No bra, slow bra: why we want to take the plunge!

Sold as an essential object for the proper maintenance of our breasts, erotic clothing par excellence but whose wearing is also dictated by propriety, the bra is part of our lives without being questioned too much. And yet… it often oppresses more than it supplements. Narrowing underwires, itchy straps, suffocating tightening. The bra is not comfortable for everyone, worse, it seems to have made false promises about our health. What if it was time to get into slow bra?

Slow bra, no bra, what is it?

“Bra” is bra in English. The “slow bra” is therefore the gentle way to wear it. Lingerie stores have followed the movement, and the fashion is for pretty brassieres, non-wired bras, light, comfortable, even for the largest breasts. As for the “no bra”, it simply designates the fact of not wearing one… at all!

Is it a somewhat provocative feminist movement? Up to you. But one thing is certain, no scientific study demonstrates the health benefits of bras. On the contrary…

The benefits of slow bra (and no bra)

- firmer and healthier breasts

Wearing a bra every day harms the natural support of our breasts , making it lazy and leaving our breasts less firm. It also has consequences on back pain because we forget our natural posture where we straighten up to have high and proud breasts. Finally, it is an undergarment that blocks blood and lymphatic circulation. This prevents our breasts from properly eliminating toxins, and contributes to a rise in temperature, notably causing the appearance of… stretch marks !

- comfort, comfort

I don't know about you, but me at the end of the day when I come home my first instinct is to take off my bra. Phew, we breathe! What if we breathed well, but all day?

- of style

Frankly, a bare back with a visible bra, it lacks class. Just like mismatched suspenders with a cute tank top. It may be in the past! If you are uncomfortable with the exposed nipple, which is understandable, get some cute nipple covers in a lingerie store. There are even fancy ones, have fun :)

- Long live freedom !

"Cover this breast that I cannot see..." said the Tartuffe, and you will make it even more desirable like a forbidden fruit (that's me saying it). Today, puritanism seems to be back and we would like to ban topless at the beach. What if it was up to men to educate themselves and manage their impulses? We are not going to go back on 50 years of sexual liberation anyway.

- a natural body

Pollution, sick planet, stressful lifestyles... It's time to return to nature and ecology. In this movement, on the women's side, there are zero waste period products such as menstrual panties and the cup, the free instinctive flow and the no bra movement, respecting the body as Mother Nature gave it to us.

- and huge savings...

Take the step smoothly

Of course, after years of wearing a bra, suddenly going no bra isn't always easy. If, for example, the side of the breasts that sway while walking under your sweater is complex for you, there are tricks, such as the well-fitting tank top that contains the breasts (without compressing them).

The no bra is also possible with a strong chest. Start with the slow bra and strengthen your back with exercises, swimming pool or yoga.

Finally, of course, if you go running, a bra is not discouraged even if you have sore breasts during your period at the slightest jolt.

By Elise