elia Lingerie, Réjeanne, So Cup, Modibodi and Moodz.

Conclusion: the best menstrual panties are the ones that suit you!

To conclude, choosing the best menstrual panties is very personal. Every woman has her own needs and preferences. Criteria to consider include comfort, absorbency, style, size and eco-friendliness.

Each brand of menstrual panties has its own specificities and advantages. Some are more absorbent, others more comfortable or more elegant. Trust your instincts and don't be afraid to try several brands or models to find the one that suits you best.

What is certain is that Smoon necessarily has the period panties that suit you and is convinced to be currently the best brand of menstrual panties.

Questions ?
We answer it...

Quelle est la meilleure marque de culotte menstruelle ?

Pour répondre à la question "Quelle est la meilleure marque de culotte menstruelle ?", il est essentiel de prendre en compte plusieurs critères.

Parmi les marques souvent citées pour leur qualité, NoBlood, Modibodi, Fempo et Smoon Lingerie sont populaires. Ces marques sont louées pour leurs propriétés d'absorption, leur confort et leur engagement écologique.

  • NoBlood est appréciée pour sa gamme de produits, son confort et son engagement pour la durabilité.
  • Modibodi est connue pour sa technologie d'absorption brevetée et son éventail de styles.
  • Fempo est une marque française qui met l'accent sur le confort et le respect de l'environnement.
  • Smoon Lingerie offre une gamme de produits élégants et confortables, conçus pour différentes phases du cycle menstruel.

Il convient de noter que le choix de la "meilleure" marque est subjectif et dépend de vos préférences personnelles en termes de confort, d'absorption, de style et d'engagement écologique. N'hésitez pas à essayer différentes marques pour trouver celle qui vous convient le mieux.

Comment bien choisir sa culotte menstruelle ?

Pour choisir la meilleure culotte menstruelle, plusieurs critères sont à considérer :

  • La matière : privilégiez les tissus naturels qui respectent votre peau et limitent les risques d'irritation. Le coton bio est un choix judicieux.
  • La capacité d'absorption : il faut que la culotte puisse contenir votre flux sans fuites. Certains modèles sont conçus pour des flux légers, d'autres pour des flux plus abondants.
  • Le confort : optez pour une coupe qui vous convient et une taille adaptée à votre morphologie. Une culotte menstruelle doit être agréable à porter.
  • L'aspect esthétique : même si c'est un critère secondaire, il est toujours plus agréable de porter une jolie culotte. De nombreux modèles proposent des designs variés et attrayants.
  • L'engagement de la marque : privilégiez les marques éthiques et respectueuses de l'environnement. Cela inclut la façon dont la culotte est fabriquée, les matériaux utilisés, et les valeurs de la marque.
  • Le prix : les culottes menstruelles sont un investissement, mais elles vous permettent de réaliser des économies à long terme. Il est donc préférable de choisir une culotte de qualité qui durera dans le temps.
  • La durée de vie : une bonne culotte menstruelle peut durer plusieurs années si elle est bien entretenue. Renseignez-vous sur la durée de vie du modèle que vous envisagez d'acheter.

Il est conseillé d'essayer plusieurs marques et modèles pour trouver celui qui vous convient le mieux et vous faire votre propre idée de quelle est la meilleure culotte menstruelle. Rappelez-vous que chaque femme est différente et que ce qui fonctionne pour une peut ne pas fonctionner pour une autre.

Comment savoir si une culotte menstruelle est pleine ?

Il est essentiel de savoir quand changer de culotte menstruelle afin d'éviter les fuites et de maintenir une hygiène optimale. Le premier indicateur est le temps de port. En moyenne, une culotte menstruelle peut être portée pendant 4 à 12 heures, selon votre flux et la capacité d'absorption de la culotte.

Un autre signe est la sensation de mouillé. Si vous commencez à ressentir une sensation d'humidité ou que vous avez un malaise, c'est probablement le moment de changer de culotte.

Les meilleures culottes menstruelles peuvent même donner des indications plus précises sur leur degré de remplissage en utilisant diverses technologies. Par exemple, certaines culottes peuvent être pesées pour déterminer leur degré de remplissage. 

Il est également important lors de votre comparatif de culottes menstruelles de considérer votre cycle et la quantité de flux que vous avez généralement. Si vous êtes au milieu de votre cycle et que votre flux est généralement plus abondant à ce moment, vous devrez peut-être changer de culotte menstruelle plus fréquemment. 

Voici quelques conseils supplémentaires pour savoir si votre culotte menstruelle est pleine :

  • Surveillez votre flux : Si vous savez que votre flux est généralement plus abondant certains jours, prévoyez de changer de culotte menstruelle plus fréquemment ces jours-là.
  • Écoutez votre corps : Si vous commencez à vous sentir mal à l'aise ou si vous avez une sensation d'humidité, il est probablement temps de changer de culotte menstruelle.
  • Utilisez une protection supplémentaire : Si vous avez un flux très abondant ou si vous êtes préoccupée par les fuites, vous pouvez utiliser une protection supplémentaire, comme un tampon ou une coupe menstruelle, en complément de votre culotte menstruelle.

Quelle est la culotte menstruelle la plus absorbante ?

Les culottes menstruelles varient en termes de capacité d'absorption. Intimy Care Flux Abondant est souvent citée comme une des plus absorbantes sur le marché. Smoon et Nana sont également appréciées pour leur capacité à gérer les flux abondants. Il est à noter que l'absorption dépend aussi de la morphologie de chaque femme et de son flux.

  • Smoon : ces culottes sont appréciées pour leur technologie d'absorption intégrée qui permet de gérer efficacement les flux abondants.
  • Intimy Care Flux Abondant : cette marque est réputée pour sa grande capacité d'absorption, adaptée pour les flux très abondants.
  • Nana : connue pour ses protections hygiéniques, Nana propose aussi des culottes menstruelles qui absorbent bien les flux plus importants.

Il est à noter que l'absorption est un critère prépondérant mais il ne doit pas être le seul à guider votre choix de meilleure culotte menstruelle ; le confort et la taille sont également des critères importants à prendre en compte.

Culotte menstruelle : comment ça marche ?

La culotte menstruelle, conçue pour la période des règles, repose sur un système ingénieux d'absorption. À la base, elle se compose de trois couches techniques en matières super absorbantes.

La première couche, en contact direct avec la peau, est drainante : elle permet d'évacuer le flux menstruel vers les couches inférieures tout en garantissant une sensation de sécheresse.

Ensuite, la deuxième couche est absorbante. Elle retient le liquide et prévient les fuites.

Enfin, la troisième couche est étanche et respirante, elle empêche le sang d'atteindre les vêtements tout en neutralisant les bactéries et les odeurs.

Il suffit de porter la culotte menstruelle comme un sous-vêtement traditionnel. Selon l'abondance du flux, elle peut être gardée entre 8 à 12 heures.

Quelle culotte menstruelle choisir ?

Pour choisir votre culotte menstruelles selon un comparateur de culottes de règles, il est primordial de prendre en compte plusieurs facteurs. La capacité d'absorption figure parmi les critères les plus importants. Elle dépend de l'abondance de votre flux. Les marques proposent généralement plusieurs niveaux d'absorption.

Le confort est également essentiel. Préférez des culottes faites dans des matières douces et agréables au contact de la peau.

La taille aussi est importante. Il faut que la culotte menstruelle soit bien ajustée pour éviter les fuites.

Enfin, l'esthétique peut aussi entrer en jeu dans votre choix. Certaines femmes préféreront des modèles discrets et d'autres opteront pour des culottes plus colorées.

  • Smoon
  • Intimy Care Flux Abondant 
  • Nanasphère
  • Culotte menstruelle Lovable
  • Loulou
  • Modibodi

Ces marques sont reconnues pour leur capacité d'absorption, leur confort et leur engagement écologique.

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